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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACE

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Meditation, 329:centers. Practical Work Service to the race. Study of group work. Review work. [330] Work on theMeditation, 331:all power and knowledge in the service of the race. His inner development must be expressed inMeditation, 332:at this period cast Their eyes over the race in the search for such instruments They see few as yetMeditation, 332:As evolution proceeds the polarization of the race changes. Men are polarized now principally inMeditation, 332:true as tempered steel, for the helping of his race. Forget not that, as a rule, a man (when testedMeditation, 334:tool, because he comprehends [334] utterly the race consciousness, and because he enters into theMeditation, 334:preparing a soul for service the Guides of the race have to deal with each of the bodies. Meditation, 336:owing to the change in the polarization of the race. The polarization is now no longer physical,Meditation, 337:vitamins which before long will be given to the race. A combination of these vitamins will beMeditation, 340:is aroused, but on all matters affecting the race. It involves the formulation of thought matter,Meditation, 345:is far better than a heavy meal. The human race [346] eats these days, as a rule, four times asMeditation, 349:Plato. Atlantis was the home of the Fourth Root Race, whom we now call the Atlanteans. AntahkaranaMeditation, 354:Atlantis. It was the home of the third root race. Logos The deity manifested through every nationMeditation, 355:during the middle of the Lemurian, or third root race. Macrocosm The great universe, literally; orMeditation, 356:Ruler, primal progenitor and chief of the human race. It comes from the Sanskrit root "man" - toMeditation, 359:of activity of the central life force. Root Race One of the seven races of man which evolve upon aMeditation, 359:cycle is called a world period. The Aryan root race, to which the Hindu, European, and modernMeditation, 359:the Chinese and Japanese belonging to the fourth race. Sensa (Senzar) The name for the secretPatanjali, 20:Those thought forms which are created by the race, the nation, the group or the organization. GroupPatanjali, 43:former line is that to be followed by our Aryan race. This second line was the path of attainmentPatanjali, 43:at. This is the way for the fifth or Aryan race, for those whose function it is to develop thePatanjali, 44:many; it was the method of attainment for the race preceding the Aryan. It largely ignores thePatanjali, 50:his triumph and attainment by the guides of the race, the planetary Hierarchy, The vision of whatPatanjali, 56:It is also the Word of the fifth, the Aryan race, in a special sense. The work of that race is toPatanjali, 56:Aryan race, in a special sense. The work of that race is to reveal in a newer and fuller way thePatanjali, 71:characteristic at this time of our mental Aryan race and is the cause of the aggressive intensityPatanjali, 108:the thought forms created by the guides of the race and justly perceives them. The superPatanjali, 112:the universal duty and is irrespective of race, place, time or emergency. 32. Internal and externalPatanjali, 121:"kingly" or crowning science of the last root-race, the Atlantean, just as the science of Raja YogaPatanjali, 121:it was the yoga of the third or Lemurian root race and its two best known expressions are: HathaPatanjali, 122:the various races, and whilst in the Lemurian race (or else on the preceding chain or greaterPatanjali, 122:body, dense and etheric. Whilst in the Atlantean race the desire or astral body was developed, andPatanjali, 122:body was developed, and the flower of that race were true sons of bhakti yoga and true devotees.Patanjali, 122:is the object of Patanjali's work. The Aryan race will [123] contribute this fuller development toPatanjali, 123:the exception of a percentage which entered the race too late to permit of the full flowering ofPatanjali, 127:into the field of one's life from the family or race with which one is allied. It is these seedsPatanjali, 140:knowledge, and as is well know, in this fourth race on this fourth globe and in the fourth round,Patanjali, 167:everywhere to be found, and in this fifth root race and particularly in this fifth subrace thisPatanjali, 175:increased [175]. This is apparent in the fifth race and particularly in the fifth subrace in thePatanjali, 175:frequency of suicide. The capacity of the race to suffer is due to the development and refinementPatanjali, 186:the universal duty and is irrespective of race, place, time or emergency. This sutra makes clearPatanjali, 198:upon the physical plane and to perpetuate the race is the highest physical act of which man isPatanjali, 214:yoga and is not to be followed by the fifth root-race; it is a remnant of that yoga which wasPatanjali, 214:necessary and sufficient for the Lemurian root-race man, who needed to learn physical control.Patanjali, 214:was the yoga of the Atlantean or fourth root-race man, plus a little hatha yoga. In this fifthPatanjali, 214:plus a little hatha yoga. In this fifth root-race, the Aryan, hatha yoga should fall into desuetudePatanjali, 215:of the indweller, the soul. Thus in this root-race, the entire lower man, the personality isPatanjali, 233:all the rules, necessary in the Aryan root-race, for the complete control of the mind, which shouldPatanjali, 233:mind, which should be the contribution of that race to the evolutionary process. [234] Patanjali, 258:animal state and to the child stage of the human race. It is undesirable and dangerous. Patanjali, 278:Those of his present family, group and race, Those of his present life cycle, These of his egoicPatanjali, 283:the human eye. As etheric vision develops in the race this will necessitate a further abstraction,Patanjali, 287:mercy, and characterizes all the servers of the race. It involves [288] active help, unselfishPatanjali, 290:and lower, so that an efficient server of the race is produced. When these seven points are bornePatanjali, 290:carries all before it. It is for our fifth root race, the symbol of the most powerful and mighty ofPatanjali, 304:are the most dominant in the fifth or Aryan race, being awakened but not unfolded in the fourthPatanjali, 304:being awakened but not unfolded in the fourth race. These are: The center at the base of the spinePatanjali, 305:from its development in the Atlantean race and the consequent coordination and growth of the astralPatanjali, 306:Atlantean days the three major centers for that race were: The Head - Father or spiritual aspect,Patanjali, 306:dividing factor) dominated. At the close of this race, the three main centers will be the head, thePatanjali, 306:heart, and the base of the spine. In the sixth race we shall have, the head, the heart, and thePatanjali, 306:head, the heart, and the throat. In the final race of the illuminated sons of God, the seventh, wePatanjali, 355:vision. This third sense primarily affects our race and hence the word of the prophet "Where therePatanjali, 355:spiritual insight is the great objective of our race, and the objective of all Raja Yoga work. ThisPatanjali, 394:be expressed as follows: No matter what the race may have been, no matter in what continent, pastPatanjali, 425:must work out in increased capacity to serve the race and to serve it more efficiently. ThePatanjali, 428:fact that - under cyclic law - the fifth root race (in its fifth subrace) must inevitably touch itsPatanjali, 428:mind, being the fifth principle, the fifth root race must be intimately concerned with it, and itsPatanjali, 428:the following correspondences: 1. The fifth root race Aryan. 2. The fifth subrace Anglo-Saxon. 3.Patanjali, viii:of the human being. In the first purely physical race, which is called the Lemurian, the Yoga atPatanjali, viii:incentive during our particular Aryan root race, was laid. The fourth initiation was at that timePatanjali, ix:Initiation, Human and Solar. Now, in the Aryan race, the subjugation of the mental body and thePatanjali, ix:science. Thus has been preserved for the race the continuity of the Secret Doctrine, of the AgelessPatanjali, x:self-initiated effort. This period, in our Aryan race, marked a climax for the East. Since then thePatanjali, xiii:in use since the very beginning of the Aryan race. The Yoga Sutras are the basic teaching of theProblems, 5:and perspective the reactions of the race of men. The slow and restricted movements of theProblems, 6:will be seen active upon the earth, a new race of men - new because differently oriented. There areProblems, 13:they indicate also the childishness of the race which fails to grasp the extent of the whole ofProblems, 13:other people will seem some day to a more mature race of men like nursery quarrels over someProblems, 13:the first indications of the war were seen. The race faces a new crisis of opportunity wherein newProblems, 20:"I serve". The innate tendency of the British race is to serve the nations and the races which areProblems, 25:that all young people have to learn. The German race is old; the German nation is very young. TheProblems, 25:and middle class origin is determining the race. Steadily in all nations, the power in governmentProblems, 26:of relationships. The creative power of the race shows itself as yet in a wonderful control ofProblems, 30:the world. The spiritual guides of the race can present this formula of progress. They cannotProblems, 30:evolution, and conditioned by their background, race and environment? Will they be willing to leaveProblems, 32:confronting humanity today. The future of the race lies in the hands of the young peopleProblems, 52:with the whole of humanity, irrespective of race or nationality. Educators will, therefore, layProblems, 62:national. It consists in the fact that every race and all nations have always produced those whoProblems, 69:the persecution of such minorities as the Negro race and an ignorant and arrogant nationalism,Problems, 77:is a point to be remembered. The destiny of the race and the power to make national andProblems, 77:of the spiritual qualities inherent in the race. Yet all is not well with the labor movement. TheProblems, 77:and the higher educational standard of the race, it might well appear that new, better andProblems, 78:problems or, if they remain unsolved, the human race will come to an end. Is the capitalisticProblems, 88:those of another nation; it cultivates pride of race, of history, of possessions and of culturalProblems, 90:first of all consider what makes a people, a race or a nation a minority, and then consider alongProblems, 95:sin of separateness is deeply inherent in the race itself, as well as among those among whom theyProblems, 96:and a close adherence to those of their own race. Other groups have done this but to a much lesserProblems, 98:makes them the most reactionary and conservative race in the world. Racial characteristics haveProblems, 99:Jew has ever been subjected to persecution; as a race, he is nowhere liked and people are on guard
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