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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACE

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Psychology1, 429:3rd ray souls. In the 5th root-race. Aryan race. Perfected Intelligence. 3rd and 5th subraces. RayPsychology1, 429:Ray IV. Harmony. 4th ray souls. In the 4th root-race. Atlantean race. Perfected astralism.Psychology1, 429:4th ray souls. In the 4th root-race. Atlantean race. Perfected astralism. Perfected emotion. 4thPsychology1, 429:Ray V. Knowledge. 5th ray souls. In the 3rd root-race. Lemurian. Perfected physical. 5th and 3rdPsychology1, 429:Ray VI. Devotion. 6th ray souls. In the 2nd root-race. 6th and 2nd subraces. Ray VII. CeremonialPsychology1, 429:Ceremonial Magic. 7th ray souls. In the 1st root-race. 7th and 1st subraces. Psychology1, 429:racial ray, the ray that determines the Aryan race. The rays that govern any particular cycle. ThePsychology2, 20:different light when we know more and the race has advanced further into the light. But from thePsychology2, 22:quality of the mental body. This, as far as the race is concerned, is just beginning to wax inPsychology2, 22:is just beginning to wax in power in this Aryan race to which this era belongs. It corresponds toPsychology2, 45:I will to serve and save. I will to lift the race. I serve the Plan with will, the Whole withPsychology2, 51:crisis mark the transfer of soul life from one race to another. Each time such an event happens,Psychology2, 51:appropriation, more or less consciously, by the race of another vehicle of expression. ThePsychology2, 52:intellectual unfoldment. In the coming race - conscious appropriation and integration of thePsychology2, 52:of the threefold personality. In the final race - the expression, in fullest measure, of the soulPsychology2, 52:in Lemuria, the third stage in our race, and a final stage at the end of the age. These stages arePsychology2, 67:the above mentioned three aspects. For the race of men as a whole, this work began in the middle ofPsychology2, 67:this work began in the middle of our Aryan race, and is today going forward very rapidly. For thePsychology2, 67:of those who are engaged in this work for the race, and every person who builds his bridge joinsPsychology2, 95:must be recognized as coming forth to serve the race, with sacrifice of some kind along many linesPsychology2, 107:of work is love for all men and service to the race, preserving at the same time a deeper innerPsychology2, 112:the law which will be the determining law of the race. This will not, however, be the case untilPsychology2, 112:is below." Such is the high destiny before the race. Just as certain human beings have, throughPsychology2, 118:will be determined by the ensuing service to the race. If there is right understanding, there willPsychology2, 126:effect in humanity itself, and to influence the race of men as a whole. This effect is somewhat inPsychology2, 128:environing conditions, - by time, by period, by race and age. It will be a living flow, and aPsychology2, 139:ray and type. That again will be colored by his race and nation. But the work is the better carriedPsychology2, 141:He grasps the idea that is needed by the race, but he will seek to impose it primarily as his idea,Psychology2, 154:today in the complexity of the sex life of the race; whether it is the urge to be popular, lovedPsychology2, 155:and satisfaction to the deeper demands of the race itself. Until a man stands upon the Path ofPsychology2, 156:then further demands. This is the story of the race. Experience, steadily sought and pursued uponPsychology2, 173:so magnetic and vibrant, that he serves the race by becoming what he knows he is. Immersed,Psychology2, 179:has, down the ages, served to raise the race, so a paralleling achievement in group formation willPsychology2, 179:has now come when this method of raising the race can begin to be tried. Those who have enteredPsychology2, 181:any particular group to the raising of the human race esoterically. Within the group life, thePsychology2, 182:a definite impact on the consciousness of the race. Therefore, it will be apparent that the firstPsychology2, 187:will demonstrate to the watching Guides of the race just how far the disciples and aspirants of thePsychology2, 188:certain energies can flow out into the entire race of men. These energies are ten in number. TheyPsychology2, 191:between the department of the Manu and the [191] race of men. It is a noble thing to be channels ofPsychology2, 200:irrevocable decisions have been made, and the race is moving forward along a path which will leadPsychology2, 200:as peace. The peace which lies ahead of the race is the peace of serenity and of joy - a serenity,Psychology2, 204:of them can be found among the negroes, which race contains a large number of those who are todayPsychology2, 205:into the realm of the unconscious. In every race and nation there are millions of such souls inPsychology2, 208:to build. [208] 7. In the development of the race, at this time, we can now study the types, thePsychology2, 209:upon the moon chain took place in the fifth race of the third round. In Lemurian days,Psychology2, 209:took place because it was the third root race and the fourth round. In Atlantis, the door ofPsychology2, 209:which ever burn" that came into being. In our race we find the "lights which ever shine." This isPsychology2, 209:This is the individualization of the sixth race types who came in in the second round. It is wellPsychology2, 246:inner meaning that lies immediately ahead of the race. Hitherto we have - as a race - been occupiedPsychology2, 246:ahead of the race. Hitherto we have - as a race - been occupied with the symbol and not with thatPsychology2, 246:tangible symbol, and are searching - again as a race - for that which the outer world of appearancePsychology2, 247:recognized in the brain consciousness of the race, that the world of meaning is the sole world ofPsychology2, 254:the underlying implications will emerge as the race grows in wisdom and in knowledge. We are herePsychology2, 255:those impulses and tendencies which have led the race steadily forward from the densest point ofPsychology2, 263:The first leaves the subject (be it a man or a race, or a civilization) free. It simply providesPsychology2, 263:and the conditions wherein the best in the race can flower forth to a state of perfection. ThePsychology2, 263:for personality ends, the way, that a person, a race, or a civilization shall go. AwakeningPsychology2, 266:This is taking place racially in the Aryan race today and the process will be completed (for thePsychology2, 266:at this time, and will be the goal of the next race succeeding to that of the Aryan. [267]Psychology2, 270:in this particular cycle and in this Aryan race, the Hierarchy (as an expression of the kingdom ofPsychology2, 270:and making certain advances or approaches to the race. We can therefore divide humanity into threePsychology2, 272:periods of transition. In connection with the race, these are called the Great Approaches of thePsychology2, 272:or a linking group between the Hierarchy and the race, thus facilitating the task of the planetaryPsychology2, 272:first Great Approach in Lemurian days, when the race of men individualized, only the members of thePsychology2, 273:amazing nature of the epoch through which the race is passing, will humanity appreciate thePsychology2, 279:raised to immortality, but from the angle of the race it is the initiation of passing which isPsychology2, 299:use by the psychologists and thinkers of the race of the word "pattern". It is a word which has aPsychology2, 317:of trouble; all the ideas which the race has prized down the ages and whereby most of its noblerPsychology2, 319:to deal with the problem. As far as the race is concerned, the great social, philanthropic,Psychology2, 339:stage is characteristic of the present Aryan race. The awakening of the heart center and the shiftPsychology2, 340:of the consciousness of the next great race. The awakening of the head center, with the consequentPsychology2, 340:earth. This will express the nature of the final race. Psychology2, 350:and more specialized sense. Today, in our Aryan race, humanity is occupied with the task of addingPsychology2, 351:of which it is a part, through service to the race and to the Plan. Bear in mind that these rayPsychology2, 366:Man sees and grasps the final purpose for the race and the objective ahead of this fourth kingdomPsychology2, 366:to remember that this revelation comes to the race in three stages: Individually, when the disciplePsychology2, 367:as a whole. This revelation will come to the race at the end of the age and with it we need not forPsychology2, 367:of the Plan as - from cycle to cycle - the race has grasped the smaller aspects and revelations andPsychology2, 379:terms only in relation to what we call the Aryan Race, or to what might be more adequately calledPsychology2, 379:certain stage in every human being and in every race; it must therefore be remembered that I am notPsychology2, 402:(rightly developed and employed) to save the race. The reason for its greatness and usefulness liesPsychology2, 411:will call for increasing attention as the race proceeds towards personality integration and fromPsychology2, 415:so deep seated in the very constitution of the race [416] itself that they are viewing thePsychology2, 416:produce the divisions we find everywhere between race and race and between religion and religion,Psychology2, 416:divisions we find everywhere between race and race and between religion and religion, and can bePsychology2, 427:by the patient (can I use that term?) that the race has progressed to its present point inPsychology2, 429:taught from early days), will do much for the race, particularly if, at the time of adolescence,Psychology2, 455:will be met with increasing frequency. As the race proceeds towards a mental polarization whichPsychology2, 455:be found increasingly necessary to educate the race in The nature of mental substance. The triplePsychology2, 474:"wish life" and the imaginary conceptions of the race and which are of such potency that they havePsychology2, 475:of some kind. It is not intended that the race (when the work of this present cycle isPsychology2, 475:term has yet been coined to distinguish the race which is developing under the impact of ourPsychology2, 481:present methods become established habits, the race would forfeit its most divine possession, i.Psychology2, 487:and that unless the mentality of the race is evoked on the side of understanding and common sense,Psychology2, 489:to incarnation. The spiritual dilemma of the race today is causing the rapid return of manyPsychology2, 490:thought forms can be used by the Guides of the race at times in order to help and guide humanity.Psychology2, 495:are a complete picture of the wish life of the race. These range all the way from the dirty ideasPsychology2, 495:includes not only the past astral habits of the race, ready - when given certain pathologicalPsychology2, 495:world today to touch the intended plans for the race and thus see them as desirable possibilities.Psychology2, 497:he can tap or tune in on the astral life of the race. He then succeeds in producing the emergence
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