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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACE

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Psychology2, 501:embody the expression of the wish-life of the race and exist, therefore, upon the astral plane forPsychology2, 505:themes. They do not embody the wish-life of the race, but are concerned with men's thoughts aboutPsychology2, 506:such forms, evolved and recognized in every race and, for our present purposes, there are,Psychology2, 506:plane. In the first Hall is the best that the race has already learnt through its AtlanteanPsychology2, 507:"summerland" wherein the entire wish-life of the race is centered and all racial desire takes form.Psychology2, 511:of causes, originated in the past of the Aryan race. That good can come from evil, that the badPsychology2, 511:plus the lowered vital condition of the entire race. This brings me to a point I would seek toPsychology2, 517:the political, economic and social life of the race; inwards by the pull of the world of higherPsychology2, 539:and intestinal disorders. To all of these the race today is exceedingly prone. To these are oftenPsychology2, 545:which is steadily going forward in the race. Through this transference, the solar plexus center isPsychology2, 549:of Death will come into being, liberating the race from fear. Students would do well at this stagePsychology2, 550:of the modern and physical disabilities of the race. Because also of the slow removal on a racialPsychology2, 550:a condition which is called sometimes "race suicide", necessitating the efforts of many of thePsychology2, 551:the abnormal tension which characterizes the race. This tension, with the average man, controls thePsychology2, 553:is upset bringing attendant difficulties. The race is advancing so rapidly in its development thatPsychology2, 570:with the spiritual or religious wish life of the race and according to the basic trend of hisPsychology2, 575:ajna center; this will take place in the next race for, in the next great cycle of racialPsychology2, 575:happening today among the intelligentsia of the race. The Atlantean state of awareness (whichPsychology2, 576:the mass of the people, for in the coming race the Atlantean emotional state of consciousness willPsychology2, 576:be on the probationary path and the cream of the race will be on the path of discipleship. ThePsychology2, 576:this time to bring about the fecundation of the race by the cosmic principle of love, so that lovePsychology2, 580:intent of the development planned for the Aryan race. I would like here to point out that I use thePsychology2, 580:many remnants of the Atlantean or fourth root-race people, plus a very small sprinkling of thePsychology2, 580:- so small as to be negligible. The Aryan race itself, which includes the civilization of India andPsychology2, 580:bridges between the Oriental races and the Aryan race which we call the Semitic. This race isPsychology2, 580:the Aryan race which we call the Semitic. This race is neither purely Oriental nor is it Aryan. ThePsychology2, 581:be fought out. It is not intended that the Aryan race should be a psychic race. Their goal isPsychology2, 581:intended that the Aryan race should be a psychic race. Their goal is bringing the mind nature intoPsychology2, 584:inevitably be discarded as the evolution of the race proceeds. Those which are indicative of anPsychology2, 597:the generally debilitated condition of the human race is not due in part to the fact that thePsychology2, 598:intolerable difficulty in the history of the race. In the case of the mystic and the disciple whoPsychology2, 598:by the fact that the physical vitality of the race is so lowered and also so little understood andPsychology2, 599:to the true prevision as to the future of the race as found in the writings of the propheticallyPsychology2, 606:can [606] safely proceed. The children of the race who are still Atlantean in consciousness willPsychology2, 606:contribution will still be the heritage of the race. But the cycle of the mystical effort andPsychology2, 606:in the life of the individual and of the race. Mistake Me Not. The vision is a vision of reality.Psychology2, 625:produce that workable plan which will lead the race out of its present difficulties and impasse.Psychology2, 625:and consciousness. The intelligentsia of the race are adding to that mystical awareness (which isPsychology2, 630:but impractical idealists. The dangers to the race and to its development of a disastrous war orPsychology2, 630:which have served their purpose in bringing the race to its [631] present point of development, butPsychology2, 642:This is the first indication in the race that man is divine. It is upon this steadily growing goodPsychology2, 650:they are all of them as definitely serving the race. They are subjectively welded together into aPsychology2, 652:ideals and aims into the consciousness of the race. These new ideals and aims are characteristicsPsychology2, 656:and well being of all, irrespective of creed or race. This is not a vague and mysticalPsychology2, 657:idea of what it means, or of where they, as a race, are going. [658] With these latter there isPsychology2, 659:incidental to the point in evolution which the race has reached and they are convinced of thePsychology2, 664:has always existed and the great leaders of the race, in every field, have been connected with it.Psychology2, 666:resent the fact that others of different race, tradition and religious sentiment may be as close toPsychology2, 668:it. At the present point in the history of the race, the groups which foster the spirit of cleavagePsychology2, 669:and chaos, so that it will be possible for the race to swing back to a point of equilibrium. To actPsychology2, 669:ideas, which constitute the coming ideals of the race, to make any real headway. As yet, thesePsychology2, 671:field, but the religious differences of the race are [672] of such old standing that there is noPsychology2, 677:ideals and objectives which should govern the race and to familiarize the public with the immediatePsychology2, 679:minds implications of profound magnitude to the race. The third function of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 680:expressed, and no partisanship is permitted. No race or nation must be regarded (either in thePsychology2, 680:of greater importance essentially than any other race or nation. Humanity as a whole must bePsychology2, 690:those sensitive and consecrated servers of the race whose objective is world peace, who aim at thePsychology2, 695:it will be easier for the Guides of the race to impress the public consciousness, and so swayPsychology2, 696:the law which will be the determining law of the race. This will not, however, be the case untilPsychology2, 696:is below." Such is the high destiny before the race. It is just here that I can perhaps bestPsychology2, 705:continent and of whose possessions the white race took charge. This then is the task of the WorkersPsychology2, 707:reactions which govern the bulk of the race. They are, however, to the world of feeling -Psychology2, 709:and apply them both to the individual and to the race, we will find the answers to many questions,Psychology2, 718:become the ideals of the thinking level of the race. If this does not take place, the immediatePsychology2, 724:but under the plan of unfoldment for the Aryan Race, the activity needed for the creative work mustPsychology2, 725:which would salvage the world, educate the race in a few simple and basic essentials, and soPsychology2, 730:millstone around the neck of the leaders of the race, and who are kept down either through fear,Psychology2, 738:point of view of the spiritual leaders of the race, of the planetary Hierarchy, of Christ and HisPsychology2, 739:the world they see in every country, in every race and in every religious body, thus coloring everyPsychology2, 743:development. Behind, in the distant past of the race, humanity faced such a crisis as is now uponPsychology2, 743:faced such a crisis as is now upon us. The race was then fecundated with intellect, if I may usePsychology2, 743:was born, and men became individuals. Now the race faces another fecundation, this time with LovePsychology2, 748:policy of non-attack. No leader or nation or race must be attacked or defamed. Rays, 21:distant Ashrams where move the Chohans of the race of men. They are no longer men as are theRays, 31:you have a mind," we say to the children of the race and to beginners upon the Path of consciousRays, 75:of certain powers and capacities of which the race is today totally unaware. The immediateRays, 76:which have the power to raise humanity, once the race of men has assumed the right [77] attitude.Rays, 88:- down the ages - focuses its attention upon the race of men when the spiritual influence is at itsRays, 96:Hierarchy, embodying its goal as the Aryan root-race can sense and approximate it. It is peculiarlyRays, 123:of the then prevalent universal religion. The race of men will then - in its most advanced bracketsRays, 136:distant Ashrams where move the Chohans of the race of men. They are no longer men as are theRays, 159:by impact several times in the history of the race. But there has been no reciprocal action and noRays, 188:choice confronted humanity and the Aryan race (as that name is correctly used to denote modernRays, 272:Lemurian, the Atlantean and the present Aryan race (I do not use the word "Aryan" in the manner ofRays, 272:use the word "Aryan" in the manner of the German race). In some peculiar manner, They represent inRays, 272:quite simple. The same souls reincarnate in each race, and each soul therefore comes in turn underRays, 294:factor, leading to the needed progress for the race at any specific moment in time. For instance,Rays, 309:the type of an ideology and the character of a race or nation, [310] preserving only the essentialsRays, 327:than at any other time in the history of the race; for those who have thus succeeded, the next stepRays, 368:said guarded, by the "center which we call the race of men"; the reference in the serious occultRays, 371:focus of the "center which we call the race of men." From Humanity. There is a constant (andRays, 376:solar system: In the "center which we call the race of men" the potency of intelligence (developedRays, 385:being out of that "center which we call the race of men" to achieve this point was the Christ; inRays, 424:for thousands of years or until the sixth root-race had come into being. An instance of theRays, 473:initiation; and in this third strictly human race, the Aryan (using this term in its generic senseRays, 477:except where the foremost members of the human race were concerned. The humanity of that worldRays, 477:was astral, and human beings were - as a race - clairaudient and clairvoyant, though in no way ableRays, 478:The bridge was not built. 3. In our modern Aryan race - modern as far as racial histories areRays, 478:from racial use - is characteristic of the Aryan race. It is only during the past five thousandRays, 478:two races, and in the early stages of the Aryan race, although great creative monuments appeared
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