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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACES

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Astrology, 24:as it pours through the chains, the rounds, the races, and the kingdoms of nature. The quality ofAstrology, 79:the fourth Creative Hierarchy of which the seven races are the expression. The seven planetaryAstrology, 169:planetary Logos through the medium of the five races - two past, one present, the Aryan, and two toAstrology, 236:has been a probably necessary stage for child races and for the preservation of a "nursery regime"Astrology, 289:It is inevitable in the long run for men and races; for this all experience in Leo is preparatory.Astrology, 377:twofold. It produces in [377] certain nations, races and individuals, a welling up of the self-willAstrology, 426:related in the planetary sense to the five great races of which our present race, the Aryan, is theAstrology, 426:race, the Aryan, is the fifth. These five races, under the influence of the five signs, produce theAstrology, 518:- The Sacred and the Non-Sacred Planets - The Races, the Rays and the Signs 2. The Races, the RaysAstrology, 518:- The Races, the Rays and the Signs 2. The Races, the Rays and the Signs The theme we will nowAstrology, 520:- The Sacred and the Non-Sacred Planets - The Races, the Rays and the Signs When I say these words,Astrology, 523:- The Sacred and the Non-Sacred Planets - The Races, the Rays and the Signs The force pouringAstrology, 525:it for soul ends. So it is with nations and races. The fate of the nations lies in the hands of itsAstrology, 526:- The Sacred and the Non-Sacred Planets - The Races, the Rays and the Signs I would also point outAstrology, 528:the rays, including the rays of nations and of races. You will find a wealth of information hiddenAstrology, 530:The British Empire, fusing and blending races and men throughout the entire world. In the hands ofAstrology, 594:of consciousness in man, in nations and in races. Now, as far as may be possible, we are going toAstrology, 636:And if with the tatter, why not with nations, races and mankind as a whole? This again is a claimAstrology, 657:and connected with Atlantis and its seven races." (Vol. II, 811) "One of the most esoteric cyclesAstrology, 682:such lesser ones as those named by us root-races, and subraces, also branch races, and thus we areAstrology, 682:by us root-races, and subraces, also branch races, and thus we are faced with a complexity that isAstrology, 687:first three rounds and the two succeeding root-races in this chain correspond to the period priorAtom, 20:working through forms of every kind, through races and nations, and through all that we seeAtom, 25:Such a stage can be seen in the little evolved races of the world, in small children, and in thoseAtom, 73:What are the religions? What are the great races? Simply the forms through which the greatAtom, 73:the kingdoms of nature, and through the nations, races, religions, sciences, and philosophies, inAtom, 134:for the awakening of the intuition. As the great races have succeeded one another upon the planet,Autobiography, 5:the very lowest; and in all classes, nations and races I have found the same humanity, the sameAutobiography, 70:and conflicts, of its multiple languages and races, its teeming population and its many creeds. IAutobiography, 105:did not believe in marriage between the colored races and the white for it never seemed to work forAutobiography, 200:what is the solution of the sex problem of the races I do not know. I do know that under BritishAutobiography, 269:consciousness of men everywhere, of all ranks, races and nations that the Hierarchy works andAutobiography, 289:of a spiritual group (gathered out of all races and nations) which is banded together to tread theBethlehem, 24:all form and all expressions, all causes and all races, into one flaming heart of love, knowing noBethlehem, 63:marked contrast to its nature amongst the Latin races, with whom the northern custom of feastingBethlehem, 99:of the physical and emotional natures; all early races have this characteristic, and theBethlehem, 129:together and to unite in one all kingdoms, all races and all men, so that the words of St. PaulDestiny, 4:and cultures, and fashioning the many races and nations. This in no way infringes upon man's freeDestiny, 4:and spiritual development, and so do nations and races as a whole. Humanity has reached a pointDestiny, 32:of the populace and sometimes entire nations and races, can everywhere be seen and this must leadDestiny, 54:hence - supersede both of them. These three races embody the attractive cohesive aspect of theDestiny, 57:and studied. So it is with the nations and races also. Every ray produces three major patternsDestiny, 63:subject of what predisposes people, nations and races to certain lines of action, making themDestiny, 63:amalgamation of forms which we call nations or races. Basically and fundamentally the souls,Destiny, 63:the souls, informing these nations or races, remain detached from identification with them untilDestiny, 65:no [65] emphasis upon individual nations and races. This isolationist spirit was one of the dangersDestiny, 71:yet the strain is very ancient. Strains, types, races, nations, branches and subbranches produce aDestiny, 90:are consequently many, owing to the mixture of races found there. Of these influences there areDestiny, 100:it for soul ends. So it is with nations and races. The fate of a nation lies in the hands of itsDestiny, 104:The British Empire, fusing and blending races and men throughout the entire world. In the hands ofDiscipleship1, 38:divine Will works out in the consciousness of races and nations. Members of this group will haveDiscipleship1, 669:for good, looking for it in all peoples and races and thus seek to swell the rising tide of thoseDiscipleship1, 741:They forget that the aboriginal races and animals are all psychic and register that which the moreDiscipleship2, 232:never been the divine plan that all nations and races should conform to some standard politicalDiscipleship2, 273:which is one for all types, all nations and all races in time and space. I have used the exotericDiscipleship2, 464:assignment in connection with groups, nations, races and increasingly large units is ever the modeDiscipleship2, 507:and (in South America) the wide mixture of races, make the task of bringing spiritual liberationDiscipleship2, 592:people, forward-looking and kind, of all races and nationalities, who are preparing to do theirDiscipleship2, 600:- have again and again incarnated in certain races and groups. There are also those who haveDiscipleship2, 681:coming from the many types of men, the many races [682] and the many nations and grades of humanEducation, 40:way of feeling. Yet there were highly sensitive races, composed of nations and groups who laboredEducation, 46:from every known country; over fifty different races or nations compose the U.S.S.R. The UnitedEducation, 54:to man. Thus was completed (in the three races) the arduous task of vitalizing the threefoldEducation, 112:This is true of individuals, of nations and of races. Sensitivity to world suffering is a great andEducation, 113:with its unfoldment. Civilizations, cultures, races and nations appear and disappear, but the sameEducation, 118:in those lands where the fifth or Caucasian races are to be found. Among the fourth race peoples,Education, 119:the Chinese, the Japanese, the various Mongoloid races in Central Asia (and they are somewhatEducation, 119:hemispheres, as well as the descendants of the races which a million years ago made the SouthEducation, 120:for all that has been undergone during life. The races today are steeped in misery and an unhappyEducation, 121:and distinguishes the attitude of nations and of races as well as individuals. Aggression in orderEducation, 126:the organ of relationship to all other human races. In connection with our subject, therefore, IExternalisation, 21:world unfoldment and in the recognitions by the races will be the result of mutual interplay of theExternalisation, 49:They are the illiterate masses, the still savage races and the low grade human beings who are metExternalisation, 63:hatred in the world - hatred of people and of races, hatred of individuals and of those in power,Externalisation, 63:by the separative attitudes of all peoples and races who, down the centuries and also today, haveExternalisation, 77:has insisted upon being separated from all other races but he brought over from the previous systemExternalisation, 78:you. The solution will come, as I said, when the races regard the Jewish problem as a humanitarianExternalisation, 98:the least developed and the most backward of the races upon the Earth. They are, in fact, a veryExternalisation, 183:past is the history of many forms of government. Races and nations have come and gone. PoliticalExternalisation, 188:German belongs to the super-race, and all other races are inferior. Only a chosen aristocracyExternalisation, 194:With very few exceptions, there are no pure races. Germany in particular, by its place at theExternalisation, 194:travel have inextricably mixed and fused all the races. It may therefore be assumed that anyExternalisation, 194:widespread intermarriage have made the different races what they are today. Essentially, however,Externalisation, 195:and separation. When the children of the various races are taught from their earliest years thatExternalisation, 219:This is true of individuals, of nations and of races; as you, an individual, work out your ownExternalisation, 241:educational opportunities for all men, for all races and all nations, and upon the fundamentalExternalisation, 256:evil example is shown in the fact that two other races seek abjectly to copy or aid the forces ofExternalisation, 357:understanding, and the Axis order of master races, determined religious attitudes, and enslavedExternalisation, 379:is so immense, its numbers so vast and its races so many that he feels himself a helpless,Externalisation, 384:all are needed. The types of men are many, the races and conditions are varied, and the problems toExternalisation, 407:the great political movements and the destiny of races and nations and their progress areExternalisation, 424:the physical plane. In that kingdom men of all races will demonstrate their divinity; the kingdomExternalisation, 432:their own interests, to plunge other nations and races into war. Today they have achieved aExternalisation, 467:for those who have to guide the destiny of races, nations and world groups. On their shoulders liesFire, 63:tabulation should be borne in mind: Seven branch races make one subrace Seven subraces make oneFire, 63:Seven subraces make one root-race Seven root-races make one world period Seven world periods makeFire, 109:at present withheld; this will show that whole races have been influenced, and certain kingdoms ofFire, 110:past and future, of the seven great root-races and of the seven kalpas." Every occult book, symbolFire, 112:karma, and wielding the future destiny of the races. The work of the first group of four cosmicFire, 121:in the work achieved in the first three root-races. 56, 57 [122] 55 The monads of the fourth
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