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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACES

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Psychology1, 318:Lemurian race and the two earlier and formless races need not here be considered by us. The naturePsychology1, 318:of the consciousness of the forms found in those races, and the pressure exerted in them by thePsychology1, 318:average reader. He is mainly concerned with the races here enumerated, which summarize for him pastPsychology1, 318:Life every human being is a cell, and the seven races constitute the seven major centers, with thePsychology1, 318:(note this word) as to the relation between the races and the centers in the body of humanity:Psychology1, 319:and the centers in the body of humanity: [319] Races Center Expression 7th and final root-race. ThePsychology1, 319:to exist. It is with only the last four evolving races that we shall concern ourselves (the firstPsychology1, 319:in the above tabulation), for the first three races are too far off for any one under the degree ofPsychology1, 347:have now to consider the rays which dominate the races of mankind. The average reader would be wisePsychology1, 353:away, and then fades out again as do all the races. By this process the souls which have profitedPsychology1, 357:The tabulation of the rays governing the races might be stated, therefore, as follows: LemurianPsychology1, 387:division of the great sixth race. These three races embody the attractive cohesive aspect of thePsychology1, 387:States will therefore represent a fusion of races, with the Anglo-Saxon element dominating. BrazilPsychology1, 387:later represent the best of that which the Latin races have eventually to give. This presentedPsychology1, 399:interests which arouses the antagonism of other races. Down the ages, the Jew has been wandering,Psychology1, 400:be generalized as follows: The Semitic race or races of Biblical and modern times; the Arabs, thePsychology1, 400:throughout the world, and also the Celtic races wherever found. These are descended from the secondPsychology1, 401:with the rest of mankind. Even the oriental races, who are the remnants of the great AtlanteanPsychology1, 429:Fourth Ray. [429] The Relationship to the Races Ray Full Expression Major Influence Ray I. Will.Psychology2, 73:Soul Influence A deep interest in the final root races and speculation as to the life going forwardPsychology2, 88:disappearing of universes, of solar systems, of races and of nations, of world leaders and worldPsychology2, 141:impose certain basic and needed ideas upon the races of men, and much of Their work is beingPsychology2, 190:divine Will works out in the consciousness of races and nations. Members of this group will havePsychology2, 204:rampant. These people are to be found in all races to a small extent, and a number of them can bePsychology2, 209:expression is developed in the strictly human races, beginning with the Lemurian stage, passingPsychology2, 209:and the Aryan, and so on through the two final races upon our planet in this world cycle. InPsychology2, 269:that the Lemurian, the Atlantean and the Aryan races are also expressions of man's reactions toPsychology2, 319:both individually and within all nations and races. Such a time is now upon us. As far as thePsychology2, 379:early stages, but which men of all time and all races have individually demonstrated. The AryanPsychology2, 408:thing can also be noticed in infant and savage races. But the third stage of integration, that ofPsychology2, 475:was a distinguishing mark of the early Lemurian races but for ages the activity of the body-organsPsychology2, 475:awareness, as did the Lemurian or the Atlantean races. It is intended that men should function asPsychology2, 475:of awareness which are the prerogative of all races and peoples at certain stages of development,Psychology2, 506:embodies the teaching which the two coming races will develop and unfold, and thus trains thePsychology2, 512:whole of humanity. The physical vitality of the races is low, or it is being whipped up into aPsychology2, 512:easy activity which distinguished the ancient races in the earlier phases of civilization bePsychology2, 536:just as the pineal gland in the coming human races will no longer be an atrophied organism with itsPsychology2, 564:with the animal kingdom and with all those human races which are low down in the scale of the humanPsychology2, 575:the benefits derived from experience in three races - the Lemurian, the Atlantean and the Aryan.Psychology2, 580:in contradistinction to the majority of the races found in Asia. Speaking generally, we can todayPsychology2, 580:Speaking generally, we can today classify the races into three groups: The many remnants of thePsychology2, 580:A group which bridges between the Oriental races and the Aryan race which we call the Semitic. ThisPsychology2, 580:The result is that they are now evoking from the races among whom they are scattered aPsychology2, 580:present within ourselves, and to this law, races and nations are no exception. Through thePsychology2, 649:time by the great intuitive and teachers of the races. Today there are a sufficient number of menPsychology2, 665:first of all, that many people of many races and religious views, form a part, consciously orPsychology2, 675:no hatreds, either of individuals, nations or races. They will stand as the interpreters of rightPsychology2, 682:to work for a better understanding between the races, and to harmonize religious distinctions andPsychology2, 690:of any kind, but feel alike to the men of all races, nationalities and religions. The masses of menPsychology2, 717:break down the mental barriers existing between races, nations and types, and that the New Group ofPsychology2, 743:increase the existing cleavages among people, races and religions. Let us leave it at that, for itRays, 150:- The seven types of men and also the seven root races. Humanity These embody the intelligence ofRays, 151:the soul on its own plane. These major types or races of men have many subraces and subsidiaryRays, 237:of ancient cities and by the intermixture of races through the processes of war; this alsoRays, 260:of cycles, chains and spheres, of rounds and races and of world periods, will we know something ofRays, 272:Each of Them has a special relation to the three races which have been or are strictly human: theseRays, 272:are the third, the fourth and the fifth root-races which we call the Lemurian, the Atlantean andRays, 272:in Shamballa the soul of each of these three races. One thing complicates this question for you,Rays, 307:which man calls history, with nations and races, with world religions and great politicalRays, 308:above - cycles, civilizations, cultures, races, kingdoms in nature and so forth - their destructionRays, 309:in the emerging and disappearing of rays and races. Death, in the last analysis and from theRays, 311:of the Triad, it will function in relation to races, nations, and the kingdoms in nature, and toRays, 329:the rays, including the rays of nations and of races. You will find a wealth of information hiddenRays, 372:Paths The seven Rays The seven Ashrams The seven Races Students would do well to bear in mind thatRays, 477:highest and the lowest. Each of the major human races has been responsible for the expression andRays, 478:outstanding quality of mankind. In the other two races, and in the early stages of the Aryan race,Rays, 560:four Rays of Attribute. This latest of the human races (again through its foremost exponents) hasRays, 593:differentiations of nations and races or types. I deal with a state of consciousness which is theRays, 624:confused racial issues and national ambitions. Races are basically subjective, and nations areRays, 628:is peculiarly active, because of the conflict of races, nations, ideas, political theories,Rays, 632:in right relations because of its many races and nationalities - all blended together within theRays, 632:great national project many diverse nations and races - European and Asiatic - and the effort isRays, 659:race which will emerge out of all our modern races and nations, the sowing will take place. TheRays, 660:the great crises which have occurred in all the races of men. Just as the initiate-disciple passesRays, 664:of years elapsed; civilizations came and went; races developed and disappeared. In Lemurian days,Rays, 664:cycles of human living. Each of these three races, in a mysterious manner, has a correspondence onReappearance, 185:break down the mental barriers existing between races, nations and types; it is essential that theSoul, 78:We speak of the animism of the little evolved races, who personified and worshipped the forces ofSoul, 137:in the sympathetic system. In more developed races the vague sensitiveness usually disappears asTelepathy, 14:[14] of information among the savage races and non-intelligent peoples - these are all instances ofTelepathy, 24:so rapidly circulated among the savage races, but an expression of that instinctual telepathy whichTelepathy, 68:among advanced human beings in all lands and all races. This indicates soul contact and the
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