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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACIAL

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Astrology, 87:of the triangles - zodiacal, planetary, racial and human. These latter triangles are arrived at byAstrology, 207:past which is definitely recalled, and from the racial and the individual subconscious (or foundedAstrology, 208:and then every latent predisposition, every racial and national instinct, every unconqueredAstrology, 285:is far more potent than at any previous time in racial history. This is a fact which you are not inAstrology, 285:which is so often ignored but which has real racial value. It is the attitude which leads to aAstrology, 387:and of this the prophecy now coming into the racial awareness that there are those "who sleep inAstrology, 518:in the steadily expanding group, national and racial consciousness which humanity is todayAstrology, 522:It has produced the fusion of three powerful racial types in group formation and not throughAstrology, 526:America, Great Britain and Russia. Great fusing, racial experiments are going on in all theseAstrology, 527:(individual, national, continental or racial) to a grasp of their interrelation and effects uponAstrology, 678:and with baptism. (Vol. II, 413) The second racial initiation. The first planetary initiation."Atom, 18:substance, such as forms of thought, and the racial forms, and the forms of organizations. In thisAtom, 119:present conditions, and to ascertain somewhat racial and natural tendencies, and thus follow, asAutobiography, 71:will be free. Some day we shall all be free. Racial hatred will die out; citizenship will beAutobiography, 105:the first time in my life, I came up against the racial problem. I had no anti-Negro feeling,Autobiography, 119:cause probably lies deeply rooted in certain racial characteristics. People complain (and it isAutobiography, 121:as the Chosen People. The German emphasizes "racial purity" and so have the Jews down the ages. TheAutobiography, 234:relations, the wickedness of aggression and racial discrimination are made so apparent that onlyBethlehem, 15:Christ three general concepts emerged into the racial consciousness: First, that the individual, asBethlehem, 16:the disciple for the Christ life. Upon this racial teaching follows the work of the Christ withBethlehem, 29:of the time, and one of the incentives in racial endeavor. The meeting of disaster and theBethlehem, 34:of these unfoldments in the race lie in past racial history. Some lie ahead. One lies immediatelyBethlehem, 34:stand at the very verge of the birth hour of the racial Christ, and out from the darkness of theBethlehem, 35:been gradual and slow, but at certain points in racial history (as in the history of the individualBethlehem, 36:rebuilding, and is but a correspondence in the racial life to those tests and trials which areBethlehem, 40:saints have ever revealed to us the heights of racial and individual possibility. The Way from theBethlehem, 49:and all these stages must be worked out in the racial life. Those who see the vision clearly canBethlehem, 49:the subject, the growth of the Plan and of the racial response can be traced quite clearly in theBethlehem, 52:much light upon the factor of the Word. Great racial Words have been sounded forth and have broughtBethlehem, 58:manifested as much of the divine nature as the racial development warranted, spoken those wordsBethlehem, 68:the Path of return to the individual and to the racial Bethlehem. We are now on the point ofBethlehem, 97:must eventuate. A cleansing from wrong ideals, a racial purification from dishonest standards andBethlehem, 98:is indicative of the immediate objective of our racial endeavor. The symbolism is exact, accordingBethlehem, 156:radically changed. It was as potent a moment in racial history as the Crucifixion, of more potencyBethlehem, 177:notwithstanding great geographical distances and racial differences in the details of theirBethlehem, 179:historically true; and was there a period in our racial history wherein He walked and talked andBethlehem, 269:of ideas and [269] thoughts which are his - racial, national or family; it is not the tuning in onBethlehem, 273:individual, the orthodox, the national and the racial. The members of the coming kingdom will thinkBethlehem, 277:to the fostering of the divine life within the racial form. It is our immediate duty therefore, inDestiny, 8:from a higher source and are imposed upon the racial mind, whether men want them or not. Upon theDestiny, 8:and inherited ideas which have controlled the racial life for centuries - aggression for the sakeDestiny, 13:soul. The second crisis is the immediate one of racial initiation, made possible (if you will butDestiny, 15:thing which he will endeavor to impress upon the racial consciousness. This may lead at times toDestiny, 23:seized upon and applied to specific national, racial and political conditions. You are hardly atDestiny, 47:the Oversoul. This will be recognized in the racial consciousness, as well as the oneness of theDestiny, 48:the physical plane. In that development of the racial consciousness, the process does notDestiny, 49:of the following will reveal certain lines of racial understanding. There is a natural rapportDestiny, 53:for instance in her futile effort to preserve a racial purity now, as then, impossible. This staticDestiny, 58:in lines of light and we shall look for future racial light instead of the many separate nationalDestiny, 64:offsetting and negating what has been called "racial purity." This attempt at an impossible racialDestiny, 64:"racial purity." This attempt at an impossible racial segregation and purity is a misnomer, for theDestiny, 64:with any pure strain. This tendency towards racial segregation (so noticeable in the Jew and theDestiny, 65:fate of the whole. The isolationist or the super-racial attitudes of the bewildered German peopleDestiny, 95:in the steadily expanding group, national and racial consciousness which humanity is todayDestiny, 96:It has produced the fusion of three powerful racial types in group formation and not throughDestiny, 101:America, Great Britain and Russia. Great fusing, racial experiments are going on in all theseDestiny, 101:(individual, national, continental or racial) to a grasp of their interrelation and effects uponDestiny, 113:some current ideology. This indicates phenomenal racial achievement and the pronounced success ofDestiny, 118:and this is in its nature deeply symbolic of racial unfoldment. These levels symbolize theDestiny, 119:at a most interesting and crucial period in racial and planetary history - a period unlike anyDestiny, 121:of religious dogma which is holding back racial development. This is being now consciously done andDestiny, 125:will disappear, causing a general shift in the racial types towards a higher standard. Many speciesDiscipleship1, 58:under the new system (made necessary by achieved racial progress) this process of right externalDiscipleship1, 66:upon your own background, tradition, social and racial status) , you will then brood consciously onDiscipleship1, 142:should be done if the work is to be truly non-racial and planned to dispel some of the worldDiscipleship1, 155:for your intense feeling that you have no racial relationship to the Jews at all in spite of theDiscipleship1, 332:- a gigantic thought-form - and also upon her racial sense of inferiority. Her distress is deepDiscipleship1, 360:you acquire. Your inner sense of inferiority (a racial inheritance) is a definite handicap. In yourDiscipleship1, 371:have wisdom and much experience, individual and racial. You have a deep love, of which you areDiscipleship1, 373:Therefore the age-old separateness of your racial background will increase your sense ofDiscipleship1, 373:violence of your true feeling on the question of racial differences, of social standing, of classDiscipleship1, 373:almost to an inhibited hatred. It is partly racial, partly European, and partly a totallyDiscipleship1, 374:- that of sympathy - and crystallized into a racial pattern which is not yours; it is based on theDiscipleship1, 501:those of W. D. S., but would have you note how racial and astrological differences and your freedomDiscipleship2, 21:relation, of the effect that your national and racial thought-forms have upon you, and also theDiscipleship2, 71:the fire, until consciousness is importuned to racial need. This is secondary to DivineDiscipleship2, 174:and its separateness, by [174] its greed and its racial and national barriers, its low personalDiscipleship2, 271:- modified, qualified and adapted to racial and national needs - of the potent, vibrating andDiscipleship2, 386:distorted by them into a form of individual and racial possessiveness, owing to the profoundDiscipleship2, 387:the hope of all the sons of mind) a material and racial distortion and a purely material objectiveDiscipleship2, 459:the anxiety. Can you understand the distinction? Racial, national, and personal conditions meet inDiscipleship2, 464:your country and in your sensitive reaction to racial strain, the import of his conversation withDiscipleship2, 469:- to the ajna center, and the complete racial "transfiguration" will take place. The process willDiscipleship2, 599:I commend you. But certain ancient glamors - racial and personal - still hold you, and it is theDiscipleship2, 599:The glamor of "the flight into safety of the racial [600] consciousness" is one of your dominantDiscipleship2, 600:without exception, is subject to this racial glamor and its potency is unbelievable. The subjectiveDiscipleship2, 600:life of any nation, producing as it does racial psychology, national inclinations and traits andDiscipleship2, 600:refuge in the past and emphasizing certain racial attitudes. The overcoming of inherited traits andDiscipleship2, 600:may - if sensitive - become so identified with racial problems and relationships, with racialDiscipleship2, 600:with racial problems and relationships, with racial history and qualities that this ancientDiscipleship2, 600:that this ancient inheritance (which is racial and not personal and therefore not theirs)Discipleship2, 600:a race or nation can endow a man, or to use that racial and national experience as a means wherebyDiscipleship2, 600:to your personality origins, to your so-called racial loyalties and characteristics, acquiredDiscipleship2, 601:qualities (most of them tied up with your racial inheritance and your environing circumstances),Discipleship2, 601:You have not really liked my reference to racial limitations and yet, my brother and I can say myDiscipleship2, 601:will give the group members a diagnosis of their racial coloring and consequent tendencies. Today IDiscipleship2, 602:ground lies right there and it is mainly your racial faults which hinder you. I would add also toDiscipleship2, 602:one and is incidentally also a part of the racial trouble, and of racial Polarization. EveryDiscipleship2, 602:also a part of the racial trouble, and of racial Polarization. Every disciple has to achieveDiscipleship2, 602:disciple has to achieve complete freedom from racial limitations and to break down certain separate
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