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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RADIANCE

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Astrology, 105:so the soul itself disappears and its power and radiance fade out when the Presence, which it hasAstrology, 132:or form side of life is lost to sight in the radiance of the Sun, the soul. The light of Vulcan andAstrology, 132:Vulcan and the Sun - stand for a synthesis and a radiance which eventually dims the light ofAstrology, 328:angle of light and its unfolding and increasing radiance and of the gradual demonstration in what IAstrology, 393:the eye of the Bull which with ever increasing radiance has guided the struggling soul must giveAstrology, 431:wisdom penetrated into the waters and cast the radiance of the Heavens into the depths. At thisAstrology, 437:initiatory activity of Capricorn. The illumining radiance of Mercury. This combination of energiesAstrology, 444:it shows itself in a transcendental idealism and radiance - by the unintelligent idealist, and hisAstrology, 452:that these are steadily emerging into increasing radiance. Astrology, 554:the man from points of light to blazing solar radiance." The man upon the Fixed Cross says: "I amAstrology, 562:energy Pisces - the presentation of a blended radiance. This culminating radiance is the result ofAstrology, 562:of a blended radiance. This culminating radiance is the result of the focus of life, intention, andBethlehem, 20:into men's hearts and minds, and in this lighted radiance they will vision the new truths andBethlehem, 55:there, and nothing can touch or hide it; it is radiance and pure white light. But the manhood isBethlehem, 104:shines upon our way and develops that inner radiance which enables all God's children to say, withBethlehem, 104:a gradually growing illumination, until today radiance is everywhere to be found. In this light,Bethlehem, 138:before the spirit in man can shine forth in its radiance? We might list five of them in order toBethlehem, 144:punitive interpretation, will give place to the radiance of love and the understanding of goodwillBethlehem, 145:initiation, in which God revealed Himself in His radiance and glory to man, but that it had aBethlehem, 148:form of God's spirit eventually produces that radiance (as a result of transformation andBethlehem, 148:world whose characteristics are light, radiance, beauty and indescribable wonder. All the mysticalBethlehem, 151:episode is the first one in which we contact the radiance and the light which shone from theBethlehem, 151:tells that he had to use a veil to shield that radiance from others. But the light which was inDestiny, 61:West, the whole world will be flooded with the radiance of the Sun of Righteousness. I am not hereDiscipleship1, 9:or which increases its light or dims its radiance. You need to remember that I look at my groups ofDiscipleship1, 9:subjectively and as a group. It is the total radiance which I see; it is the united rhythm which IDiscipleship1, 100:How, you ask, my brothers? By increasing the radiance of your light in the world through love andDiscipleship1, 144:activity. By the steady power of your own inner radiance, you must hold your workers steady. TheDiscipleship1, 153:work from your own center through the magnetic radiance of your soul. This you have always done andDiscipleship1, 153:you no new thing but only an increased magnetic radiance, based upon an inner freedom which makesDiscipleship1, 154:of those stars whose size is small and their radiance limited. One of the difficult things forDiscipleship1, 154:potent people whose lives can be "focused in radiance" and whose response and effort warrant ourDiscipleship1, 195:as a radiating center of love. 2nd month - The radiance which shows itself as joy. 3rd month - TheDiscipleship1, 228:each of the many, many centers into greater radiance. 3. Then sound the O. M. breathing it forthDiscipleship1, 268:True accomplishment involves a life of steady radiance and stable uniform activity; but, brother ofDiscipleship1, 270:True accomplishment involves a life of steady radiance. There must ever be crises of achievementDiscipleship1, 323:ray (in itself, divine) can shut out the full radiance of your soul. Study all you can find outDiscipleship1, 349:of ray affiliations) means to stand in the radiance of love - a love which wavers not and whichDiscipleship1, 372:can do much for others. You have a magnetic radiance. But there is ever a point beyond which youDiscipleship1, 372:for the expression of the inner beauty and radiance. Having pointed this out, having begged you toDiscipleship1, 372:change - full alignment and heightened radiance. I would ask you to take much time each Sunday (forDiscipleship1, 389:its light. Behind the Presence gleams that awful radiance which shrouds the One and Only. BeforeDiscipleship1, 515:the treading of the Lighted Way. 5th month - Radiance which evokes the light in others. 6th month -Discipleship1, 523:helping them I dedicate myself. 4th month - The radiance of love I seek to shower on all I meet andDiscipleship1, 537:Clear vision, love to all beings and a pure radiance are yours to give, if you so choose.Discipleship1, 555:The isolated Way is dark. 6th month - Let the radiance of the heart lead thee to peace. DesireDiscipleship1, 576:of quiet thought and in the sense of a quiet radiance. Then your thoughts will harmonize and blend;Discipleship1, 599:expressed in selfless service, and increasing in radiance through the intensification of yourDiscipleship1, 623:as the soul pours its life and light with steady radiance into the instrument. The best that I canDiscipleship1, 652:into the flame. Divinity remains." 5th month - Radiance - "The Rest of God underlies all life. TheDiscipleship1, 652:forth. Men warm themselves before my fire. The radiance divine shines forth through me." 6th monthDiscipleship1, 652:month - "May I be lost to sight, and only the radiance and the rest reach forth to men." Hold theDiscipleship1, 653:is however short circuited and your light and radiance, therefore, is of the personality and not ofDiscipleship1, 660:the quiet and gentle voice of the soul, bringing radiance and rest, fails to make an impact uponDiscipleship1, 678:disappear. Cold, heat, the light of day, the radiance of the rising sun and perfect knowledge ofDiscipleship1, 714:known as the "linking light" or the "bridging radiance." This is the Path referred to in The OldDiscipleship1, 747:Ashram, is externalized by reflecting the radiance of the inner Ashram and by establishing aDiscipleship2, 15:"He who faces the light and stands within its radiance is blinded to the issues of the world ofDiscipleship2, 52:later within the head and producing an inner radiance, which is the rudimentary halo. This diffusedDiscipleship2, 78:this immediate life cycle. The strength of your radiance, your potential as a light bearer, andDiscipleship2, 180:and so acutely that the heart - as a motivating radiance - became a point of human focus. One ofDiscipleship2, 193:disciple's personality, into which the higher radiance must pour and from which spiritual energyDiscipleship2, 287:- an occult reference to the all-embracing radiance of the Monad as it absorbs both its reflection,Discipleship2, 473:to realize that in [473] enlightening others the radiance of the glory of God can be revealed. ThisDiscipleship2, 492:more radiantly. I, your Master, know your inner radiance. Permit the world of outer things to knowDiscipleship2, 496:three times: Sound it mentally, breathing forth radiance on to the mental plane. Sound it next in aDiscipleship2, 598:Let your fellow workers catch from you the radiance of Love. That, my brother, will release theDiscipleship2, 656:Walk in the light, my brother. Let the light and radiance of the soul illumine your service and letDiscipleship2, 684:and who have kept [684] the light shining with radiance no matter how dark the night of humanDiscipleship2, 686:the dim light of the personality and the bright radiance of the soul, observe then another duality,Discipleship2, 687:enhancing the light of the personality with the radiance of the soul. Next say: "The light of theDiscipleship2, 687:the sun puts out the flame of a small fire. Soul radiance takes the place of personality light. TheDiscipleship2, 687:earlier process. The solar plexus is dimmed. The radiance of the heart is substituted. The light ofEducation, 137:and the Hierarchy is intended to produce the radiance of group light and cause to emerge, out ofExternalisation, 308:present conditions by the effectiveness of His radiance and His message? There are those who lookExternalisation, 686:enable the entire Hierarchy to give far more in radiance, guidance, and magnetic invocativeFire, 124:produces the heat of the center, and its intense radiance and brilliance, while the pranicFire, 171:the center itself, till a much greater point of radiance is achieved. This corresponds to AtlanteanFire, 208:spokes of the wheel brought into more active radiance. These spokes which are also called by someFire, 345:the intensity of its light, its heat and its radiance until capacity is reached, or that which weFire, 345:note and distinguish the words light, heat and radiance, which are the distinctive features of allFire, 476:the essence, and thus produce the needed radiance. First moisture, slow and all enveloping; thenFire, 476:that presses, drives and concentrates. Thus is radiance [477] produced; thus the exudation; thusFire, 541:permanent atom comes into full activity and radiance, as regards five of its spirillae, and the twoFire, 603:of the Logos, and the manifestation of the radiance which veils the Central Sun. Only as He isFire, 608:of light, flame, and heat, of electricity, radiance and motion, of will, desire and action. OnlyFire, 611:studying Agni as He manifests as Light and Cool Radiance, shining through the vehicle. Later (forFire, 765:irradiated with light, and reflect the higher radiance; the egoic body is the Sun of the lowerFire, 835:again in every case the dying out of the "solar radiance," or of the light produced by theFire, 1036:Diamond which [1036] surmounts it is of such radiance that the effect is produced of a spheroidalFire, 1118:reached the stage of complete unfoldment. The radiance of its color is not here referred to, butFire, 1123:the glory of a man's inner God is seen, when his radiance shines forth then will it be said of himFire, 1131:creator, and who is himself "a Sun of Healing Radiance." These are the objectives before all thoseFire, 1184:are visualized in color, and seen in their true radiance, it will be realized that the point ofFire, 1218:the divine life and glory shine forth in perfect radiance. This might be expressed in more materialFire, 1232:the light which emanates from the Jewel and the radiance which veils the inner glory. The seerGlamour, 103:or "forced to disappear within the [103] radiance." This is the task of the higher of the twoGlamour, 104:fogs will slowly disappear, subdued by the solar radiance, and the pilgrims will then find theGlamour, 110:dissipates the glamor with its brilliance and radiance. This glamor has steadily deepened andGlamour, 192:puts out the lesser lights through the pure radiance of its power. You have therefore the light of
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