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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RADIANCE

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Glamour, 232:together and in vocal unison the group says: "Radiance we are and power. We stand forever with ourGlamour, 238:- OM The Formula Then together the group says: "Radiance are we and power. We stand forever withGlamour, 269:the constellation Virgo is lost to sight in the radiance of the sun. There you have the threeGlamour, 270:shell or form through which the light, the radiance, the quality and the characteristics of theHealing, 30:purity of life. He must attain that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every man when he hasHealing, 98:purity of life. He must achieve that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every man once heHealing, 98:this magnetic field has been established, the radiance then goes forth. 3. Let the healer trainHealing, 102:will in the background and to send the healing radiance out upon a stream of love-energy. Have everHealing, 134:purity of life. He must attain that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every man when heHealing, 249:in nature, and thus we shall have a steady radiance shining forth in the mounting glory of the LifeHealing, 341:of contact. This produces the pouring in of radiance and the entering in of energy both subjectiveHealing, 469:esoterically speaking. This is a moment of great radiance; it is almost as if a point of pulsatingHealing, 526:Power to express magnetic purity and the needed radiance. "The healer must achieve magneticHealing, 526:achieve magnetic purity...and attain dispelling radiance." This involves great personal disciplineHealing, 526:Purity inevitably and automatically results in radiance. Power to control the activity of theHealing, 533:purity of life. He must attain that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every man when he hasHealing, 577:purity of life. He must attain that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every man when he hasHealing, 577:through purity of life. Attain a dispelling radiance through linking the centers in the head. [578]Healing, 580:three head centers, you then have an established radiance, or energy emanation which is a potentHealing, 580:head) become what is called a "dispelling radiance"; they can drive away the forces which create orHealing, 581:aggravate the disease. When this dispelling radiance is unable (because of the destiny of theHealing, 581:the magnetic field is therefore set up and the radiance is present, the healer can then use theHealing, 581:as the directing agent for this "dispelling radiance." It is interesting to note that the two majorHealing, 582:is spiritually vitalized; the generated vital radiance is then distributed and directed correctlyHercules, 2:is this soul upon the Way of high endeavor whose radiance dimly shineth forth?" Came the reply: "AHercules, 14:tell me that it means Hera's rare glory, the radiance and effulgence of the soul. What is the soul,Hercules, 17:says: "By mastery of the binding life comes radiance," and it was this mastery of the imprisoningHercules, 45:prevents the glory, which is the soul, and the radiance which emanates from the God within theHercules, 180:Peace the Great Presiding One poured forth the radiance of his exalted thought. The Teacher drewInitiation, 95:of light (or human sparks) are stimulated, their radiance and temperature increased, and the sphereInitiation, 125:glory of his perfected egoic group; later the radiance which pours forth from the ray which carriesInitiation, 125:finally the perfection of all beauty and the radiance which includes all other rays of light isInitiation, 138:spokes of the wheel brought into more active radiance. These spokes [139] of the wheel, or theseIntellect, 52:in a lamp. At first the lamp gives forth no radiance, but gradually the light makes its presenceIntellect, 149:symbolism of an intense irradiation or blinding radiance which accompanies the phase of divineIntellect, 171:very brilliant sun. Later, at the center of the radiance, a point of vivid electric blue appearsMagic, 106:throughout the body. This [106] shows as the radiance emanating from the bodies of adepts andMagic, 107:consciousness without seeing any of this brain radiance. This is altogether in the nature ofMagic, 108:light in his forehead, and his eye transmits the radiance; His head, with magnetic force, resemblesMagic, 121:cold and flickering, groweth with steady radiance till the warm light of some blazing lamp comethMagic, 121:is there nor earth lamp fed with oil. Ever the radiance growth till the path ends within a blaze ofMagic, 213:state of being. It opens up the world of radiance. It is the controlling factor of the magicalMagic, 223:of the serpent whose tail he holds, and by its radiance traverse the miry halls of maya." NoMagic, 335:and the fact of the soul, the inner light and radiance of all forms. The third development, whichMagic, 336:for it will be a world of recognized inner radiance, wherein the work of the world will be carriedMagic, 358:disappear. Cold, heat, the light of day, the radiance of the rising sun and perfect knowledge ofMagic, 538:will dispel the glamor around him and let in the radiance of reality. When large numbers of theMagic, 592:protective counterparts, for the latter have a radiance and light of their own. As the lifeMagic, 615:within him and is gradually growing into fuller radiance this itself produces the illusion. BecauseMagic, 617:are seen. Above him is the blue of heaven, the radiance of the rising sun, the pureness of theMeditation, 223:"Day be with us" to flash forth in perfect radiance. This word "radiance" has an occult meaningMeditation, 223:to flash forth in perfect radiance. This word "radiance" has an occult meaning worthy of yourMeditation, 230:An effect of translucence, or an underlying radiance or brilliance, which is the result of thePatanjali36. By meditation upon Light and upon Radiance, knowledge of the Spirit can be reached and thusPatanjali, 81:of Union 36. By meditation upon Light and upon Radiance, knowledge of the Spirit can be reached andPatanjali, 81:Head center. By meditation upon Light and upon Radiance, knowledge of the Spirit can be reached andPatanjali, 83:light. In this sutra meditation upon light and radiance is enjoined and we learn that through thisPatanjali, 291:The mind, full of Light (Dvivedi), The radiance in the head (Woods), The luminosity of the centralPatanjali, 292:This light is in the nature of an internal radiance, its position is in the head, in thePatanjali, 294:the central organ and the emission of the inner radiance can be brought about. Briefly stated, itPatanjali, 295:unfolded. At its heart is the light of love. The radiance of this light, being turned upwards,Patanjali, 313:head, and can utilize it at will, turning its radiance upon all that he seeks to know, the timePatanjali, 332:be noted: "By mastery of the binding life comes radiance." Another interpretation might be "throughPatanjali, 350:has become a transmitter of the inner light or radiance. The term "thunderbolt" is equallyPatanjali, 419:dark now shineth with a clear pure light, and radiance poureth from the seven sacred lotuses. HePsychology1, 29:pouring into man's life, and in this lighted radiance he will formulate the new religion and arrivePsychology1, 66:Love The Cosmic Magnet The Giver of Wisdom The Radiance in the Form The Master Builder ThePsychology1, 66:radiant light as well as radiant love. Quality - radiance. Draw to thyself the object of thyPsychology1, 102:reflected light of the sun but its own inherent radiance. A light seeping in (if I may use such aPsychology1, 102:and its fusion with the other two types of radiance. A light which is beginning to merge itselfPsychology1, 102:light. The light from the astral plane (a starry radiance) and the light of the planet itself willPsychology1, 150:can - from that high point - glimpse the radiance of the subjective center of energy (the centralPsychology1, 153:of this waxing and waning of influence and of radiance (synonymous terms in occultism) on a largePsychology1, 184:you that an illumination will be set up and a radiance revealed which will result in a tremendousPsychology1, 198:of the colors and the glory of the perfumed radiance." The animal kingdom has the quality ofPsychology1, 235:II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature a. Life-Radiance-Magnetism We are told in the Yoga SutrasPsychology1, 235:that "By mastery of the binding life comes radiance," and in these words can be found the clue toPsychology1, 314:within the human form, must give place to the radiance which is the glory of the developed son ofPsychology1, 325:These servers who are expressions of soul radiance and attractive power are knowers of the Plan,Psychology1, 337:process. Always there is the emerging glory and radiance of a growing love, until we come to thePsychology1, 372:their beauty of form and line and color, their radiance and geometrical perfection, will appearPsychology1, 377:or (as it is sometimes called) the Law of Hidden Radiance. This law concerns the Light which is inPsychology1, 379:- Lemurian race. The Law of Hidden Radiance. The Law of the Tides - Atlantean race. The Law ofPsychology2, 22:which is the paramount influence, that material radiance makes itself felt in a triple form. ThesePsychology2, 33:They have faded out and yet are shining in full radiance and can be seen. Negation after negationPsychology2, 59:supply and in search of which he went forth. A radiance or light, which will augment the Shekinah,Psychology2, 101:harmony. Knowledge or science, leading to radiance. Idealism, establishing the divine pattern.Psychology2, 117:As the life of the soul gets stronger, the radiance of the centers increases, and the periphery ofPsychology2, 217:the developed Lives within the radius of the radiance of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said. InPsychology2, 222:On the life side, it leads to quality, vibratory radiance and the revelation upon earth of thePsychology2, 280:love that never ceases will be realized, and the radiance deep concealed will break forth intoPsychology2, 369:penetrate the veils of life, revealing all the radiance of God, His power and magnetism; revealingPsychology2, 571:see the Lord of Light, the Buddha, in all His radiance. If he is an occult student, or aPsychology2, 594:distribution and of the flow, and the consequent radiance of the body steadily increases. ThePsychology2, 609:sun. This is in reality the recognition of the radiance of the magnetic field, established betweenPsychology2, 609:of the head and the ajna centers). This radiance can at times seem almost too bright to be borne.Rays, 6:Christ within. The shining forth of the inner radiance or glory. The demonstration of the 2nd orRays, 46:point for descending light and for ascending radiance." This dual activity reveals the nature ofRays, 54:the little self is lost in the glory and the radiance of the divine Self. This discovery isRays, 74:The light of the Hierarchy as a center of radiance in the planetary body and embodying the light
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