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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RADIANT

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Fire, 449:prayer for the blessing of all creatures by our radiant Father in Heaven, the Sun)." - Unknown.Fire, 540:physical permanent atom becomes radioactive or a radiant point of fire. The lower three petalsFire, 542:as dual in effect: The mental unit becomes a radiant point of light; its four spirillae transmitFire, 573:of ten arms revolving at right angles, of a radiant green color, all the ten arms emanating from aFire, 708:it, at the close of the process, producing a radiant form, full of primal colors. At the coming inFire, 747:achieved, gleameth the orb of blue and the inner radiant fire. From the gates of gold down to theFire, 764:(though self-conscious) inertia and of that radiant activity which produces a balancing of forces,Fire, 766:symbology is hid (in terms of energy and of radiant activity) the whole secret of egoic energy, andFire, 769:Egos. These multitudes of egoic groups form a radiant interlocking whole, though all are diverseFire, 815:a domination of the lunar lords through the radiant control of the solar Lord. This is the occultFire, 833:by the union of these two. The result is radiant energy, and is the result of the equilibrising ofFire, 833:- negative energy - Mother. Solar fire - radiant energy - Sun or Son. Each of these two lastFire, 836:We might word it otherwise: The solar Devas (or radiant energy) return to the central Heart or toFire, 855:careers are distinguished by altruistic service. Radiant lotuses, or those whose light is beginningFire, 914:the elves who build and paint the flowers, the radiant little beings who inhabit the woods and theFire, 946:by dynamic energy. Groups of lives animated by radiant energy. Groups of lives animated by atomicFire, 947:subplane. First etheric substance. Plane adi. Radiant energy - solar fire - three cosmic ethericFire, 973:whatever that may be, to make it occultly "radiant" so that its vibrations will emanate, and makeFire, 974:only linked to its creator by a tiny thread of radiant substance, which is a correspondence to theFire, 1119:out; the central fire is absorbed, and only the radiant point of electric fire persists. Then aFire, 1122:and seven on each of the two lower planes) are radiant wheels of fire, each group distinguished byFire, 1122:and the spleen - themselves become luminous and radiant, and all the fires of the body are soFire, 1123:and causal body form a coherent unit in full and radiant activity are of such strength and purityFire, 1144:activity, intensification of heat, and of radiant magnetic light as an expression of the will orFire, 1225:A bird, with plumage dark and with the eye of radiant fire. Two stars of vivid rose linked by aFire, 1256:only one it is possible to make exoteric) is a radiant Cross of colored light; it [1257] has theFire, 1258:bell, and whose feet pass lightly o'er the radiant path between our worlds and hers." Within theFire, 1270:reacheth forth unto those spheres within the radiant form of that Attractive Life, to Whom the sonsFire, 1270:and seeks to warm Himself within its waves of radiant fire electric. A center at the midway pointFire, 1271:and blazes forth to those who watch as a radiant flaming sun. He... and draws the people onward toFire, 1273:wheel. This mountain top shineth with radiant light, reflected from the face of Him Whom the LordsGlamour, 143:that center between the shoulder blades as a radiant sun. I might here point out that this is, inGlamour, 153:absorbs the Dweller, and into obscuration - radiant yet magnetic - this ancient form of lifeGlamour, 168:these potencies - light and love - will find radiant expression in the transfigured disciple. WhatGlamour, 180:greater light of the soul becomes focused like a radiant sun and it reveals in its turn a stillGlamour, 198:[198] Within the lighted sphere of the focused radiant light, reality will issue forth triumphant."Glamour, 198:of the personality, and a center of radiant light upon the mental plane. This statement is trueGlamour, 269:the Dweller who becomes lost to sight in the radiant aura of the Angel. This has been symbolicallyHealing, 81:directions; the two small doors are open wide. Radiant and reaching forth with vibrant note to allHealing, 101:in the form of a steadily outflowing stream of radiant energy. This stream of energy should beHealing, 103:offer within the head, picturing yourself as a radiant center of energy or a point of vivid light.Healing, 104:will manipulate. Then send it out as a stream of radiant light from the ajna center and direct itHealing, 147:the two eyes, where it "acts as a screen for the radiant beauty and the glory of the spiritualHealing, 226:of the darkness of disease into established and radiant health. Certain of the Masters are dealingHealing, 395:levels of the mental plane as a point of radiant light. This concerns primarily the human soul. TheHealing, 415:from out of the top of the head of the radiant etheric body and the consequent disintegration ofHealing, 452:of the spirit has severed an evil past from the radiant future, and both are seen as contributoryHealing, 468:of light appears; dim and murky it may be, or radiant, bright and shining. Thus do the points ofHealing, 519:That episode depicts symbolically the radiant soul, and also the three vacated bodies of theHealing, 519:of men but recognized by the Hierarchy. His radiant appearances after the resurrection initiation:Hercules, 2:of the Lord, again drew to the circle of his radiant life the seeking soul. "Whose is this soulHercules, 5:In the life and work of Jesus the Christ, that radiant and perfected Son of God, who "has enteredHercules, 140:The Myth The great Presiding One, enrobed in radiant calm, said but a single word. The TeacherInitiation, 115:forth before him. He becomes aware that this radiant Life, who is identified with himself, is notInitiation, 115:before the initiate in a triple manner: As a radiant angelic existence. This is seen by the innerInitiation, 116:in order that man might BE. [116] As a sphere of radiant fire, linked with the initiate standingInitiation, 116:a thing of rare beauty, pulsating with life and radiant with all the colors of the rainbow, and atInitiation, 125:the glory as it shall be, and that path of radiant beauty which shineth ever more and more unto theInitiation, 139:head centers, and finally (at liberation) to the radiant head center above, synthesizing the lesserInitiation, 209:of utter gloom I see the ladder rise again, radiant and glowing in its fifth division. What marksInitiation, 211:is its consummation? It mounteth through the radiant spheres, through all their six divisions. ItIntellect, 76:may be either closed and dark, or open and radiant. It may be either a light shining before men'sIntellect, 171:focused and looks, as some express it, like a radiant and very brilliant sun. Later, at the centerIntellect, 225:of the form nature) as being linked with a radiant body of light, or they visualize three centersIntellect, 228:Then say, with focused attention: "More radiant than the sun, purer than the snow, subtler than theMagic, 49:eventually, through life and consciousness, a radiant activity, or manifestation of glory whichMagic, 98:as follows: [98] The Solar Orb shines forth in radiant splendor. The illuminated mind reflects theMagic, 98:center to the summit, and is transformed into a radiant sun of light. When these three suns areMagic, 98:discipline and service, man fans into radiant light, illuminating the three worlds, that point ofMagic, 104:may be nurtured and fostered in such wise that radiant glory, magnetic force and (ultimately)Magic, 104:Energy Second Ray - Magnetic Force Third Ray - Radiant Glory These rays likewise find theirMagic, 104:Force - Heart Center Third Ray - Personality - Radiant Glory - Solar Plexus You inquire, Why do IMagic, 105:three bodies of light to consider: There is the radiant body of the soul itself, found on its ownMagic, 105:under the following symbolic terms: "When the radiant light of the Solar Angel is fused with theMagic, 106:the effect of bright and shining light. When the radiant light of the soul is blended with theMagic, 106:an extent that each atom becomes in turn a tiny radiant center. This only becomes possible when theMagic, 107:light, and there is then produced that inner radiant sun of which the aspirant becomes conscious inMagic, 107:become aware of a dark center within the radiant sun. This is the entrance to the Path disclosed byMagic, 107:magnetic power of the light in the head, and the radiant force of the soul produce stimulation. TheMagic, 121:the sun, and entereth within the portals of that radiant orb." Magic, 145:many forms of God, the diverse aspects of his radiant robe blazed forth. "The vibrant palpitatingMagic, 145:appeared and disappeared. The forms, veiling the radiant soul, emerged, achieved their purpose andMagic, 422:two ways: as of a light in the head, an interior radiant sun, or as a dynamic center of energyMagic, 468:The star is but a point of light, not yet a radiant sun. Stage III The way of red desire fails. ItMagic, 469:cries of all his brother souls. Stage V Out into radiant life and light! The cave is left behind;Magic, 470:of the messenger. Not yet the utter glory of the radiant life! Not yet the entering intoMagic, 535:of cyclic destiny, to the emergence of the radiant glory, to wisdom, power, God consciousness.Magic, 611:point from whence the fires of living light and radiant life have come." Magic, 613:the illusion by the steady growth of the radiant light of the soul. May I pause here to remind youMeditation, 198:unbelievable, and that beauty is enhanced by the radiant auras of the Great Ones Who are gatheredMeditation, 206:Then our objective universe flashed into being, radiant with the seven colors, with the deep blueMeditation, 252:Only when the light of reason is dimmed by the radiant sun of wisdom will all things be seen inMeditation, 257:those dimly realized wonders, and with those radiant Souls Who call Themselves our Elder Brothers.Meditation, 258:the words I quote, added still other words of radiant truth: "Then shall we know even as we arePatanjali, 51:The Master The self on the throne. The radiant Augoeidas The light within. The spiritual ManPatanjali, 55:the ego, the Christ, and causes the "radiant Augoeides" to be seen on earth. [56] It is the WordPatanjali, 56:is realized. By its use the "spark" becomes a radiant light, the light becomes a flame, and thePatanjali, 83:center red light. g. Quality of the heart center radiant or magnetic light. In this sutraPatanjali, 289:in the head so that the aspirant can become a radiant center of light and illumine all problems,Patanjali, 296:at the top of the head, which can be seen as a radiant circle of pure white light. This begins as a
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