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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RADIANT

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Patanjali, 296:through various stages of increasing glory and radiant light until the Portal itself standsPatanjali, 300:to behold, for the sons of God are luminous, radiant and full of beauty, Delighting in love, forPatanjali, 332:directed, and when rhythm is achieved, then a radiant life is seen. [333] This will work outPatanjali, 349:The astral body of the adept is a thing of radiant loveliness, lacking all the colors of lowProblems, 109:and in this way "darkest Africa" will become a radiant center of light, ready for self-governmentPsychology1, 66:aphorisms: Send forth the Word and speak the radiant love of God. Make all men hear. Quality - lovePsychology1, 66:the glory of the Lord shine forth. Let there be radiant light as well as radiant love. Quality -Psychology1, 66:forth. Let there be radiant light as well as radiant love. Quality - radiance. Draw to thyself thePsychology1, 132:to the etheric body with its centers of radiant energy, found underlying or "substanding" the outerPsychology1, 141:the myriad diversity of forms. Two: These seven radiant qualities are the seven Rays, the sevenPsychology1, 142:are the [142] seven Builders, Who produce the radiant temple of the Lord, under the guidance of thePsychology1, 154:mountain with his personality transfigured and radiant. Why? Because he now knows that spirit is aPsychology1, 224:consciousness, of self-consciousness, and of the radiant group consciousness of the soul. There isPsychology1, 227:hidden in the geometry of a crystal, and God's radiant beauty stored in the color of a preciousPsychology1, 230:The semi-precious stones - mental plane. Radiant consciousness. The third initiation. The preciousPsychology1, 233:of perfection. The glory of the human aura. The radiant augoeides. Aspiration which leads to finalPsychology1, 244:kingdom remains uncomprehended. It is the radiant garment of the planet, and is revealed by thePsychology1, 247:insect kingdoms into the manifested bodies, the radiant colors, the magnetic auras, and thePsychology1, 315:the physical plane of experience to evidence the radiant light, and to establish upon the earth aPsychology1, 330:the knowledge of the soul. These are called "the radiant sons of light." The division of humanityPsychology1, 349:force emerges", and "the disappearance of that radiant Brother Who passes on His way and leavesPsychology1, 424:of perfection. The glory of the human aura. The radiant augoeides. Aspiration which leads to finalPsychology2, 38:in mid-heaven. He sought to swing into that radiant place of light, where stood the door upon thePsychology2, 46:and the Warrior stand, their auras meeting in a radiant sphere of light. The two are one. The VoicePsychology2, 202:Lotuses of revelation. Lotuses with perfume. Radiant lotuses. [203] Lotuses wherein the flower isPsychology2, 277:"the Avatars of logoic descent upon the radiant path of..." and "the Avatars of divine descent uponPsychology2, 277:adequate word for the phrase which qualifies the radiant path. On the Way of Descending Approaches,Psychology2, 526:wherein the highest head center is brought into radiant activity. This occurs as the result of thePsychology2, 526:comes into its first real activity; it becomes radiant, brilliant, magnetic and forceful, so thatPsychology2, 593:three centers and in their relative "light and radiant brightness", the whole story of thePsychology2, 608:diffused light until it has the appearance of a radiant sun. [609] The intensifying of the light ofRays, 21:but finding pause and prolongation within those radiant halls where move the Lights which carry outRays, 51:"mayavirupa." It is the "true mask, hiding the radiant light and the dynamic energy of a revealedRays, 63:only two divine aspects remain; the perfected, radiant, organized and active substance throughRays, 101:where it can create a body of pure substance and radiant light for all that the Master may require.Rays, 135:of the spirit has severed an evil past from the radiant future, and both are seen as contributoryRays, 136:but finding pause and prolongation within those radiant halls where move the "Lights which carryRays, 142:advancement than he; the "Supernal Three," the "Radiant Seven," the "Lives embodying the forty-nineRays, 144:of the light of Shamballa and walk in those "radiant halls where move the Lights which carry outRays, 144:I may use such a modern business phrase) can the radiant light of Life dominate the blended lightsRays, 178:twofold one: the five-pointed star and then the radiant heart of the Sun. Remember that when weRays, 262:reveal the hidden mystery will all of them be "radiant centers" to a greater or lesser degree. TheyRays, 302:dark, revealed to me by means of light, I see a radiant form which beckons me. What is this Being,Rays, 302:tired disciple, yet triumphant in the light? A radiant shining form which is my Self, my soul. ARays, 318:or the path or the Way of Resurrection is the "Radiant Way" to which we have given the cumbersomeRays, 318:of the light of intelligent substance, of the radiant attractive substance of love, and the karmicRays, 441:He thus consciously and steadily approaches the radiant Center of this solar Ashram, the ChristRays, 461:through the building of the antahkarana. This "radiant rainbow bridge" unites the illuminedRays, 467:fused into one divine expression in full and radiant manifestation. Putting it in other words, theRays, 474:antahkarana, but also in the fusion of the many "radiant strands" which will produce thoseRays, 503:(when it is powerful enough) brings into radiant activity the "jewel in the lotus." When theseRays, 505:their lesser strands are lost to sight in the radiant light of the sevenfold bridge which humanityRays, 545:but also bad effects. The application of this radiant energy is a definite mode of spiritualRays, 644:and the thing which is, both become lost in the radiant light of revelation." That the firstRays, 761:the sun, and enters within the portals of that radiant orb. [762] Rays, 762:the light beyond; he takes the cup and, with a radiant joy, drains to the very dregs. The contentsRays, 763:endeavor lead to a moment's agony and thence to radiant life. Reappearance, 30:risen Christ. This "Way of Resurrection" is the radiant Way, the lighted Way which leads from oneReappearance, 30:expresses the light of the intelligence, the radiant substance of true love, and the inflexibleReappearance, 37:service, to complete self-forgetfulness and to radiant, magnetic living. The words He spoke wereReappearance, 134:of these potencies - Light and Love - will find radiant expression in the transfigured disciple.Soul, 66:universe. It offers practically no resistance to radiant energy, even to light from the sun and theTelepathy, 170:not to material living, and are clear, pure and radiant; their central point of light is of such aTelepathy, 175:institution. I give this as an illustration. One radiant, creative life, consciously using theTelepathy, 175:of living light and not a composite of seven radiant centers. Think on this.
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