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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RADIATING

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Astrology, 574:give the name Shamballa. He eventually becomes a radiating center of spiritual will, affectingAstrology, 623:the innate possibilities of mankind, radiating the light of wisdom in relation to the light ofAutobiography, 271:A disciple becomes the center of a vital, radiating group which grows and achieves its end becauseBethlehem, 130:change to that of Christ whose love has become radiating, ever giving out to the surrounding world,Destiny, 124:the Sons of God. That manifestation is that of radiating glory and power and love. Discipleship1, 156:send out the seven streams of living love, radiating upon the world. When you do this you serve andDiscipleship1, 195:are as follows: 1st month - The heart as a radiating center of love. 2nd month - The radiance whichDiscipleship1, 277:by yourself standing in spiritual being and radiating love and wisdom. I repeat again for yourDiscipleship1, 310:me and this extension of your outer influence (radiating from an inner controlled center) and theDiscipleship1, 490:lotus," contacting life in all directions and radiating [491] out from a focused center, and thisDiscipleship2, 18:of the group members, regarding the centers as radiating transmitters of energy to the centers ofDiscipleship2, 124:see the energy of your group brothers as the radiating spokes of a great wheel of light. This wheelDiscipleship2, 179:to realize yourself as the one at the center, radiating throughout your most definitely definedDiscipleship2, 315:men, then can the One in whom we live raise into radiating light the vivid lighted ball of Earth,Discipleship2, 407:and integrated group of soul-infused persons, radiating [408] love and spiritual intention,Discipleship2, 479:spiritual devotion. This stream of warm rose and radiating light will esoterically drive them inDiscipleship2, 512:the effort to become a potent living influence radiating from above and not from the center and yetDiscipleship2, 541:living. Make your remaining years expressive of radiating love, which is not at all easy for you.Discipleship2, 691:3rd month... The Ashram. The center of radiating Love. 4th month... Money. The medium of lovingDiscipleship2, 752:of accepted discipleship (as you are) should be radiating centers of light on a relatively largeEducation, 94:is in the child and will make him a magnetic radiating center in the place where he is. It willFire, 95:intricate relationship to the group soul of the radiating animal or vegetable. This matter cannotFire, 161:four directions, but gradually circulating and radiating from and around the entire periphery. ThisFire, 542:in terms of fire) a blazing center of heat, radiating to its group warmth and vitality. Within theFire, 628:or as the Light of Wisdom, the Consciousness, radiating through the form. As fire by friction HeFire, 818:of the causal body. As nine petals of a lotus, radiating from a common center, and hiding withinFire, 1062:"elements" in every kingdom, and those unifying radiating centers will be found. The word "element"Fire, 1065:for though they had succeeded in locating the radiating principle in substance, or in the trueFire, 1094:- the hub. The negative stream of life - the radiating spokes. The sphere of activity itself, theFire, 1130:The man becomes a burning and a shining light, radiating forth a light which burns from within.Fire, 1142:called "the heat content" of any unit, "the radiating light" of any form, and the "magnetic force"Glamour, 191:center within himself and can walk in its radiating light, he is then in a position (or in a stateGlamour, 197:the light of the sun but at the same time radiating its own inner light upon the mists and fogs ofGlamour, 217:as a sphere of vivid brilliant light but not yet radiating out or projecting outwards. When thisHealing, 105:of healing energy, but only a concentrated radiating love. The use of the visualizing faculty andHealing, 358:of the patient, instead of being outgoing and radiating, becomes inverted and turns inward to makeHealing, 370:of directing definitely the magnetic currents radiating from a source outside the physical body isHealing, 469:And then a Word sounds forth. The descended, radiating point of light ascends, responsive to theMagic, 275:which pours through the cosmic egoic lotus, and (radiating forth from it) feeds with its measure ofMeditation, 26:the divine fire is permeating and warming and radiating throughout [27] the causal body, and thatMeditation, 75:turning inward upon itself. The centers are then radiating nuclei of light, and the correspondingMeditation, 84:until the inner center or vortex is seen as a radiating whirlpool of electric light, more blue thanPatanjali, 333:the entire man. Not only will the head be radiating light so that the clairvoyant will see a haloPsychology1, 132:pass away there is a growing intensity of light radiating forth from our planet. This does notPsychology2, 709:and their influence is much more magnetic and radiating. If we take the four points abovePsychology2, 717:be occultly imbued by them, and in this way the radiating influence of the Group will be greatlyRays, 68:between the "bright and living center" and the "radiating and magnetic center," in order that theRays, 98:hitherto led him forward is now superseded by a radiating stimulating potency; this effects greatRays, 261:Radiation. The initiate is a radiating center of light and love. This radiation has two effects: ItRays, 262:initiates. Magnetization. The initiate who is radiating light and love is himself being magnetizedRays, 374:truth. There is one great Ashram, the Hierarchy, radiating (after due absorption of light,Rays, 568:and the expression of His supreme purpose. Their radiating emanations are cyclically objectifiedRays, 589:in full consciousness - begin to be active as "a radiating point of crisis and a producer of theRays, 768:shines the light divine. This light, through radiating heat and innate divine vibration, constructsTelepathy, 179:it relays or transmits other energies, radiating from other forms, and it thus becomes in its turnTelepathy, 195:heart which is the force of truth itself, the radiating of the light of life, borne upon the stream
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