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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RADIATION

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Astrology, 8:influences, send forth some form of character radiation and express some quality or qualities. YouAstrology, 13:Lemurian times) and is not based upon any true radiation or influence. In those far off times,Astrology, 13:than a dead form. It has no emanation and no radiation of any kind and, therefore, has no effect ofAstrology, 22:inform these great constellations and whose [22] radiation - dynamic and magnetic - reaches ourAstrology, 22:into activity and enabling him to respond to the radiation and the activity of the Hierarchy. TheyAstrology, 25:may go and from which they may pass out again as radiation. Some idea of this might be grasped if IAstrology, 654:center - Pole of the central Sun. Surface radiation or emanation - Solar prana. Movement produced -Astrology, 654:rotation. Distributive effect - Solar etheric radiation. (Felt cosmically) [655] The Planet EntityAstrology, 655:Receptive center - A planetary pole. Surface radiation or emanation - Planetary prana. MovementAstrology, 655:Distributive effect - Planetary etheric radiation. (Felt within the system) The Human Being EntityAstrology, 655:body. Receptive Center - The spleen. Surface radiation or emanation - Health aura. MovementAstrology, 655:rotation. Distributive effect - Human etheric radiation. (Felt by environment) Astrology, 674:Its humanity are more advanced than ours. Its radiation includes the buddhic plane as far as itsAtom, 34:makeup, and giving off energy or heat or radiation." Therefore, an atom is (as Lord Kelvin in 1867Atom, 49:so the study of man as a center of active radiation will also come into being. We are standingAtom, 122:apparent in many cases there is an active radiation going on. Just where this discovery is going toAutobiography, 273:personally authoritative. His influence and radiation is not yet very powerful but he is carefullyAutobiography, 273:These more advanced disciples have a more potent radiation and a much wider influence and theirBethlehem, 148:of the Transfiguration initiation. "Radiation is transmutation in process of accomplishment."Destiny, 48:of the form aspect through the increased radiation and potency of the dynamic New Group of WorldDestiny, 123:soul characteristic and quality which we call radiation. That word effectively describes the resultDestiny, 123:eventually radiates beyond the form and this radiation produces definite and calculated effects.Destiny, 124:its incarnating souls, has undertaken. The radiation from the fourth kingdom will some day be soDestiny, 133:in world thought of certain new ideas - mental radiation or telepathy, the radiatory use of heat,Discipleship1, 113:the magnetic server. Your magnetism and your radiation need enhancing; that will take place as youDiscipleship1, 120:The reverse effect is also true. The radiation of others can be also shut off and hence yourDiscipleship1, 135:and active service will be consequently by radiation. I would have you ponder on this. For manyDiscipleship1, 181:an inspiration to others. This second word, radiation, should form the key of your life until nextDiscipleship1, 181:until next I instruct you. The peculiar type of radiation which I want you to endeavor to expressDiscipleship1, 182:imagination to your fullest capacity, see the radiation of love as light pouring from the soul andDiscipleship1, 185:noted the relation which exists between joy and radiation - two key words which I gave you yearsDiscipleship1, 185:which I gave you years ago for your guidance? Radiation is a tangible substance and potency,Discipleship1, 185:substance and potency, producing effects. Your radiation or "quality of effective auric contact" isDiscipleship1, 185:you. It is the subjective, consciously focused radiation to which I here call attention. ThisDiscipleship1, 185:most powerful impulse behind the right kind of radiation. I would ask you: How does a Master reachDiscipleship1, 185:reach his group of disciples? Through direct radiation. It is the basis of all telepathicDiscipleship1, 185:to foster this desirable process of effective radiation, I would ask you for the next few months toDiscipleship1, 195:to your group life, and, by means of your loving radiation, strengthen the group structure, andDiscipleship1, 196:you are just beginning to learn it. For you, radiation is the keynote. And you can radiate. ForDiscipleship1, 218:beings, so that that love can enfold within its radiation the seen and the unseen, the known andDiscipleship1, 265:you study and do. The extent of your magnetic radiation could well be doubled and is not yet equalDiscipleship1, 280:which works out in power and magnetic force or radiation in the personal life. Your first rayDiscipleship1, 298:write down what may come to you concerning "radiation" and concerning "magnetic service"? These twoDiscipleship1, 298:then choose the elucidation of these two words - Radiation and Magnetism - in preference to theDiscipleship1, 302:magnetic, and more definitely responsive to the radiation of the soul. For your meditation work IDiscipleship1, 305:from the thoughts of others and steadfast radiation hold for you the secret of your ultimateDiscipleship1, 382:can play in the service of humanity, and whose radiation is love but whose head is equallyDiscipleship1, 382:point in the evolutionary process. When the radiation is the radiation of love, the resultant wordsDiscipleship1, 382:evolutionary process. When the radiation is the radiation of love, the resultant words and actionsDiscipleship1, 382:in personality modes of reaction. A loving radiation and an intelligent assessment (or do I meanDiscipleship1, 417:the time given to each. Intensive spiritual radiation and loving understanding will do more trueDiscipleship1, 424:asset at this time is a dedicated influence and radiation. See to it that its medium of expressionDiscipleship1, 437:perfection. Your work is along the lines of radiation and interpretation. The only other thing IDiscipleship1, 618:and clear speech, the end is sure. Spiritual radiation holds the key to your successful service,Discipleship1, 674:in an interaction between higher and lower. Radiation, resulting in a sounding forth. Respiration,Discipleship1, 681:energy through silence and through that constant radiation which is based on self-forgetfulness -Discipleship1, 682:one of unchanging love and his work is that of radiation - [683] a radiation which evokes activityDiscipleship1, 683:love and his work is that of radiation - [683] a radiation which evokes activity in others,Discipleship1, 740:moment, however, you step into the range of the radiation of a Master or of any disciple senior toDiscipleship1, 740:things are bound to happen in your life. The radiation is effective when rightly received,Discipleship1, 751:a sphere of influence as a result of his soul radiation, via the personality. It might be statedDiscipleship1, 754:the ability to respond to the quality and the radiation, emanating from an Ashram, he moves forwardDiscipleship1, 755:responsiveness of the disciple is concerned: The radiation which comes from the higher levels ofDiscipleship1, 755:of the Spiritual Triad. The potency of this radiation and the extent of the sphere of influenceDiscipleship1, 755:above egoic levels. It is this particular radiation which evokes a response from the embryonicDiscipleship1, 755:disciple becoming the chela within the aura. The radiation which comes from the plane of buddhi orDiscipleship1, 756:in its highest aspect. The heart center. The radiation which comes from the atmic level or the willDiscipleship1, 756:into activity in response to the vibratory radiation of the other four points of transmission. YouDiscipleship1, 756:that which cannot be expressed. This threefold radiation of the Master, as it expresses his plannedDiscipleship2, 35:a whole, and for its emendatory influence, its radiation and its magnetic effect in the world.Discipleship2, 36:of your joint group affiliation. The magnetic radiation of the group is the weakest point in theDiscipleship2, 124:and thus serving humanity through its focused radiation. This radiation is the radiation of love.Discipleship2, 124:humanity through its focused radiation. This radiation is the radiation of love. All the above isDiscipleship2, 124:its focused radiation. This radiation is the radiation of love. All the above is purely symbolicDiscipleship2, 135:which is the Ashram, I would remind you that radiation from Shamballa enters the triangle at thatDiscipleship2, 210:and the extent of their magnetic and dynamic radiation correspond roughly to the aura of the planetDiscipleship2, 244:is now called to this collective service and the radiation today of the Christ spirit, activelyDiscipleship2, 371:- lies a point of revelation, offsetting the radiation but preserving the deeply seated magnetism.Discipleship2, 407:from the im position of clerical authority, the radiation from the world of souls has greatlyDiscipleship2, 407:long history of humanity. The effect of this radiation or magnetic aura is now so extensive that weDiscipleship2, 409:on earth in early Atlantean times, and the radiation emanating from them was protective, guardingDiscipleship2, 409:that their invocative appeal and their magnetic radiation reached a potency which could not beDiscipleship2, 417:men, but both are needed to complete the whole. Radiation and magnetism, invocation and evocation,Discipleship2, 444:and ponder deeply on the thought of "service by radiation." As you already know, the five raysDiscipleship2, 444:of the soul. For you, I would repeat, service by radiation is the way. To bring this about, it willDiscipleship2, 475:it is. The wisdom of the eye is yours. Let the radiation of your heart follow the eye's direction.Discipleship2, 478:not simply of symbolism; the concept of heart radiation, attractive power, and the responsibilityDiscipleship2, 479:devotion within yourself so that it becomes: A radiation affecting others. An attractive forceDiscipleship2, 537:of soul and personality. The problem of radiation and of magnetic influence is apt to be viewedDiscipleship2, 537:of the disciple who considers the results of his radiation and of his magnetism upon those heDiscipleship2, 538:he begins to study the quality of his radiation as a karmic agent, and therefore he becomes theDiscipleship2, 539:that the expression of the creative faculty is radiation and magnetism. These bring to itsDiscipleship2, 539:which arranges in due form and beauty that which radiation has evoked. Creativity is a consequenceDiscipleship2, 540:considered. These three words are: Karma, Radiation, Creation. For the remainder of this life youDiscipleship2, 540:group will be an intensification of your radiation. A disciple is not drawn into a close rapportDiscipleship2, 540:speaking, by the potency of their own magnetic radiation. It is necessary, therefore, that youDiscipleship2, 540:is necessary, therefore, that you intensify your radiation and that you carefully bear in mindDiscipleship2, 540:you towards hierarchical contact, and as your radiation produces its individual effect upon theDiscipleship2, 541:all earthly karma to an end. Love induces that radiation which invokes and evokes not only theDiscipleship2, 541:my Ashram enfolds you, without cessation, in its radiation. Work steadily in cooperation with your
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