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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RADIATION

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Discipleship2, 560:a still later life. Thus the whole question of radiation and magnetism lies at the foundation ofDiscipleship2, 560:A disciple becomes spiritually magnetic; his radiation begins to make itself felt; this mustDiscipleship2, 560:related. Gradually that magnetism and that radiation make their presence felt in the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 560:each taking much time and lives of choice and of radiation. Today sees many disciples - such as youDiscipleship2, 560:coming year. The Ashram pulsates with life. Its radiation penetrates the outer gloom and dark;Discipleship2, 561:Light, the light therein intensifies. The radiation of the Ashram waxes to a great intensity. TheDiscipleship2, 582:worlds and from soul levels; it works through radiation, magnetic appeal and coherent energy.Discipleship2, 632:perception of truth as response to the Master's radiation evokes in him certain developments,Discipleship2, 697:thoughts: Looking forward. Hope. Immortality. Radiation. Freedom from partisanship. AnticipationDiscipleship2, 752:outgoing energy seems short circuited and your radiation is inadequate to your inner spiritualDiscipleship2, 752:life. You will recall that I gave you the word "radiation" some years ago as your desired keynote.Discipleship2, 752:ordinarily call good. I refer to effective radiation. What causes this, my brother? I would say:Discipleship2, 752:relatively large scale. With you this potency of radiation is present but is rendered ineffectiveDiscipleship2, 754:sixth ray of devotion and idealism. Carry the radiation of the sun to the vital body and see itDiscipleship2, 754:break through the wall which prevents the inner radiation extending into the outer physical world.Discipleship2, 758:yourself. But the beneficent aspect of this radiation is predominant in you and must be increasedExternalisation, 272:will prove an incontrovertible fact. That His radiation will reach forth and surround HisFire, xiii:be built upon a comprehension of the laws of radiation, of magnetic currents, and of the forceFire, 32:of atoms. Three are the atoms and threefold the radiation. The inner core of Fire hides itself andFire, 32:of Fire hides itself and is known only through radiation and that which radiates. Only after theFire, 51:system, and demonstrates, for instance, as solar radiation and inner planetary combustion. ThisFire, 52:entities have upon their environment. Heat and radiation are other terms which might be applied inFire, 53:it relates to the health aura and to that radiation from the etheric which makes a man a healer,Fire, 53:It is necessary to differentiate between this radiation from the etheric, which is a radiation ofFire, 53:this radiation from the etheric, which is a radiation of prana, and magnetism, which is anFire, 59:used, it means approach from the center of solar radiation to the periphery. What is encounteredFire, 59:fires of the planet will affect a human being as radiation in exactly the same way as the pranicFire, 83:is the direct receiver and dispenser of cosmic radiation. This is one of the threefold divisions ofFire, 83:periphery a center of reception with a surface radiation. In the planet there will be found aFire, 84:Eden, the land of physical perfection. Surface radiation demonstrates, after distribution, asFire, 84:the etheric network it demonstrates in surface radiation as the health aura. Seventh. Thus in allFire, 84:center Pole of the central Sun. Surface radiation or emanation Solar prana. Movement producedFire, 84:rotation. Distributive effect Solar etheric radiation (felt cosmically). THE PLANET EntityFire, 84:Receptive center The planetary pole. Surface radiation or emanation Planetary prana. MovementFire, 84:rotation. Distributive effect Planetary etheric radiation (felt within the system). A HUMAN BEINGFire, 84:body. Receptive center The spleen. Surface radiation or emanation Health aura. Movement producedFire, 84:rotation. Distributive effect Human etheric radiation (felt by environment). [85] THE ATOM OFFire, 85:Receptive center Pole of the atom. Surface radiation or emanation Contribution of atom to theFire, 85:rotation. Distributive effect Atomic etheric radiation (felt within the physical form). Fire, 89:though they consider it a body of [89] emanative radiation - being concerned with the effect andFire, 90:and who transmit to him solar and planetary radiation. The etheric body of man receives prana inFire, 90:will then be immune from dangers due to solar radiation. He will protect himself by the applicationFire, 91:The remainder is cast off in the form of animal radiation, or physical magnetism - all termsFire, 92:to its well-being in the form of planetary radiation. Planetary prana, therefore, is solar pranaFire, 92:and has been cast off thence in the form of a radiation of the same essential character as solarFire, 95:the two, and are transmitted by means of surface radiation, as in solar and planetary Prana, toFire, 96:hue, and after due assimilation of the human radiation, they transmit it principally to the animalFire, 100:out of the etheric system by means of surface radiation. The pranic essence escapes from theFire, 107:cannot be said, but in the wise study of solar radiation upon the surface of the planet inFire, 126:in an uneven manner upwards, or in forcing its radiation to undesirable centers. The reason of thisFire, 155:quality according to the source from which the radiation comes. This absorption of extra-spheroidalFire, 156:to an earlier one made when speaking of solar radiation, and the channels through which it can beFire, 157:and Attraction are coming into force, making radiation therefore possible, then comes stimulation,Fire, 158:movement. Eventually this rotation results in radiation. The radiation of matter, the result of itsFire, 158:this rotation results in radiation. The radiation of matter, the result of its dual heat, producesFire, 159:of another atom. This produced the first radiation, the first pull of attraction, and the [160]Fire, 160:the influence of the atoms in its environment; radiation is set up and the point of depressionFire, 160:of the fire in four directions, its threefold radiation being symbolized by the triangles formed byFire, 188:emanates from there. It is due to solar radiation - S. D., I, 590, 662. Knowledge is the end ofFire, 219:governs the heat aspect of any atom, the radiation of an atom, and the effect of that radiation onFire, 219:the radiation of an atom, and the effect of that radiation on any other atom. Every atom of matterFire, 228:heat is of small degree, or the magnetic radiation between the microcosmic units is but little feltFire, 228:of the inner flame, coupled with the assimilated radiation of other units - will increase, andFire, 229:by a "blaze of refulgent glory," and by a radiation that will link it up with its cosmic center,Fire, 229:He be "full grown" and perfected. Not until His radiation and His display of light is perfectlyFire, 230:of fire and light, and a source of magnetic radiation or heat, occultly expressed, will the Son inFire, 230:light fully shines forth, when his magnetic radiation has reached the stage of vivid interaction orFire, 231:brought about; and the light (fire) and heat (radiation) is seen and felt systemically. Then theFire, 232:His light may be seen and His heat, or magnetic radiation, may be felt beyond His immediate sphereFire, 240:That "fire by friction" produces heat and radiation and calls forth a reaction from its [241]Fire, 254:stimulation, and concerns the response to solar radiation, and to paralleling planetary radiation.Fire, 254:to solar radiation, and to paralleling planetary radiation. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon HisFire, 254:acting upon His subjective life. This radiation emanates from sources outside the systemFire, 282:so inertia, lack of response, and limitation of radiation will be seen. Fire, 312:already theoretically conceded: Heat or flaming radiation is first seen. Form is taken, and theFire, 312:is analogous to the vital heat, activity and radiation of a human being, [313] manifesting on theFire, 316:of atoms, and resulting in: Coherent groups. The radiation from all groups, or the magneticFire, 351:certain other solar Logoi; Whose fire, heat and radiation embrace certain other solar systems andFire, 359:system. Each of the Heavenly Men pours forth His radiation or influence, and stimulates in some wayFire, 365:of another Logos, and within his vibratory radiation. Second, through a direct transference of theFire, 368:magnetism is far more widely spread. Its radiation is such that on the buddhic plane it sweptFire, 397:- Literally, the supreme force, energy and radiation in and from substance. Jnanashakti - The forceFire, 429:the etheric body, by force utilization and solar radiation, will take the place of the presentFire, 429:by means of: Electricity. Solar and planetary radiation. Definite curative processes, through theFire, 434:During the fifth round the power or electrical radiation of the fifth Logos will again be stronglyFire, 436:book be preserved. Whenever the words influence, radiation, or the power of a ray, are used, we areFire, 436:behind all human relationships. It is magnetism, radiation, attraction and repulsion, life, death,Fire, 437:of an intricate circulation and interaction. The radiation or vibration passes in ordered cyclesFire, 442:is embodied is one of the main transmitters of radiation from the Sun to the system and has a closeFire, 443:and upon His body of manifestation. His magnetic radiation as it affects (though in lesser degree)Fire, 463:of the Lords of the three Rays, and of Their radiation, stimulates the four Heavenly [464] Men andFire, 478:Factor The second point I seek to make now is: Radiation is transmutation in process ofFire, 488:the reduction of the form, rather than through radiation, as does the white Magician. TheseFire, 490:potency) burns up its sheaths, and escapes by radiation from within its ring-pass-not. This is seenFire, 493:(essentially and through active magnetic radiation), the external heat or vibration which produces:Fire, 493:The response within the atom which produces radiation or the escape of volatile essence. SpeakingFire, 513:aspect, and this Ray is the sumtotal of the radiation of the Lords of Wisdom, the Heavenly Men, theFire, 524:subdivisions with their consequent effectual radiation become a factor in the public life. ThisFire, 526:of atoms. Three are the atoms, and threefold the radiation. The inner core of fire hides itself andFire, 526:of fire hides itself and is known only through radiation and that which radiates. Only after the
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