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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RADIATION

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Rays, 618:Purpose" in some definite place on Earth, its radiation and implementers potency will also produceRays, 768:shines the light supernal, till all who see the radiation cry out within themselves: "Behold, a GodSoul, 61:and universal purpose of transmitting waves of radiation between one piece of matter and anotherTelepathy, 30:of ill-regulated [30] mental energy or brain radiation which negates efforts. Therefore a quietTelepathy, 99:effort. Eventually - as mentioned above - the radiation of the soul is substituted in place of theTelepathy, 99:the aspirant; this emanation is, in reality, a radiation from the love petals of the egoic lotus.Telepathy, 99:its potency and produces, finally, a mental radiation which is so strong that it dominates andTelepathy, 99:essential nature of love and begins to pour its radiation into the astral aura, via the astralTelepathy, 144:movement, and such movement involves a necessary radiation as a consequence; animal magnetism is anTelepathy, 144:animal magnetism is an illustration of this radiation. This emanation from the dense physical bodyTelepathy, 166:lotus, conditioned by the soul. The sphere of radiation, the emanating influence of the lotus,Telepathy, 167:Point at the Center. Related Energies. Sphere of Radiation. The Triangle of Energy. TheTelepathy, 173:The Centers and the Personality 3. The Sphere of Radiation. This obviously concerns the radius ofTelepathy, 174:of a Master Whose nature is LOVE. The "sphere of radiation" is a potent instrument in service, andTelepathy, 175:of approach to his fellowmen. The "sphere of radiation" is easily determined by those who seek itTelepathy, 175:who seek it out and who watch the effect of the radiation upon people in their community andTelepathy, 175:conclusions from the "nature of the sphere of radiation." An element of error can creep in at thisTelepathy, 180:of life within a center has its own sphere of radiation or its own extending field of influence;Telepathy, 180:Vehicle - The Nature of Space The sphere of radiation is conditioned always by the point ofTelepathy, 180:qualifies the contact and colors the radiation. Thus again we are returned to the same fundamentalTelepathy, 181:surrounding energies; it has its own sphere of radiation or of influence which is dependent uponTelepathy, 181:in one expressive livingness - conditions the radiation of the form, its responsiveness orTelepathy, 181:will then necessarily condition its sphere of radiation. Under the great Law of Correspondences,Telepathy, 187:one comes to the consideration of the sphere of radiation of these three major Centers, it isTelepathy, 187:and in this present world cycle, the most potent radiation and the widest range of influence isTelepathy, 187:upon and within the planet, the influence or radiation of Shamballa is definitely and consciouslyTelepathy, 187:from those able to swing within its sphere of radiation; but it is felt that as yet there are tooTelepathy, 188:center called humanity has as yet an inadequate radiation because of its - at present - inadequateTelepathy, 188:by humanity; any blocking of the hierarchical radiation (if I may use such a term) will come fromTelepathy, 188:come from the forms on which the impact of its radiation is sought, but the outgoing influence of
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