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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RADIATORY

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Healing, 578:the two possible forms of spiritual healing - radiatory and magnetic - into one activity. The trueHealing, 594:the solar plexus center begins to have a radiatory effect in response to the magnetic "call" of theHealing, 595:follows thought," and that energy can be either radiatory or magnetic, but must not be staticallyHealing, 618:[618] you have a definite expression of the radiatory and the magnetic activity of all energies,Healing, 622:every part of the human body under their radiatory and magnetic influence. It is the centers whichHealing, 622:and a definitely qualifying effect (both radiatory and magnetic) upon the petals in every one ofHealing, 645:perceptiveness of the healer. The danger in both radiatory healing and magnetic healing consists inHealing, 652:the one most responsible because, in the case of radiatory healing, the soul of the patient isHealing, 653:Rules Enumerated and Applied Let us now consider radiatory healing. We shall now be dealing with aHealing, 653:of the one we have just been considering. In radiatory healing, the patient (either consciously orHealing, 653:is cooperating with him. The basic premise in radiatory healing is that the patient is a person whoHealing, 653:physical plane. He knows also that success in radiatory healing is dependent, to a great extent,Healing, 654:a living Christ and not around a dead Christ. In radiatory healing, we are told that "the healerHealing, 657:aspects of the patient's aura. [657] Radiatory healing is brought about by the mingling of the twoHealing, 658:becomes no longer an instrument for healing by radiatory activity, and leaves the patient aloneHealing, 658:of the processes followed in magnetic and radiatory healing. I have here given you the skeletonMagic, 638:produced in the bodies used, and an increasing radiatory light, it is known and recorded, and thePsychology1, 21:is a psychic entity, a Life Who, [21] through radiatory influence, has built a form, colored itPsychology1, 130:to demonstrate sentient activity and magnetic radiatory light. As all that we shall posit in thisPsychology1, 132:dim and uncertain, to be found in all atoms of radiatory and vibratory matter or substance, whichPsychology1, 225:of man. At these times there is an increased radiatory activity. This can be noted at this time inPsychology1, 226:down on the kingdom, though that which is radiatory continues its activity. In this way thePsychology1, 235:at their significance. It is as we grasp the radiatory potency of the mineral kingdom that we canPsychology1, 235:it expresses itself in man, comes his eventual radiatory activity. Thus "the spark becomes thePsychology2, 109:Law of Polar Union Two fiery balls and triangle Radiatory Energy Second Ray manifesting Energy ItPsychology2, 139:a group composed of a number of persons of such radiatory activity that their auras can meet andRays, 159:three centers; it will be of such an increasing radiatory activity that - moving in both directionsRays, 205:force within the planet, holding, through His radiatory influence, all forms and all substances inRays, 205:on a much smaller scale, can be seen in the radiatory influence of the Christ as it permeates,Rays, 337:of revelation and make him aware of certain radiatory and magnetic powers or energies withinRays, 371:human energy penetrating into and beyond the radiatory periphery. This penetrating energy,Rays, 371:The Hierarchy - magnetic telepathy Humanity - radiatory sensitivity yet these three are onlyRays, 374:When he turns his thoughts to the Master and the radiatory and magnetic group which He hasRays, 382:of the World were differentiated; function and radiatory activity were established, and thisRays, 384:directed energy in the three worlds. A "point of radiatory force" was established, at first inRays, 387:fully organized and are steadily increasing in radiatory activity. As you will have noted, theTelepathy, 18:lotus). This heart center, when adequately radiatory and magnetic, relates disciples to each otherTelepathy, 41:mind or group of minds, of some whole, as its radiatory influence affects the unit or aggregate ofTelepathy, 98:substantial in nature; the aura is essentially radiatory and extends from each [99] substantialTelepathy, 168:of energies is called by several names, such as "radiatory substitution," "energizing at-one-ment,"Telepathy, 175:They are brought automatically into the needed radiatory condition by right living, high thinkingTelepathy, 175:in bringing the centers into the desired radiatory activity. When the task is done, and when allTelepathy, 175:all the centers are living spheres of outgoing, radiatory activity, they swing into each others'Telepathy, 176:also to a fixed endeavor to make his sphere of radiatory activity more useful to his fellowmen. The
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