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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RAISING

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Astrology, 64:degree of M .*. M .*. up to the episode of the raising of the Master, and that Capricorn governsAstrology, 155:into the Hierarchy as well as the "mystic raising" of which Masonry holds the key. This deals withAstrology, 260:of the Virgin has not yet taken place and the raising up of substance is not yet realized. It isAstrology, 515:under the major Law of Attraction - producing a raising of the force to the higher creative focus.Astrology, 519:might as well work at other modes and methods of raising the human consciousness. But there areAutobiography, 4:which are definitely influencing mankind and raising the human consciousness. I want to point toAutobiography, 270:cooperate. He is taught how to play his part in raising the consciousness of the race; this he doesAutobiography, 275:breathing exercises, mysterious hints as to the raising of the kundalini fires, the awakening ofBethlehem, 238:Third Degree. In close relation to this Masonic "raising" can be placed a little-known sermon ofBethlehem, 272:He is the messenger of the kingdom; and the raising of the consciousness of his fellow men, so thatDiscipleship1, 43:technique to be applied in the New Age for the raising of the consciousness of men? We decided thatDiscipleship1, 44:reach men's minds spiritually: 1. The method of raising the consciousness of an individual so thatDiscipleship1, 44:of time. 2. The second method employed for raising the consciousness of the race was throughDiscipleship1, 273:by certain large groups on meditation for the raising of funds (usually for personal use or for theDiscipleship1, 320:personality. Do so at the highest mental point, raising your aspiration at the same time, with theDiscipleship1, 443:as may be, focusing yourself in the head and raising your consciousness to as high a point asDiscipleship1, 469:dissipating group glamor. Then sound the O. M., raising your consciousness and coming as close toDiscipleship1, 536:what you have done in your little boat. Then raising the consciousness as high in your head asDiscipleship1, 670:whilst taking ten long slow breaths, raising your consciousness as high as you can. Sound theDiscipleship2, 57:inward, a heightening of his vibration, and raising of his consciousness. On the day of the fullDiscipleship2, 122:via the head center, in conjunction with the raising of the energy of the sacral centerDiscipleship2, 131:thus far falls into three parts: The stage of raising the energy of the heart center into the headDiscipleship2, 622:successively 'gather up our bodies within us,' raising each into the Light of the next one above,Discipleship2, 626:do indeed raise our bodies into heaven, but the raising takes place within the realm of consciousDiscipleship2, 733:into daily life, and I seek not to see you raising your human soul towards a soul contact youExternalisation, 18:service, the awakening of the centers and the raising of the sleeping fire of kundalini will goExternalisation, 248:driving an ambulance under Red Cross auspices; raising funds to succor the refugees; speaking onExternalisation, 323:or with the more general undertaking of raising the mass consciousness. The Arcane School wasExternalisation, 505:the momentum of their vibration for the raising of the consciousness of the attendant [506]Externalisation, 613:Today the United States permits the raising of [614] funds in order to arm the Zionists againstExternalisation, 624:is not, however, based only on the novelty of raising funds in preparation for the return of theFire, 815:of the mental plane, and therefore involves a raising or expansion of his waking consciousness tillFire, 1218:group. The elevation of a unit results in the raising of the group; the realization of the unitHealing, 336:center (the [336] brahmarandra), produce the raising of the kundalini fire. This, when takingHealing, 336:is not the vagus nerve which is instrumental in raising the kundalini fire, but the reverseHealing, 511:undertaken the task of redeeming matter, and of raising substance into Heaven! These are familiarHealing, 664:present: The factor of tremendous progress in raising the consciousness of mankind, en masse, toHercules, 142:test, sinking to his knees in humility and raising the monster (all the accumulated evils,Hercules, 147:Hercules suggests that they can be overcome by raising consciousness to a higher point ofHercules, 176:custodian of this tradition. First there is the raising of matter into heaven. We find that inHercules, 176:heaven. We find that in Virgo. Then there is the raising up of the psychic nature from below theHercules, 176:savior. But it is the second initiation, the raising up of the lower psychic nature, on which weInitiation, 43:the forces which move the earth's crust, of raising and lowering continents, of directing the mindsIntellect, 32:the only way that can be shown as leading to a raising of the level of essential Being... TheIntellect, 40:two methods of rounding out the human being and raising him to a mass standard, and of producingIntellect, 140:Himself..." - Malaval, F., A Simple Method of Raising the Soul to Contemplation, page 102. ThroughMagic, 262:life. He senses the law, he realizes the need of raising his key, and frequently he begins withMagic, 347:visualize those Masters of whom you know, and raising your vibration higher still, you connect up,Magic, 593:There has been much loose talk about the raising of the kundalini fire and much misapprehension inMagic, 593:clearly held in its beautiful ritual of the raising of the great Master-Mason. Only when there isMeditation, 139:IN MEDITATION August 6, 1920 The Use of Form in raising the consciousness. The Use of Form by theMeditation, 140:intended data are as follows: The use of Form in raising the consciousness. The use of Form by theMeditation, 141:Use of Form in Meditation 1. The Use of Form in Raising the Consciousness We have under thisMeditation, 275:initiations. This is accomplished by a gradual raising of the vibration at few and statedProblems, 40:world, them are those today who are engaged in raising funds to rebuild stone churches and restorePsychology1, 282:into closer cooperation), we can look for the "raising of Lazarus from the dead," and the [283]Psychology1, 289:we cannot here deal, except in one case, - the raising of the sacral energy to the throat center,Psychology1, 289:proceeds, we shall have a rapid increase in the raising of the lower into union with the higher,Psychology1, 292:and consequent disaster. Some few, however, are raising their energies higher still and translatingPsychology1, 313:greater fullness. To man is given the task of raising matter up into heaven, and of glorifyingPsychology2, 49:from one degree in Masonry to another, as in raising a Lodge from a lower to a higher degree.Psychology2, 179:The time has now come when this method of raising the race can begin to be tried. Those who havePsychology2, 181:contribution of any particular group to the raising of the human race esoterically. Within thePsychology2, 302:fire. Many advanced occultists have mistaken the raising of the sacral fire or of the solar plexusPsychology2, 388:to the base of the spine with its subsequent raising, along the spinal column, to the head. Psychology2, 396:ends. By so doing, [396] they will succeed in raising the consciousness of the entire human family.Psychology2, 528:head with the spiritual will. This is the final raising, by an act of discriminating determination,Psychology2, 528:determination, of the kundalini fire. This, raising takes place in three stages, or impulses: [529]Psychology2, 539:all directions from the spinal column. [539] The raising of the kundalini force - if brought aboutPsychology2, 549:speaking, any process of elevation or of "raising up" automatically involves death. This deathPsychology2, 566:man is making use of his latent lower powers, raising them to as high a level as possible andPsychology2, 734:to say these words with intensity of feeling, raising the clasped hands above the head, and then -Psychology2, 734:down to the forehead and then to the heart. The raising of the hands above the head and theirRays, 53:the great note of resurrection and of the raising of humanity to the Secret Place of the Most HighRays, 552:the throat center, and of the teaching anent the raising of the energies from this lower center toRays, 552:the planetary Logos. This progressive "creative raising" necessarily produces a cycle of tremendousRays, 714:aspect we have already dealt under the term "raising up" or the "transition" from the darkness ofReappearance, 141:have expended effort and executive ability in raising funds for the building of stone edificesReappearance, 172:exists is not based only upon the novelty of raising funds in preparation for the return of theReappearance, 180:for the needed activity, including the raising of the necessary finances to carry forward theSoul, 70:Hence in principle everybody can succeed in raising his Being; to this end he need only
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