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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RANK

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Atom, 133:imaginary, we have broken once and for all that rank materialism which has distinguished us for soAutobiography, 25:servants filed in according to their duties and rank - the housekeeper, the cook, the ladies'Bethlehem, 46:Individuals have ever emerged out of the rank and file and lifted themselves to the pinnacles ofBethlehem, 91:of outstanding personality steps out from the rank and file of the race, and thinks through intoBethlehem, 126:cycles of scientific expression, cycles of rank materialism - such is the cyclic way we walk, andBethlehem, 141:which distinguish a "personality" from the rank and file of human beings. The man who thinks andDiscipleship1, 150:be given primarily to disciples and not to the rank and file of people. You can, however, work withDiscipleship1, 362:achieved knowledge. But a fertile garden and a rank wilderness are both of them expressions ofDiscipleship1, 440:for you there can be no activity in the front rank of the battle, I would remind you that theDiscipleship1, 644:whose grasp of human essentials is ahead of the rank and file of their collaborators. One thing IDiscipleship1, 689:and world demand for spiritual and psychic aid rank paramount in their consciousness. They areDiscipleship1, 741:which the more mental types fail to record. The rank and file of the people are inherently astralDiscipleship2, 104:instance, attract to him other Masters of equal rank as his Own. I have five Masters working withDiscipleship2, 271:Brothers, and all of an even higher initiate-rank than they possess, have a definite goal, but itDiscipleship2, 465:with the Great White Lodge and of like rank and of lesser rank, is completed or at least well onDiscipleship2, 465:Great White Lodge and of like rank and of lesser rank, is completed or at least well on the way toExternalisation, 304:men of goodwill. A Messenger or Avatar of equal rank to the Christ in the Hierarchy (or possiblyExternalisation, 527:are each presided over by Masters of Chohan rank; the seven subsidiary centers or Ashrams areExternalisation, 529:higher grades of initiation and taking the rank of Chohans; initiates above the third degree areExternalisation, 569:still remain true of Those Who have attained the rank of Master, but it is not true of all theExternalisation, 583:special world prominence and who are of initiate rank, they may attain to a conviction of missionExternalisation, 688:senior Masters and by initiates of still higher rank. As the potency of the astral plane (which isFire, 286:is stated in connection with average man, the rank and file of humanity. Objective or exotericFire, 412:system, so there may be cosmic entities, in rank equal to the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID,Fire, 445:the planetary Logos. All entities of higher rank than this great evolutionary Being come intoFire, 451:knowledge of them is withheld from men below the rank of initiates of the third order. Words whichFire, 468:Adi) cooperate consciously, and are of high rank in the system, and of position equal to all theFire, 836:the Path. The goal for the devas (below the rank of solar Pitris) is individualization, and theirFire, 911:plane is the great deva Kshiti. He is a deva of rank and power equal to a Chohan of a Ray; HeFire, 914:through, the human kingdom, and are of equal rank with certain members of the Hierarchy, havingFire, 914:two in the white, with a presiding officer of rank equal to a Chohan. The number of the devaFire, 1037:their own line of force, lightbringers of equal rank with H. P. B. All revolutionized the thoughtFire, 1070:as an expression of an Entity of the fourth rank will be appreciated. This will come at the closeFire, 1082:and [1082] even the Dhyan Chohans of the highest rank find their place in the hierarchical archivesFire, 1179:a peculiar group of Manasadevas of very exalted rank. They are each depicted in the archives of ourGlamour, 49:not the imposed conditions of any teacher of any rank. It is not the exchange of the prison of oneGlamour, 189:secret. The discovery, [189] when of the first rank, is as much a revelation as the truthsHealing, 267:a secondary Scripture, and spiritually does not rank [268] with the Bhagavad Gita, the ancientInitiation, 41:initiation, and by those of even more exalted rank. The remaining personnel of the Hierarchy isInitiation, 145:the final two stages those who are not of equal rank with the newly made initiate (such as firstInitiation, 157:to the initiate by the initiates of equal rank with his own. This group divides itself into [158]Initiation, 181:that initiations taken on the four minor rays rank not in equality with initiations taken upon theInitiation, 212:throne of effulgent light Angels of highest rank, Masters and Lords of uttermost compassion,Intellect, 158:as follows: "Knowledge raises the soul to the rank of God; love unites the soul with God; useIntellect, 208:in business methods and who has risen to the rank of an executive, to practice meditation, than itMagic, 4:anonymity and status must be preserved, and my rank be regarded as only that of a senior studentMagic, 117:are only now beginning to be apprehended by the rank and file of mankind. In the quick recognitionMagic, 134:time might be expressed as a swinging from the rank materialism of the past into a growing andMagic, 309:of hilarity which are so common among the rank and file of humanity and lead to reactions ofMagic, 314:pioneers of the race, and destructive among the rank and file of humanity. Facts about the comingMagic, 638:linking of the outer schools and inner school or rank of knowers of truth is so close that not oneMeditation, 174:serried ranks. Devas are to be found of the same rank as the Planetary Logoi, and the Rulers of theMeditation, 174:of the five planes of human evolution hold rank equal to that of a Master of the seventhMeditation, 285:dispense with the ladder of evolution, and rank all as of equal value. So potentially all are, butPatanjali, 8:the same term applied to a personage of exalted rank representing that [9] Principle, whether inPsychology1, 10:area. Those who know themselves to be in the rank and file of aspirants, but who possess thePsychology1, 130:a difficult one to grasp for those beneath the rank of initiate or accepted disciple of the higherPsychology1, 174:all the mistakes and cruelty, and behind the rank materialism, there lie great ideals, - the supplyPsychology2, 30:as the Christ, the Buddha and Those of analogous rank in the Hierarchy of Lives. The qualitiesPsychology2, 206:artisans, and all those who, though in the front rank, yet take ideas and propositions and workPsychology2, 484:orders come. These orders are passed on to the rank and file of the membership of the organizationPsychology2, 554:again, putting the man en rapport with the rank and file of humanity who are working through thePsychology2, 710:plus which differentiates them from the rank and file of their fellow men. They rise to the top ofPsychology2, 726:workers in any group, who unduly influence the rank and the file of the membership. Yet aRays, 54:and the Master, along with those of higher rank who are approaching identification with Shamballa,Rays, 97:probationary disciples at all. No one below the rank of disciples - accepted and dedicated - isRays, 110:world so that goodwill can be expressed by the rank and file of mankind. The will-to-good of theRays, 159:249.) [159] The high Initiates (Those above the rank of Master) work with the energies coming fromRays, 159:Seven is applied by initiates below the rank of Master, and they are therefore working solely withSoul, 64:is, in matters of pure science, in the front rank of this age. He says: "What about the Ether whichTelepathy, 72:and the reactions of those of high initiate rank or of those on the highest levels of hierarchical
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