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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RAPIDITY

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Psychology1, 272:who are unevolved come into incarnation with rapidity; but older souls need longer periods whereinPsychology1, 339:for this increase of intelligent activity and rapidity of response and contact is to be found inPsychology2, 59:is facilitated and progresses with increased rapidity as the soul, actively, intelligently andPsychology2, 70:the "Way" is carried forward with great rapidity, and the "bridge" is finished which linksPsychology2, 75:for the process of Initiation with as much rapidity as is safely possible. Remember thatPsychology2, 157:the Great Illusion. Two things determine the rapidity with which he can - upon the Path ofPsychology2, 210:who are beginning to develop now with equal rapidity (but not earlier, so that they have aPsychology2, 210:which is only now being accelerated). This rapidity is, however, a different matter altogether, forPsychology2, 271:of Christianity) are to be transmuted with rapidity into those of the Mysteries of the Kingdom ofPsychology2, 361:and still, he can achieve his goal with greater rapidity. The second ray aspirant has to achievePsychology2, 408:carried forward with precision and with rapidity. Attention will then be given to the integrationPsychology2, 499:which is developing and unfolding with great rapidity. At present, psychologists are using thePsychology2, 513:These conditions are increasing with great rapidity. More and more people are, for instance,Psychology2, 594:the centers - major, minor, and minute - the rapidity of the distribution and of the flow, and thePsychology2, 662:the work must be carried forward with as much rapidity as possible, yet without any coercion,Psychology2, 680:of the world will proceed with increased rapidity. The education of these thinkers should beRays, 436:He gains also the capacity to work with greater rapidity and mental coordination than does theRays, 436:life which all disciples lead produces also a rapidity of mental interpretation which is essentialRays, 445:the "Way" is carried forward with great rapidity, and the "bridge" is finished which linksRays, 537:and of astral activity but is shifting with rapidity on to the mental plane. This involves a dualReappearance, 55:prevalence of the radio, of television and the rapidity of communication, His part will be watchedTelepathy, 36:vital and powerful and germinating with real rapidity. It is, in the last analysis, the seed ofTelepathy, 89:others. This developing effectiveness grows with rapidity when the fourth type of impression isTelepathy, 128:of objective, and developing (with exceeding rapidity at this time) a secondary science, that ofTelepathy, 148:and some are dim; some move or circulate with rapidity, others are lethargic and slow in their
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