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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RAPIDLY

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Astrology, 10:Esotericism teaches (and modern science is rapidly arriving at the same conclusion) that underlyingAstrology, 32:of the twelve constellations and are becoming rapidly responsive to the higher vibrations of theirAstrology, 76:stages of the Path, with the emphasis passing rapidly away from the lower centers into the higherAstrology, 89:geometrical shape, yet withal vibrating so rapidly that the eye can scarcely follow it. Above all,Astrology, 114:by trained esotericists. Today, humanity is rapidly responding to the higher spiritual influencesAstrology, 129:Path of Discipleship. Today humanity is moving rapidly towards the position of the World Disciple,Astrology, 134:time, for it is the sign into which our Sun is rapidly moving and its influence is gaining inAstrology, 150:of the Great Wheel of the Zodiac far more rapidly, as I can now leave what else remains to be saidAstrology, 216:materiality of science - a materiality which is rapidly lessening as Mars nears the end of itsAstrology, 268:becomes an initiate, this range of vibrations is rapidly increased and he becomes receptive toAstrology, 284:wisdom, then he is ready for initiation. He is rapidly achieving liberation. The weakness of theAstrology, 311:I Am That - the Word of the Leo subject who is rapidly gaining the higher consciousness andAstrology, 328:force. As it exhausts itself (and this is rapidly coming about) there will be a shift of directionAstrology, 365:in this sign, it indicates the initiate and the rapidly attained "dualism in synthesis" of soul andAstrology, 394:his aspiration does not take him very far very rapidly. He will move spasmodically and in wildAstrology, 438:for the aspirant and the disciple occultism is rapidly becoming a source and system of revelationAstrology, 438:the disciple out of the waters, wherein he is rapidly drowning, on to the mountain top from whenceAstrology, 447:its critical work until in the Aquarian Age, so rapidly coming into expression, the one-pointedAstrology, 450:disciples. These will in their turn react more rapidly and consistently to the Hierarchy,Astrology, 454:5th root-race. Therefore five centers in man are rapidly awakening. These relationships prove eachAstrology, 455:Development of inclusiveness. Five centers rapidly awakening. The focal point of personality. TheAstrology, 508:acting as the impelling soul acts towards a rapidly integrating personality. This triangle shouldAstrology, 526:and all three countries are learning very rapidly, though the United States at present is learningAstrology, 627:gestation period, nourishes and cares for the rapidly developing Christ Child. The Moon has also aAstrology, 632:world wide scale, though enlightened groups are rapidly appearing. Out of public opinion (which isAtom, 90:We suppose, and we hope, that we are passing rapidly out of the atomic stage, and that our sphereAtom, 109:is therefore to be found that the form stage is rapidly approaching, and that men are passing outAtom, 133:was the case fifty years ago; but the time is rapidly approaching when the great fundamental unityAutobiography, 65:do. I looked at the men and said, nervously and rapidly: "I don't drink and I don't dance; I don'tAutobiography, 72:are slowly emerging facts. They will emerge more rapidly when the right educational processesAutobiography, 115:one night waking up and hearing a man go rapidly out of my room and down stairs. It was just theAutobiography, 154:own consciousness in due course of time but not rapidly. Autobiography, 170:Theosophical Society by the Esoteric Section was rapidly growing. Autobiography, 202:with the young people, and I see that time most rapidly approaching. The young people are veryAutobiography, 299:by the founding of his own ashram which is now rapidly consolidating and expanding, in the givingBethlehemforward-seeing vision and a realization of the rapidly emerging beauty and divinity of man can bearBethlehem, 12:and the revivifying of the form which is so rapidly crystallizing. Bethlehem, 19:of achievement towards which we are, as a race, rapidly moving. Some day the great CommunionBethlehem, 29:must be lost to sight in service. Service is rapidly becoming the keynote of the time, and one ofBethlehem, 47:through them mankind will be obliged to pass, rapidly if it will listen, but inevitably, whether itBethlehem, 155:and sensuous reaction, that which is not true rapidly appears, and the man becomes the subject ofBethlehem, 159:God's work for humanity; and Christ's example is rapidly bearing fruit and bringing results.Bethlehem, 268:The present chaos and turmoil would then more rapidly disappear. Love is essentially theBethlehem, 280:transition does not indicate that the race is rapidly preparing for initiation. We are revoltingBethlehem, 284:in large numbers (and they are gathering rapidly) we shall have the fulfilment of the angels' songDestiny, 19:The temple of humanity in the New Age is rising rapidly but its outlines cannot be seen because menDestiny, 21:which this world center should respond. This is rapidly and, as I have told you, satisfactorily,Destiny, 26:economic stringency, the human consciousness is rapidly awakening from its long sleep. That greatDestiny, 27:so in the realm of spiritual insight (so rapidly developing at this time) which enables the seer toDestiny, 30:they have learnt to cherish and to hold dear is rapidly failing. Destiny, 36:discover the implications. Humanity itself is rapidly arriving at the point where its united willDestiny, 44:view. This must change and the mind activity be rapidly enhanced or else true spiritualism will beDestiny, 46:(which is ever the first to manifest in germ) is rapidly disappearing or is being absorbed into theDestiny, 101:and all three countries are learning very rapidly, though the United States at present is learningDestiny, 110:They are, for us, the most familiar and can be rapidly considered, enabling us to pass on to theDestiny, 112:and of the sixth ray influence which is so [112] rapidly passing out. Though there has never been aDestiny, 115:upon the subtler planes are being rapidly unfolded, organized and recognized and it is by means ofDestiny, 125:instinct is the embryonic manifestation) will be rapidly developed and this is one of theDestiny, 145:a stage where the sense of individuality is rapidly emerging. In every field of human expression,Discipleship1, 7:suggestions to you so that you may travel more rapidly along the Path and arrive at greaterDiscipleship1, 10:on the subjective side of life and arrive more rapidly at that Gate which opens on the lighted Way.Discipleship1, 11:the future do, your aim should be to achieve as rapidly as possible the highest point in theDiscipleship1, 26:the cross roads and its consciousness is being rapidly focused on the mental plane. A death blowDiscipleship1, 47:emotionally and physically attentive to life and rapidly developing the power to observe upon allDiscipleship1, 51:felt my vibration? Do you respond more rapidly to the quality of a brother's faults than to hisDiscipleship1, 62:anyone except myself. Stages I and II should be rapidly effective and almost instantaneous in theirDiscipleship1, 72:are slowly emerging into prominence in a world rapidly adjusting itself to the new rhythms - yetDiscipleship1, 85:ideals of a sixth ray aspirant crystallize most rapidly and are quickly distorted thereby. TheDiscipleship1, 112:aroused into activity and the heart center is rapidly awakening. Therefore, brother of old, we haveDiscipleship1, 148:indicates the world growth in responsiveness) is rapidly being brought about in you. But it is aDiscipleship1, 163:agency. The New Group of World Servers is a rapidly developing organism which must be preservedDiscipleship1, 167:of the work which seems not yet to move as rapidly as desired. When the movement does come, it willDiscipleship1, 168:seventh ray, as it is coming into influence so rapidly. At the same time it provides a problem thatDiscipleship1, 202:until you next hear from me. Do this meditation rapidly, at a point of tension and of fusion, andDiscipleship1, 226:explanation. You have come a long distance quite rapidly upon the Path lately, and have definitelyDiscipleship1, 234:the qualities as indicated by me. Love, you are rapidly developing and expressing and much thatDiscipleship1, 248:with the soul, to be carried forward as rapidly as possible until it becomes eventually almostDiscipleship1, 294:the work but are integrating into the group life rapidly and have much to give. Discipleship1, 301:the whole group up to par, and enable me more rapidly to integrate it, and fit it for an instrumentDiscipleship1, 309:to be related to them. Having done this, repeat rapidly the process of alignment given in points 1,Discipleship1, 346:below. Alignment. Achieved consciously and as rapidly as possible. Then, in your own words, holdingDiscipleship1, 380:following meditation. This should be run through rapidly and dynamically, prior to the groupDiscipleship1, 408:somewhat more effectively. You have grasped rapidly and well the point I made in my lastDiscipleship1, 410:mind, it indicates, therefore, the force of a rapidly integrating personality, but this force, asDiscipleship1, 447:within yourself are understood by you and can be rapidly resolved. It is the effect of your mentalDiscipleship1, 475:take up the matter with you. It is to be done rapidly, with strict attention and a one-pointedDiscipleship1, 554:so intuitive, and your mind processes are so apt rapidly to grip essentials, that it is vitallyDiscipleship1, 587:with them eventually. This tendency is, however, rapidly ending in you and in joyful Discipleship1, 591:you a definite change of heart which is leading rapidly to a different mental attitude - a moreDiscipleship1, 591:can so easily cause illusion. From this you are rapidly freeing yourself. It is right that youDiscipleship1, 603:that that release should be accomplished as rapidly as may be in order to set you free to serve.Discipleship1, 622:sensitivity. Mentally, you grasp a situation rapidly; mentally and by the use of sound speech, youDiscipleship1, 637:do some clear thinking along this line, you will rapidly free yourself from glamor. Forget not,Discipleship1, 667:least resistance. This established contact will rapidly transmute sixth ray devotion into universalDiscipleship1, 685:process of decentralization will proceed more rapidly and their love and service will consequentlyDiscipleship1, 729:method of forming Ashrams is to bring about as rapidly as possible this unity of love and intentionDiscipleship1, 742:the veil between the seen and the unseen will rapidly disappear. How can disciples be of service inDiscipleship1, 751:a chela on the thread. The antahkarana is being rapidly built and the inflow of life from theDiscipleship1, 752:really contacts is an impression which the mind rapidly translates into the symbology of color,Discipleship1, 768:close to the Master's heart, and to pass rapidly through the earlier stages of discipleship. It
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