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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RAPIDLY

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Discipleship1, 770:the "order of Service," they would pass more rapidly through the various stages of discipleship.Discipleship2, 4:and wrong reaction to each other's knowledge is rapidly disappearing from among you. That is good.Discipleship2, 56:the human family. The second stage is being rapidly worked out today, and will produce theDiscipleship2, 64:undergoing a forcing process to enable them more rapidly to take the initiation immediately aheadDiscipleship2, 68:run counter to hierarchical intention, which is rapidly healing the existent breach, and thusDiscipleship2, 93:C.D.P., K.E.S., D.P.R. Two others are today rapidly fitting themselves to follow these threeDiscipleship2, 123:on Meditation - Part II Stage II 1. Repeat rapidly Stage I, taking not more than five minutes in soDiscipleship2, 139:of the Hierarchy. All this should be done very rapidly, holding the consciousness steadily in theDiscipleship2, 144:all last year. STAGE ONE - Preliminary. Pass rapidly through the steps of recognition,Discipleship2, 161:voiced. Results, therefore, can be expected more rapidly and prove more effective. This raincloudDiscipleship2, 169:have become the ideal of the masses and will be rapidly taking form in all national, public andDiscipleship2, 204:of the New Group of World Servers and who will rapidly join the group. The main requirement isDiscipleship2, 205:decentralization; to this, habits of meditation rapidly contribute. As the members of this groupDiscipleship2, 212:as a member of this group should develop rapidly into an habitual life tendency. Thus is a MasterDiscipleship2, 220:Fortunately for humanity, this is happening most rapidly. For the first time in human history, theDiscipleship2, 253:the opposing forces, the obstructions and the rapidly arousing handicaps and hindrances. The wordsDiscipleship2, 262:into a new phase of effort and of attainment is rapidly being promulgated. This is being done inDiscipleship2, 295:Why is this? Primarily for two reasons: Men are rapidly awakening mentally. The whole world isDiscipleship2, 295:made as a result of the tension of war. Men are rapidly developing an understanding goodwill. TheDiscipleship2, 295:is past, and this has come about far more rapidly than had been anticipated. The task of theDiscipleship2, 298:be functioning at the close of the New Age, so rapidly approaching. Only now have those forces beenDiscipleship2, 308:"focus the light in the desired place" far more rapidly than hitherto. You will see, therefore, whyDiscipleship2, 315:nearer. The illumination of men's minds will rapidly follow. The process of lifting the subhumanDiscipleship2, 330:into the Ashram; his knowledge becomes more rapidly transmuted into wisdom as his mind is subjectedDiscipleship2, 335:Their failings and faults will disappear more rapidly than you imagine under the influence of theDiscipleship2, 352:within the Hierarchy; that angle of it will rapidly become a thing of the past. It is the movingDiscipleship2, 353:forward and becoming mentally inclusive, as rapidly or as slowly as he chooses. He determines theDiscipleship2, 357:in his own personality. Adapt himself to the rapidly developing and changing events which areDiscipleship2, 358:receptive minds, and thus keep pace with the rapidly developing humanity with which he has to deal.Discipleship2, 381:hitherto subjective kingdom a factual entity is rapidly nearing, and the proof of this is - for theDiscipleship2, 382:his inner hearing and his eye of vision are rapidly being brought into an occult focus. These areDiscipleship2, 399:at this initiation is the antahkarana, which is rapidly being constructed and can thus prove theDiscipleship2, 403:of the Father or Life Aspect, in place of the rapidly crystallizing vision of the Son orDiscipleship2, 406:personality, and the antahkarana is being rapidly created and effectively used. To phrase itDiscipleship2, 408:spiritual orientation and stature), and is rapidly becoming a strong cable, composed of all theDiscipleship2, 408:of woe, of discipline and of loneliness, is rapidly being replaced by the radiant Rainbow Bridge,Discipleship2, 414:Being naturally a mental type, he is unfolding rapidly a correct sense of proportion, and isDiscipleship2, 418:consciousness is not conditioned by them but is rapidly becoming subservient to a higher and a muchDiscipleship2, 423:in the universe. His capacity then to include rapidly develops and his sense of awareness canDiscipleship2, 425:is being established now, for the seventh ray is rapidly coming into manifestation and the Sun isDiscipleship2, 426:and adapted to human need. Conditions are rapidly being brought about whereby this great event ofDiscipleship2, 443:This is a lesson which you are learning rapidly and on that fact I congratulate you. Continue so toDiscipleship2, 456:and action and speech which the disciple is rapidly overcoming. We are only interested in the goodDiscipleship2, 497:soul. This personality reaction you are learning rapidly, as a conscious soul, to repudiate.Discipleship2, 499:all your efforts. Much will be opening up rapidly now in the field of European assistance, and forDiscipleship2, 531:immediately a theologian and his usefulness then rapidly evaporates, except in the intimate circleDiscipleship2, 531:The physical body crystallizes also and gets old rapidly because there is no free flow of life. OneDiscipleship2, 549:His personal sense of liberty (due largely to a rapidly developing mental grasp of life and living)Discipleship2, 577:are at the stage wherein you could unfold too rapidly, and so bring about needless difficulty... ItDiscipleship2, 585:having advanced in discipleship, and will rapidly achieve consciousness of the fact. For theDiscipleship2, 594:of A.A.B. in the Ashram of K.H. You have learnt rapidly and moved fast, and it is only right andDiscipleship2, 607:through many lives of training; this knowledge, rapidly being transmuted by you into wisdom, mustDiscipleship2, 660:Visualization exercise. Achieve alignment as rapidly as possible. Hold in the mind, imaginatively,Discipleship2, 694:These specific abstractions are being rapidly learned by you; you should therefore enter your nextDiscipleship2, 720:does draw out soul energy, and relates it [720] rapidly and immediately to the brain. Hence much ofDiscipleship2, 728:changes, for the sixth ray crystallizes too rapidly. Accept the fact that in the performance ofDiscipleship2, 739:eminently fitted, tunes you in at this time too rapidly on world distress and you should avoid it.Education, 39:national ideals and objectives and would lead rapidly to racial crystallization and senility -Education, 51:the process of speeding up the development is rapidly going forward, and many are today fittingEducation, 60:of his soul. The scientist who is [60] now so rapidly dealing with and entering into the world ofEducation, 77:first indications of such soul contact is a [77] rapidly developing sense of responsibility. ThisEducation, 104:power to regard himself as part of a whole is rapidly developing and all this is desirable andEducation, 106:in the life of all nations. Education is rapidly becoming mass effort and the children of allEducation, 121:to happiness. The lesson is being learnt very rapidly and the revolt in the direction of simplicityEducation, 121:revolt in the direction of simplicity is also rapidly gaining ground. The spirit of whichEducation, 127:widening and the cultural effects are as rapidly deepening. It is hard for the modern thinker toEducation, 134:it would profit you to study: Many souls are rapidly achieving perfection and passing awayEducation, 135:vague and almost impossible, but the race is rapidly achieving personality control (e'en though ourExternalisation, 17:premature blossoming, and this in order more rapidly and effectively to serve the race, and toExternalisation, 50:Kingdom of God, of the fifth kingdom which is so rapidly coming into being. I cannot do more thanExternalisation, 77:When that happens, the problem will be rapidly solved and one of the major difficulties willExternalisation, 87:for the rapid creation of the new world with its rapidly altering civilizations and culture. TheseExternalisation, 93:you are ordained, and this way you can travel rapidly and with eager feet or slowly and withExternalisation, 104:the new civilization and the new culture can be rapidly established. As this has to be founded on aExternalisation, 114:better spiritual expression. Such a change is rapidly coming and is regarded by some as death -Externalisation, 115:of destruction or death are two-fold: first, the rapidly emerging and developing life with itsExternalisation, 134:to choose, to think and to discriminate is rapidly developing among all classes everywhere as aExternalisation, 146:and better civilization. This could be done so rapidly, that the needed changes would come aboutExternalisation, 148:awakening humanity. Such a humanity (and it is rapidly coming to this state of awareness throughExternalisation, 149:however, there are those in every land who are rapidly becoming aware of the soul as a controllingExternalisation, 150:free within themselves and who are learning rapidly to be detached and selfless - can institute andExternalisation, 151:good intent futile. But, out of these groups are rapidly emerging those who can work in the rightExternalisation, 151:through right invocation is proceeding also rapidly, producing much activity and response from theExternalisation, 152:immediate response from Shamballa, and that will rapidly take place which the Hierarchy and theExternalisation, 155:dire the effects of planned conditions, the more rapidly will the correct consummation be achieved.Externalisation, 178:in so doing they will bring the conflict more rapidly to an end, or should they stand on the sideExternalisation, 185:are exempt from this criticism, and all are more rapidly moved by selfish purpose than by theExternalisation, 201:The intelligent youth of all countries are rapidly repudiating orthodox theology, stateExternalisation, 213:situation intelligently, or been so closely and rapidly interrelated by the radio, telephone, theExternalisation, 219:clarified [219] and the end of the conflict more rapidly reached when there are only two partiesExternalisation, 237:is the emphasis upon a new world order within a rapidly changing world. The Allies uphold one pointExternalisation, 242:plus social and national interrelation which is rapidly taking form, first in the minds of men, andExternalisation, 258:stupendous a nature that human liberation will rapidly be brought about. Externalisation, 258:seek by philanthropy to veil it), but they are rapidly awakening to the true issues, and when thereExternalisation, 262:that a new heaven and a new earth might be rapidly precipitated. There is at least no harm in thisExternalisation, 285:that of the intangible and esoteric. Science is rapidly becoming the science of the unseen and ofExternalisation, 290:mastery over the air is the symbol. Man is rapidly mastering the four elements. He cultivates theExternalisation, 306:the one who is over-shadowed. All this proceeds rapidly where there is close cooperation betweenExternalisation, 321:long waited, to Whom prophecy in all lands, the rapidly developing intuition of the people, andExternalisation, 331:you I leave the working out of these ideas. Move rapidly and as a united group with the Triangle
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