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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RAPPORT

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Astrology, 69:of the horoscope serves to put the astrologer en rapport with the individual, but this is of smallAstrology, 386:and the mineral kingdom. They have a very close rapport with each other, both from the angle of theAstrology, 574:the will in himself. This eventually puts him en rapport with the will aspect of Deity as itAtom, 138:through the medium of that, to put oneself en rapport with that individual, or with a group ofAtom, 138:eye, and by means of that eye to put oneself en rapport with all other eyes in the solar system. ToAutobiography, 162:are a result of a strong subjective telepathic rapport and a response to impression coming fromAutobiography, 245:her mind when I explained to her that telepathic rapport was a proven thing and a matter ofAutobiography, 275:the inner man - emotional and mental - is en rapport with the spiritual world and is beginning toAutobiography, 302:Bailey is subjectively and telepathically in rapport, at the present time, with a great many of herBethlehem, 88:of the divine being) man is brought en rapport with the existing universe, and therefore with God,Bethlehem, 88:directed and properly oriented, it is brought en rapport with the Mind of God, the Universal Mind,Bethlehem, 269:by those in whom a certain quality of telepathic rapport is developed. Nor is it listening to theDestiny, 49:of racial understanding. There is a natural rapport indicated between the present personality raysDiscipleship1, 8:that each person in it can work in close mental rapport and spiritual cooperation with the others.Discipleship1, 24:that the planetary Brotherhood is in telepathic rapport with those who are responsible for theDiscipleship1, 24:Shamballa. They are also in immediate telepathic rapport with each other. The slowly manifestingDiscipleship1, 24:In a demonstrated ability to be in telepathic rapport with me and with those with whom I amDiscipleship1, 40:in these various groups is to keep in close rapport with ten inner groups which form, nevertheless,Discipleship1, 40:do the following things as a group: 1. Keep en rapport with the inner source of power. 2. NeverDiscipleship1, 59:your individual responsibility: 1. Facility of rapport. As a member of my group, it is essentialDiscipleship1, 59:that you cultivate two aspects of the "art of rapport" which is based, eternally, on lovingDiscipleship1, 59:which is based, eternally, on loving attraction. Rapport or contact with the soul through aDiscipleship1, 59:a cultivated alignment and correct meditation. Rapport or contact with your group brothers; thisDiscipleship1, 61:By bringing each group member into conscious rapport through naming and loving. By seeing all theDiscipleship1, 68:establishing first of all a current of rapport (which you sometimes call "sensing the Tibetan'sDiscipleship1, 80:should eventually establish a telepathic rapport with each other. Later, when there is a closerDiscipleship1, 84:the group subordinates himself. The simultaneous rapport of the group members with the soul on itsDiscipleship1, 91:to this form. It embodies purpose. Thereby a rapport or line of energy is constructed between theDiscipleship1, 101:Each day, if you will, you can put yourself en rapport with your Master. We are not blind orDiscipleship1, 132:whereby your soul and your brain are en rapport. Such channels are necessarily media of relationDiscipleship1, 183:them (as a result of their group unity) to be en rapport with levels of consciousness and ofDiscipleship1, 200:than it was and if this integration proceeds and rapport is more strongly established, we canDiscipleship1, 203:[203] This exercise will build up a closer group rapport and is in the nature of a special serviceDiscipleship1, 254:soul experiences and which produces a magnetic rapport with the world of souls. Live ever in theDiscipleship1, 283:S. can be increased through the now established rapport. May I pause here, my brother, and thankDiscipleship1, 294:work as a soul. Work at establishing a close rapport with your group brothers. You are new in theDiscipleship1, 302:this group of my disciples; make your mental rapport first, then your astral contact and leave theDiscipleship1, 303:and this is the development of telepathic rapport. It was for that latent capacity in you that youDiscipleship1, 304:will - to work towards establishing a telepathic rapport with the group, beginning with D. H. B.Discipleship1, 345:only called your attention to these points of rapport, because of their value in group integration.Discipleship1, 416:to assign your work and to establish a closer rapport between you and myself. You are in aDiscipleship1, 485:from your personality life, permitting no rapport. . . You are entering upon a period of fruitfulDiscipleship1, 485:of this relationship by an intensification of rapport. [486] Your astral body is on the sixth rayDiscipleship1, 546:have to ponder deeply upon my words until the rapport between us is more strongly established uponDiscipleship1, 554:Contact for the establishing of a rapid and easy rapport at this sacred time, not only with me, butDiscipleship1, 556:intellect and your intuition could be put en rapport with facility. You have achieved much thatDiscipleship1, 585:can now face because you have established a soul rapport and the light and love of the soul areDiscipleship1, 628:whom you know and seek to get into close rapport with them. Study what they say and write and tryDiscipleship1, 637:as you so do, that soul and brain are brought en rapport - a thing which seldom happens with you.Discipleship1, 646:through Conflict that you can establish a rapid rapport with your brothers. It makes forDiscipleship1, 646:the emergence of beauty through that established rapport. It is [647] the quality in you whichDiscipleship1, 685:of thought" with which all disciples can be in rapport and entitled to use. I would have you alsoDiscipleship1, 687:occult obedience would not arise at all if the rapport between soul and personality or between theDiscipleship1, 687:and lack of knowledge of the disciple. As the rapport becomes more firmly established, noDiscipleship1, 695:the Ashrams and so be mentally and astrally en rapport with the inner group and begin to form partDiscipleship1, 724:magnetic influence. The setting-up of telepathic rapport. The making of basic karmic readjustments.Discipleship1, 724:Humanity and the Hierarchy - into a much closer rapport and relationship, both objectively andDiscipleship1, 725:out of an Ashram, should be in close telepathic rapport and thus provide a training ground for theDiscipleship1, 748:- that of Humanity and the Hierarchy - en rapport. This is a group correspondence to the invocationDiscipleship1, 758:mind. That means that he is telepathically en rapport with his Master. He is consciously past allDiscipleship1, 759:falls into five stages: He is telepathically en rapport. His mind and his brain respond to theDiscipleship1, 777:her mind when I explained to her that telepathic rapport was a proven thing and a matter ofDiscipleship2, 8:but because if a student's mind is in true rapport with the teacher, then that student himself canDiscipleship2, 10:under consideration. Then, having established a rapport with her, I have three things to do. First,Discipleship2, 11:is in your minds concerning the basis of the rapport between A.A.B. and myself. Earlier, IDiscipleship2, 18:with the group soul and consequently a conscious rapport with the Hierarchy, which is inherentlyDiscipleship2, 19:in each of you some measure of telepathic rapport - to each other, to me, your Master, and theDiscipleship2, 41:There is, as a result of the war, a much closer rapport and spiritual confidence apparent betweenDiscipleship2, 96:relation; you may also find yourselves in closer rapport with the Ashram, its program and potency,Discipleship2, 100:of which I am the focal point; aim at a closer rapport with your fellow-workers and with me. I amDiscipleship2, 106:group unity; they have, as results, telepathic rapport and intuitive perception; but these areDiscipleship2, 184:itself; it will bring the human center en rapport with the Hierarchy, creating a free interplayDiscipleship2, 203:disciple in this group work is in conscious rapport with both planetary centers (that of HumanityDiscipleship2, 266:of the high grade integrated personality, en rapport with the soul. "Fire, water and the earth allDiscipleship2, 269:focused, and his higher mind is definitely en rapport with the lower, via the antahkarana. PerhapsDiscipleship2, 277:human unfoldment; they are therefore closely en rapport with the consciousness of the race of men.Discipleship2, 298:is that divine aspect in man that puts him en rapport with and then controlled by divine purpose,Discipleship2, 301:the New Age adequate and to establish a closer rapport with Shamballa, have been the result of theDiscipleship2, 352:of the divine consciousness and into a closer rapport with the Mind of the Lord of the World. ThisDiscipleship2, 352:the love principle - and far more en rapport with the Purpose, which is the dynamic focus of allDiscipleship2, 373:mind consciousness of those disciples who are en rapport with the Master, or of those groups ofDiscipleship2, 412:which enables the aspirant to establish a rapport which will bring the soul and the personalityDiscipleship2, 433:himself and by their means sets up a spiritual rapport with the new initiate. That in which theDiscipleship2, 483:this at times when you yourself wanted closer rapport. Herein lies your task and your problem forDiscipleship2, 484:a resultant mechanism, plus a habit of magnetic rapport, which is the secret of all expansions ofDiscipleship2, 493:and unfoldment of your soul) you are en rapport with a world of spiritual inspiration and awarenessDiscipleship2, 540:radiation. A disciple is not drawn into a close rapport with the Ashram by the magnetic, radiatoryDiscipleship2, 565:have the mode whereby you can put yourself en rapport with the Shamballa force. No disciple can doDiscipleship2, 613:to these aspirants and students, bring them en rapport with hierarchical force. This you shouldDiscipleship2, 627:on successive days. Seek to establish a definite rapport and pour out love and help. ForgetDiscipleship2, 672:were at the point in evolution where a definite rapport with the Christ was possible. That you wereDiscipleship2, 680:disciples [680] who are working in the closest rapport with each other and (in the case of worldDiscipleship2, 718:circle of the Ashram is through a still closer rapport with the soul, and upon this rapport youDiscipleship2, 718:closer rapport with the soul, and upon this rapport you must definitely concentrate. You are makingDiscipleship2, 719:personality. But when the mind is active and en rapport with the soul at certain points ofDiscipleship2, 760:The procedure will involve putting yourself en rapport with my Ashram and to register it in yourEducation, 5:to the lower mind, once that lower mind is en rapport with the soul. With this world of ideasEducation, 14:interests. This enquiry sets up a subjective rapport with the child which is far more potent in itsEducation, 131:stages, will be carefully taught. Thus a close rapport will be brought about "in the light" yetExternalisation, 31:first group to lay the emphasis upon telepathic rapport, because upon that rapport, understandingly
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