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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RAPPORT

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Externalisation, 31:upon telepathic rapport, because upon that rapport, understandingly cultivated and developed, theExternalisation, 47:(three from each group) are chosen and put in rapport with each other, there should come to all theExternalisation, 95:it stands, to humanity; to bring into a close rapport the two centers whose energy must eventuallyExternalisation, 103:minds of group members who are definitely en rapport with their [104] souls and with each other -Externalisation, 150:bring about a much closer and likewise conscious rapport between the two planetary centers, theExternalisation, 159:serves then to emphasize and establish a close rapport, blending and fusing the human and theExternalisation, 161:of right human relations, of synthetic rapport with its resultant cooperation, of correct interplayExternalisation, 169:The Hierarchy and humanity are at last en rapport. This is the higher reflection or correspondenceExternalisation, 270:scriptures Shamballa) - are aligned and en rapport with each other. There will then be establishedExternalisation, 281:and the spiritual Hierarchy; they will be en rapport in a manner new in history. The defeat of theExternalisation, 306:the Avatar. The Christ is today in very close rapport with the Avatar of Synthesis, and thisExternalisation, 306:rapport with the Avatar of Synthesis, and this rapport will continue, becoming closer and closerExternalisation, 419:thought, particularly in its telepathic nature, rapport and aspect. The unified invocative thoughtExternalisation, 468:Humanity) will need to be brought into a closer rapport, and this is entirely possible if theExternalisation, 528:intelligent [528] development so that a closer rapport can be set up between it and the Hierarchy,Externalisation, 528:forward as a unit so that a closer corresponding rapport can also be set up between It andExternalisation, 528:be set up between It and Shamballa. Just as the rapport between the Hierarchy and Humanity isExternalisation, 528:intelligent people in incarnation primarily, so rapport between Shamballa and the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 531:also to establish a closer telepathic rapport and a more intimate (though strictly impersonal)Externalisation, 680:of instinctual and intuitive telepathic rapport with the senior Members of the ashram - the MastersExternalisation, 680:years has been directed towards individual rapport with a Master, and this because of the necessityExternalisation, 680:not the same thing as establishing a telepathic rapport between an individual disciple and theExternalisation, 681:of the faculty of a scientific telepathic rapport. I have thereby laid the foundation of theExternalisation, 691:been how to preserve the sympathetic, sensitive rapport and to lay the basis for the higher,Fire, 197:Thinker who fully utilizes it to put himself en rapport with the essence of all selves at allFire, 545:the permanent atoms that the Ego comes en rapport with his objective world; he works upon andFire, 646:the agency of his centers - to put himself en rapport with the sevenfold soul of the world. ClassFire, 849:of this energized substance each can get en rapport with each, no matter what Their individual goalFire, 1235:potencies of the soul aspect is to put them en rapport with the forces and energies hidden in theGlamour, 57:owing to the dimness of the seen ideal. The rapport of the mind, with the sensed idea, is notGlamour, 155:and the Dweller are slowly brought into a close rapport. In the earlier stages of effort and ofGlamour, 228:who rises and for a minute faces them. Thus a rapport and a relationship is established because theHealing, 2:man and serves to put that spiritual entity en rapport with the response apparatus of the planetaryHealing, 7:prime requisite of all healers is a sympathetic rapport with the patient, so that the healerHealing, 70:of their fellowmen with whom they may be en rapport. Telepathically, and also with a developedHealing, 96:these powers must be added the ability to be en rapport with the one to be healed, plus a lovingHealing, 161:and contact, has put his heart into close rapport with the soul. He then becomes responsive to theHealing, 203:These two centers will then be in complete rapport, expressing the full nature of the spiritualHealing, 206:to work through his own center, putting it en rapport with the center in the patient which governsHealing, 207:of bringing all three into a close and healing rapport. This is done via the center concerned inHealing, 306:the teacher himself can enter into a closer rapport with the students' viewpoint. For example,Healing, 336:base of the spine are in magnetic and dynamic rapport, producing a radiatory effect, then theyHealing, 352:patient (through wise teaching and patience) en rapport with his soul and the consequentHealing, 379:direction of thought. From then on tangible rapport with the spirit world will be possible. IHealing, 386:them in any case is to set up an unbroken rapport between the healer [387] or the healing group andHealing, 395:This will be paralleled, as time elapses, by a rapport between men upon telepathic levels; men willHealing, 395:focused upon mental levels. This telepathic rapport will be a common and ordinary phenomenon ofHealing, 396:types, and there is therefore a true telepathic rapport between them which the medium intercepts.Healing, 398:upon the grounds of gullibility, telepathic rapport (with the bereaved person, but not with anyoneHealing, 469:intensity around the physical body and sets up a rapport with the innate light of matter itself, toHealing, 477:from its influence. There is still a slight rapport between the two, and this keeps the spiritualHealing, 498:in the mind and achieving a constantly growing rapport with the soul. The disciple, whoseHealing, 499:when soul and mind are establishing a close rapport, the light of the soul hastens and supplementsHealing, 525:construction. The power to establish telepathic rapport. The healer must "know the inner stage ofHealing, 552:about by the establishing of a harmonious rapport between the healer and the patient, prior to anyHealing, 554:primarily as soul with soul, and trust that the rapport between the patient's soul and the ethericHealing, 556:handle. Methods for establishing a sympathetic rapport with the patient. Modes of protectingHealing, 556:from any transference brought about through this rapport. The establishing of a right relation withHealing, 605:of their two synchronized centers is now en rapport, and the healer has at this point to determineHealing, 605:unassisted cure. This is possible only when the rapport between the patient and the healer isHealing, 621:the seven planetary centers; these put Him en rapport, therefore, and in full realized contact,Healing, 647:not highly developed who endeavored to establish rapport would probably only succeed in stimulatingHealing, 653:who has, at least to some degree, established rapport with his soul. This having been broughtHealing, 654:controlled - by the healer. Once, however, the rapport is established, the work of the healerHealing, 676:barrier between healer and patient; the initial rapport is thus broken. Only a Christ can heal byHercules, 6:been utilized, the disciple finds himself en rapport with the universal and similar divine energiesHercules, 25:and the rapid steeds, Hercules could be en rapport with the most distant sphere in which his laborsHercules, 25:sensitivity and response, we, too, can be en rapport with the world in which our labors are cast.Hercules, 94:daughter of the sun, and through it become en rapport with the world of human ideas and research.Hercules, 101:became a living soul, for the two poles were en rapport, and the vital or etheric body came intoHercules, 184:universal urge in each of us that puts us en rapport with God, will have surged to the front.Hercules, 192:We are not able to be world conscious, to be en rapport with every phase of human thought. We shallHercules, 198:spiritual energy. If Jesus as a human being, en rapport with his soul, becomes a transmitter ofHercules, 201:Christ, whatever we may mean by that word, is en rapport with world affairs, it seems to me heIntellect, 115:potencies of the soul aspect is to put them en rapport with the forces and energies hidden in allIntellect, 165:is wide indeed. Not only is the soul of man en rapport with the Universal Mind, but also with allIntellect, 205:the mind and the brain are swept into a close rapport. First, the mind controls the brain and theMagic, 19:functioning, and to bring about an intelligent rapport with the world in which it has to play itsMagic, 21:to one's environment will result in correct rapport with the soul aspect, hidden in every form, andMagic, 21:can familiarize oneself the more one will be in rapport with a wider circle of men. But when one isMagic, 40:and this type of energy, the soul can be en rapport with all souls. Through the emotional body, theMagic, 49:the soul, or human yet spiritual man to be en rapport with his environment. This is carried forwardMagic, 74:Study The life of meditation proceeds and the rapport between the soul and its triple instrumentMagic, 90:and the idea of the soul have found a point of rapport, and the germ of a thought form has comeMagic, 97:This is only truly possible when a steady rapport has been established between the soul and theMagic, 98:its reflection in the light in the head. Thus a rapport is set up, which permits not only ofMagic, 109:done. He enters into deep meditation. Magnetic rapport with the instrument in the three worlds isMagic, 170:and that it is his ego, therefore, which is en rapport with the Master and not the personal self.Magic, 171:channel upward is closed and the soul is not en rapport with the brain. This is especially true ofMagic, 172:expend the necessary energy with which to get en rapport. With old and tried disciples, theMagic, 172:high disciple is to carry out his work and be en rapport with the spiritual force center which isMagic, 172:stages of contact and grades in the desired rapport. These can be enumerated, but cannot beMagic, 246:himself in his mental form which puts him en rapport with the Universal Mind. He endures limitationMagic, 276:to realization, and which will put them en rapport with the seven planetary schemes. RealMagic, 283:of its corporate units which will put it en rapport with other groups and so make it harmonious inMagic, 295:part of the astral organism, thus putting man en rapport with all parts of the solar system. ThisMagic, 303:communication put even the most unimportant en rapport with the tragedies, pains and sufferings ofMagic, 317:active in such a way that those who are en rapport with me are hurt thereby or helped? Are theyMagic, 321:energy, through the medium of which we are en rapport with the whole. One of the types of astralMagic, 333:emotional, and mental) can work consciously en rapport with the soul in all forms. This will be
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