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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RARE

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Healing, 528:consciousness of the Spiritual Triad - a very rare thing as yet. Healing, 650:it is sometimes called. The sixth ray healer is rare and is successful only when highly developed;Healing, 693:rays - were exactly imparted to you, it would be rare indeed to find a healer who was competent toHealing, 696:be able to heal. This is seldom realized. It is rare, however, to find an equipment lacking allHealing, 699:patient. This is, as you may surmise, somewhat rare to find. People can, by careful study and theHealing, 706:or turn with deliberation (which is exceedingly rare) to the path of pure selfishness. This pathHercules, 14:"or Hercules. They tell me that it means Hera's rare glory, the radiance and effulgence of theHercules, 15:by herself, a robe that fitted well, of beauty rare and fine. He put it on, with triumph and withHercules, 15:from the place of waters came they, of beauty rare and proven strength. And Hercules was pleased,Hercules, 16:wit came Mercury, carrying [16] a sword of rare design, which he proffered, in a silver sheath, toHercules, 125:he faced a dual test, the test of friendship rare and the test of courage unafraid. The Teacher hadInitiation, 64:one of the disciples of that Master, or, if of rare promise, of an initiate. Classes are held byInitiation, 116:jewel in the Lotus." This Lotus is a thing of rare beauty, pulsating with life and radiant with allInitiation, 199:intimation of conditions, good or bad, and a rare, but necessary word to some brother concerningIntellect, 23:imparted to those who could profit by it, and rare individuals were produced, who, to this day, setIntellect, 122:along; and, finally, we shall discover those rare souls whose consciousness is illuminated andIntellect, 158:In the truly illuminated man, we have that rare combination of the mystic and the knower; we haveIntellect, 185:diligent and persevering in meditation upon the Rare Path... Having acquired full power over theMagic, 51:only, in most cases, made its presence felt at rare and highly emotional intervals. When the selfMagic, 79:conditions. They are aided by a disciple of rare capability in Sweden, and by an initiate in theMagic, 112:ray of personality, then you have one of those rare things a perfect friendship, a successfulMagic, 112:an unbreakable link between two. This is rare indeed. When you have two people on the sameMagic, 138:compromise and yet refusing hate - has something rare to offer in these days and the Great Ones canMagic, 180:combined. When this is the case you have a rare and useful instrument for the aiding of humanity.Magic, 180:requires a trained interpreting mind, which is rare indeed to find. In all these cases that I haveMagic, 203:The Master of the Wisdom, we are told, is the "rare efflorescence of a generation of enquirers".Magic, 222:is a building of the temporary forms, some of rare beauty, some of no beauty, and a vitalizing byMagic, 231:the spiritual energies of their group and at rare and indicated moments upon the Master under whomMagic, 264:the indwelling God, which seems of a beauty so rare and of a stability of so sure a nature that,Magic, 346:felt in one or other of the vehicles and - in rare cases - where the aspirant is important enough,Magic, 356:to naught. Hence the achieving of soul life is a rare event. Few people have souls and only a fewMagic, 428:the vision that utter self-sacrifice which is so rare and so far-reaching in its effects. TheMagic, 431:and a few occultists. The true occultist is rare. Magic, 516:trained and adjusted and rightly responsive - a rare thing indeed to find. The second part of theMagic, 545:far between, for unadulterated selfishness is rare indeed. Where it exists, it is exceedinglyMagic, 558:Mixed motive is universal. Pure motive is rare and where it exists there is ever success andMagic, 583:it will become apparent why an adept is a "rare efflorescence of a generation of enquirers." Let usMagic, 584:true enquirer is one whose courage is of that rare kind which enables its possessor to standMagic, 585:and a truthfulness with himself which is rare indeed these days. Let him say to himself "I must toMagic, 594:undeviating effort on the part of aspirants is rare indeed. It is indeed true that at the rightMeditation, 2:Heretofore it has only been direct at rare intervals. The four lesser brain centers are functioningMeditation, 4:a fairly unimpeded channel. Then at intervals, rare at first but of increasing frequency, willMeditation, 12:the man to think and seriously to meditate at rare and separated intervals. More frequently comeMeditation, 31:like a yolk within the egg-shell, to a thing of rare beauty, containing within itself all the colorMeditation, 75:wheels, and - seen clairvoyantly - are of rare beauty. The fire of Kundalini is then awakened andMeditation, 125:to assume control. This, as I said before, is rare and is the result of lop-sided development. ItMeditation, 126:for purposes of their own. This is very, very rare... [127] Let me now give you some of the methodsMeditation, 129:glimpses of the unknown; occasionally and at rare intervals, the organ of inner vision temporarilyMeditation, 153:combine both qualifications, and be things of rare beauty. This will suffice for today, but I wouldMeditation, 177:lesser grades and are not much used, except in rare cases by initiates and adepts, who, as aMeditation, 267:the focal point. He contacts it at times and at rare intervals at first. During the early part ofMeditation, 277:only conscious of the attention of the Master at rare and irregular intervals. His physical brainMeditation, 280:steps, and as yet even accepted disciples are rare. If by meditation, service, and the purifying ofMeditation, 289:in all verity before the Master. This occurs at rare intervals at first, and the consciousness ofMeditation, 292:active service for the race. These intervals are rare at first but come more frequently as progressMeditation, 347:background too, and result in a whole picture of rare beauty. Life progresses by small steps, butPatanjali, 390:lost soul. These cases are, however, exceedingly rare, and have relation to the left hand path, andProblems, 10:further the good of the community. This is not rare but is descriptive of many thousands in everyProblems, 47:to be equally courteous to others. This is rare indeed to find in schoolrooms or in homes, for thatPsychology1, 9:seen. It has oft been said the black magician is rare, indeed, and that is verily true, because thePsychology1, 9:with power to use the sustained will, is also rare. Let me illustrate. There is need for clearPsychology1, 12:this has been the privilege of the illumined and rare seer. In this way the New Age will be usheredPsychology1, 51:science. In science we find a condition which is rare in the extreme. Science is separative in itsPsychology1, 54:and sometimes knowing himself to be the Self - a rare and unusual occurrence for the majority.Psychology1, 73:appearance in the human family, except in such rare cases as the Buddha, or Christ, and (in anotherPsychology1, 152:equality of balance and of influence. In a few rare cases this balance is disturbed, and there is aPsychology1, 156:cosmic Center. This last stage of expansion is rare indeed, and only one hundred and eleven humanPsychology1, 208:and engineering. The artist on this ray is very rare, unless the fourth or seventh be thePsychology1, 257:and their lesser cycles coincided. This is a rare occurrence, and when it happens the guardians ofPsychology1, 278:conception of the phenomenon, [278] but it is rare indeed to find a person who truly combinesPsychology1, 296:all three. How seldom is this the case, and how rare it is to find! There is no need for me toPsychology1, 297:life. But the time is not yet, except for the rare and the few. 3. The third governing principlePsychology1, 322:in which he finds himself is relatively rare. Conscious adapting of oneself to circumstances is thePsychology1, 358:thunder of the fall." Such periods come only at rare and long intervals, and each time they come aPsychology2, 46:"The Angel of the Presence stands in his beauty rare upon the lighted Way. The glory of thePsychology2, 201:Egos - from the moon. Egos - from other planets. Rare and advanced Egos - awaiting incarnation. WePsychology2, 204:are totally unawakened. These too are relatively rare, though several thousands of them can bePsychology2, 212:the bulk of our modern humanity, plus some rare egos which drift into our planetary evolution forPsychology2, 212:The door will be opened, for the admittance of rare and peculiar souls who will bring into ourPsychology2, 212:into our world civilization new aspects and rare and new qualities of Deity, though it will not bePsychology2, 212:be opened for ordinary individualization. These rare and unexpected types will cause muchPsychology2, 277:blazing enlightenment which is the result of a rare occurrence - a Cosmic Touch. He challenged thePsychology2, 357:use and express. A fleeting glimpse (at high and rare moments) of the Angel of the Presence itself.Psychology2, 389:is interesting also to note that it is the very rare man indeed who swings into the field ofPsychology2, 394:physician, who is also a trained psychologist (a rare thing to find) views the human body and itsPsychology2, 450:planned effort appears. These occasions are so rare that when they do occur, they indicate a solar,Psychology2, 453:primarily. Mental stimulation is comparatively rare, if the total population of the planet isPsychology2, 458:a perfectly empty house. These are the rare cases, and present an unresented occupancy, whereas inPsychology2, 564:of an advanced spiritual condition or as a rare and unique possession, setting their owner apart asPsychology2, 569:he is simply there as an investigator. A few rare cases when a soul on the path of return toPsychology2, 586:the medium wishes for such a change, which is rare indeed. In three ways only: By ceasing to bePsychology2, 590:a right handling of these problem cases. It is rare indeed to find a psychologist who would bePsychology2, 600:of this difficulty, and even in the relatively rare cases where there has been some definitePsychology2, 683:The period is always one of prime interest and rare opportunity, but the Wesak Festival [684] ofRays, 46:the expression of group life, and [46] that is rare indeed to find in these days. Right tensionRays, 132:of the Great Council. This rule is also one of rare beauty and extraordinary implications, and itRays, 133:the possession of the many and not only of the rare and discreet esotericist and occult student;Rays, 156:reaching the left-hand path and so perhaps, in rare cases, finding his way into the Black Lodge.Rays, 384:of humanity; this necessitated one of the rare cyclic changes which have distinguished the fluidRays, 422:Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Who tread this Path are rare indeed, and hitherto have had to enter this
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