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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RARER

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Bethlehem, 24:the path Christ trod, takes courage of the rarer kind. To cooperate sanely and wisely with God'sBethlehem, 221:about this experience, but it is rare - far rarer than the literature of the mystics would have usDestiny, 112:the past two thousand years a much higher, rarer and more difficult process of orientation has beenDiscipleship2, 673:to them: that of initiation, and another - far rarer - that of One whom they may consult inFire, 107:receive prana in too great an amount. This is rarer, but is found in some tropical countries, andFire, 197:succeeds in touching matter of a quality rarer than is his usual custom. He contacts his causalFire, 910:are but gradations of physical plane matter of a rarer and more refined kind, but physicalHealing, 467:develops, this triple struggle will become much rarer; desire for physical plane existence will notHealing, 644:related faculties. This class of healer is much rarer than the other two. At present, in the modernMagic, 177:as transmitters. I deal with safer and rarer methods which utilize the mental vehicle as theMagic, 177:methods are more advanced and surer - even if rarer. Magic, 484:impulse of some emotion or of some desire; in rarer cases it may be built in the light ofMeditation, 124:definitely polarized in the emotional body. A rarer kind of obsession is the mental. In coming daysMeditation, 125:in childhood and is difficult to cure. A still rarer cause of obsession is definitely the work ofPsychology1, 122:he has knowledge on these matters. But the rarer levels of the physical plane lie hid and are, forPsychology2, 639:of aggression. Such wars are rapidly becoming rarer, and our strifes today are based primarily uponRays, 403:in connection with our seven planes, as the rarer substances could be visualized asSoul, 148:mind, which is mental telepathy, and that much rarer form of communication between soul and soul
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