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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RAYS

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Discipleship1, 61:fusing and blending to make a radiant sun, with rays of light going out towards the four corners ofDiscipleship1, 121:of energy in your equipment of expression. Your rays are, therefore: The soul ray - the third RayDiscipleship1, 125:I gave much time to the consideration of the rays which governed the various aspects and vehiclesDiscipleship1, 125:vehicles of force through which the two major rays are predominantly focused, reminding you thatDiscipleship1, 126:ray is focused in your astral body. The rays - three, five and six - are your controlling factors.Discipleship1, 127:the same time, fuse more closely your two major rays so that the personality is subordinated to theDiscipleship1, 133:activity. I will, however, indicate the three rays of energy which constitute your personality. AsDiscipleship1, 133:ray is the fourth. A study of these five rays and those of your fellow disciples will show youDiscipleship1, 133:to be a constructive agent in magical work. Your rays are, therefore: The ray of the soul - theDiscipleship1, 151:out a sun and feed its life. Shed forth your rays and live.' " Discipleship1, 151:July 1937 BROTHER OF OLD: In dealing with the rays which control and dominate your life I wouldDiscipleship1, 152:this again constitutes a definite problem. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul or egoic ray - theDiscipleship1, 155:which you can relate the soul and personality rays and can carry through their blended energies toDiscipleship1, 163:by those disciples who are on each of the seven rays indicated, or by those disciples who can,Discipleship1, 168:by seventh ray energy. So it is with all the rays upon which a physical vehicle may be found. ThisDiscipleship1, 168:Viewing you, therefore, as a complete unit, your rays are: The soul ray - the first Ray of Power orDiscipleship1, 177:The next thing to note is that the personality rays are - with one exception - on the line ofDiscipleship1, 178:to do today is to give you an analysis of the rays which determine your personality equipment soDiscipleship1, 178:wanted to do. It is known to you that your major rays are the second and the seventh. The latterDiscipleship1, 185:be relatively easy for you as you have four rays out of the seven active in your nature and becauseDiscipleship1, 185:seven active in your nature and because those rays which are apt to produce separate attitudes inDiscipleship1, 196:know, and a study of your soul and personality rays should make clear to you why, in this life,Discipleship1, 197:brothers. In connection with your personality rays, I would point out that the ray of your mentalDiscipleship1, 197:facile soul contact, should you so desire. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul ray - the second RayDiscipleship1, 200:matters. I have said that I would deal with the rays of the personality vehicles during the comingDiscipleship1, 201:physical body is the third: 5-4-3. These are the Rays of Concrete Knowledge, of Harmony throughDiscipleship1, 204:you have thought much upon the subject of which rays condition what are your rays and the dominantDiscipleship1, 204:subject of which rays condition what are your rays and the dominant forces with which you have toDiscipleship1, 205:of the forces of the third, fifth, or seventh rays in you at all. Balance is preserved through yourDiscipleship1, 209:I have given to each of you an analysis of your rays, five in number. Later, I will endeavor toDiscipleship1, 219:disciples their five determining or conditioning rays so that they can work with intelligence atDiscipleship1, 219:at the fusion of The various personality rays. The personality ray with the soul ray. There are twoDiscipleship1, 220:illumine the mind when the first and the second rays are as closely related as they can be in yourDiscipleship1, 220:of the concrete mind. Therefore, your rays are as follows: The soul ray - the second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 221:study what I have earlier told you anent your rays, you will see why this is so. There is in yourDiscipleship1, 232:offset. You have a curious combination of rays with which to work, my brother and my friend, but aDiscipleship1, 233:difficult in your case, owing to the two major rays which control you - the first Ray of Power, ofDiscipleship1, 233:tendencies to your personality and mind rays which are most valuable. As your physical body is alsoDiscipleship1, 244:in the difficult combination caused by your two rays in expression - the sixth ray and the first.Discipleship1, 254:covered as I consider with you the five rays which govern you in this particular life. Since I lastDiscipleship1, 255:the sixth ray. It should be remembered that the rays themselves have their secondary attributes andDiscipleship1, 255:up, therefore, it might be stated that your rays are as follows: The ray of the soul - the firstDiscipleship1, 255:of energy which are colored by the two major rays of our solar system: In your case they find theirDiscipleship1, 255:In your case they find their expression through rays 4 and 6, and through rays 1 and 3. This isDiscipleship1, 255:expression through rays 4 and 6, and through rays 1 and 3. This is helpful to know, is it not?Discipleship1, 258:anent the fourth ray in A Treatise on the Seven Rays and make definite application to your ownDiscipleship1, 262:of love. You have a difficult combination of rays, my brother, and these have powerfullyDiscipleship1, 275:July 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: As you study your rays, the reason for the close relation between youDiscipleship1, 275:to increased coordinated purpose. The following rays must, therefore, be taken into yourDiscipleship1, 293:aid in the breaking of the world illusion. Your rays, brother of mine, are: Soul ray - the secondDiscipleship1, 315:influence) to think truly about himself. Your rays therefore are: The egoic ray - the first Ray ofDiscipleship1, 317:of their personality problem by telling them the rays with which they predominantly work in orderDiscipleship1, 317:the information they can anent their two major rays, with the view to practical work withDiscipleship1, 325:But lesser people and those upon the other rays are apt to misunderstand. The potency of your workDiscipleship1, 350:will now indicate to you the nature of the five rays which condition you at this time. Of two ofDiscipleship1, 350:of your fellow disciples. Both your major rays, as you will have noted are the same as R. S. W. YouDiscipleship1, 351:Magic. It is of value to students to study what rays are not represented in the personalityDiscipleship1, 351:implications based upon the fact that the three rays of your three bodies correspond sequentiallyDiscipleship1, 352:the nature, qualities and attributes of the rays which were lacking in your equipment. Did you dulyDiscipleship1, 352:know, the first, the third and the fourth or the rays of power, active intelligence and of thatDiscipleship1, 352:to harmony. You have a sound grasp of the rays which constitute your equipment for this life butDiscipleship1, 357:duality of ray energies (personality and soul rays) which make him what he is in this incarnation. Discipleship1, 378:be of use to you if I also indicate to you the rays of your personality vehicles; then you willDiscipleship1, 378:Your mental body is not on one of the usual rays, but is strongly second ray in its nature, and is,Discipleship1, 379:the above, notice the lack of balance in your rays: The soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.Discipleship1, 379:would profit much if you studied carefully the rays [380] which are, at this time, lacking in yourDiscipleship1, 380:equipment. The forces of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th rays are not present. All your rays are major raysDiscipleship1, 380:5th, 6th, 7th rays are not present. All your rays are major rays of aspect. The rays of attributeDiscipleship1, 380:rays are not present. All your rays are major rays of aspect. The rays of attribute are lacking andDiscipleship1, 380:All your rays are major rays of aspect. The rays of attribute are lacking and hence your problemDiscipleship1, 401:during this incarnation. As you know, your rays - soul and personality - are the first and fifth;Discipleship1, 402:energy, expressed by your soul and personality rays. It has linked you powerfully (and this shouldDiscipleship1, 402:will go into this matter in greater detail. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul ray - the first RayDiscipleship1, 403:close relation between the second and the third rays often works out in difficulty, for theyDiscipleship1, 403:members will facilitate this task. You, having rays one, four and five active in your equipment,Discipleship1, 412:I am going to tell you the governing rays of your life equipment, but please do not elaborate uponDiscipleship1, 412:The following is a statement as to your rays: [413] The soul ray - the seventh Ray of Order orDiscipleship1, 427:set yourself and pass on. Let me tell you the rays of your threefold lower nature. It is needlessDiscipleship1, 427:to the general rule that the second and sixth rays govern the astral bodies of all humanity. ThisDiscipleship1, 427:This I presume you have already guessed. Your rays therefore are: The soul ray - the second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 428:and the sixth subray of each of the governing rays of the three bodies is so active that it becomesDiscipleship1, 433:made such a close study and analysis of your rays that there is no need for me to elaborate theDiscipleship1, 436:may come. My blessing rests upon you. [436] Your rays are as follows: The egoic ray - ray 2, theDiscipleship1, 437:is to tell you the nature of your personality rays and thereby bring you to a clearer understandingDiscipleship1, 442:instructions, when I shall indicate to you the rays governing the threefold personality, you willDiscipleship1, 442:you will then have before you the five rays with which you are concerned in this life and which areDiscipleship1, 446:I would like to indicate the conditioning rays of the personality for - if you accept myDiscipleship1, 446:always be borne in mind that when I speak of the rays of the various bodies, I am referring to theDiscipleship1, 447:you have a peculiar combination of dominant rays, the second Ray of Love-Wisdom being your soul rayDiscipleship1, 449:about your own group. At the same time, your rays are such that they constitute a deep pool or wellDiscipleship1, 462:Phrase One. First and second months. "The golden rays that issue from the heart of the sun pourDiscipleship1, 462:The points of light become the many lines or rays of light; these lines then merge and blend untilDiscipleship1, 466:be of interest to you now if I tell you of the rays which govern the lower self. Your mental bodyDiscipleship1, 466:the synthesis of the two lines of energy. Your rays therefore are: The soul ray - the second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 470:intelligently. I would have you note that the rays governing D. H. B. and J. S. P. very closelyDiscipleship1, 485:- if you so choose. Let us now consider the rays of your threefold personality. In their rightDiscipleship1, 486:which is definitely not a third ray type. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul ray - second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 499:is the true technique for those whose two major rays in any incarnation are the second and theDiscipleship1, 501:of unique opportunity for you. The two major rays (of your ego and your personality) are repeatedDiscipleship1, 501:and your personality) are repeated in the two rays of your personality equipment and you have,
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