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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RAYS

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Discipleship2, 472:As I told you elsewhere (A Treatise on the Seven Rays [Esoteric Astrology], Vol. III, Page 476.)Discipleship2, 493:here reminds me that I have not given you the rays which control your personality. Your major raysDiscipleship2, 493:rays which control your personality. Your major rays - 1 and 2 - are identical with those ofDiscipleship2, 493:This combination of the first and the second rays - governing either the soul or the personality -Discipleship2, 494:and love is thereby greatly facilitated. The rays of your personality are as follows: Mental body -Discipleship2, 505:he have the same egoic, personality and mental rays. Hence the close link with him which you haveDiscipleship2, 507:A realization of this peculiar combination of rays will demand of you, and of all workers alongDiscipleship2, 517:ray of love-wisdom. The first and the second rays work closely together; love and will are closelyDiscipleship2, 525:one to take. For those upon the first or second rays of aspect it is probably the most difficult ofDiscipleship2, 529:into greater expression and your personality rays will retire into the background. If you have theDiscipleship2, 564:you some years ago, you have an undue number of rays along one particular line; your equipment ofDiscipleship2, 565:A.A.B. Even though it did not involve your own rays, I suggested your working temporarily alongDiscipleship2, 566:is a progressive matter and disciples on all rays have to arrive at comprehension of Will activityDiscipleship2, 574:are on the fifth, the sixth and the seventh rays; these follow each other in sequential order,Discipleship2, 574:will be ascertained by disciples in whom these rays are pronouncedly manifesting. It is notDiscipleship2, 576:their changing and assembling under the correct rays. This service and this expansion of theDiscipleship2, 576:that owing to the fact that you have two rays upon the first line of outgoing energy, [577]Discipleship2, 582:from experiment and experience that all the rays are subray of the great second ray. This you knowDiscipleship2, 583:when all of you in the group begin to study your rays from the angle of group service, and not soDiscipleship2, 609:truth. There are many Ashrams upon the various rays. My Ashram, being a second ray Ashram, isDiscipleship2, 609:Initiates of high degree and Masters on all the rays have their own Ashrams, but not all areDiscipleship2, 646:in a hard, concrete materialistic person. These rays are the ones which have produced what isDiscipleship2, 654:the sun. The vortex of the fire, the flaming rays of heat cast outward by the sun, blend with myDiscipleship2, 670:and which one it is. A closer study of your five rays (literally only four) will aid you to doDiscipleship2, 670:relation, and this more easily than on the other rays, once the disciple is freed from glamor. ThusDiscipleship2, 698:of the relationship between the first and second rays which is very apt to be overlooked. TheDiscipleship2, 701:at any cost. It is always hard when two major rays govern both the personality and the soul. ItDiscipleship2, 701:comprehended by you than by those on the other rays. R.S.W. helps you not, much as she hasDiscipleship2, 730:You have for long asked me to tell you the rays upon which your three personality bodies are to beDiscipleship2, 735:relationship between your soul and personality rays to the rays of your astral and physicalDiscipleship2, 735:between your soul and personality rays to the rays of your astral and physical vehicles interestsDiscipleship2, 735:vehicles interests you in any way? The two lower rays are the same as the two higher and in betweenDiscipleship2, 735:turn, faces humanity, one of whose controlling rays is the fourth. You can, therefore, expect toDiscipleship2, 754:within you (the personality hiding behind its rays). You, the real spiritual man, produce theDiscipleship2, 754:produce the veiling of the lower man. See the rays of the sun extending first to the mind bringingDiscipleship2, 754:should be relatively easy for you. Then see the rays of the soul (the sun of your life) extendingDiscipleship2, 755:This process should be fairly easy as all your rays tend to facilitate it. The process is alsoEducation, 18:know, if you have read A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vols. I and II (Esoteric Psychology), the soulEducation, 21:aspects, in the same way that the three major rays are enhanced and aided by the work of the fourEducation, 21:enhanced and aided by the work of the four minor rays. These four attributive unfoldments in man,Education, 65:energies (and here the nature of the governing rays enters in) which are expressing themselvesEducation, A Trea:Magic, pages 398-433; A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II (Esoteric Psychology), pages 629-751]Education, 70:and the development of the Science of the Seven Rays. This science will throw light upon racial andEducation, 70:and in the race; and when the two major rays and the three minor rays (which meet in every man) areEducation, 70:and when the two major rays and the three minor rays (which meet in every man) are recognized andEducation, 116:man is a spiritual man." A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I, p. 179-181. Education, 125:the ideas contained in the teaching on the seven rays are of general recognition, we shall find theExternalisation, 15:and the astral. (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II. (Esoteric Psychology), Pages 555-598. Externalisation, 22:Pages 401-433.) - (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I (Esoteric Psychology), Pages 170-189.)Externalisation, 24:in my previous message (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II, Esoteric Psychology Pages 683-688);Externalisation, 25:developed in the book, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II, Esoteric Psychology, Pages 629-751,Externalisation, 26:the new Aquarian Age. (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II (Esoteric Psychology), Pages 174-194.)Externalisation, 53:major systems, correspond to the three major rays of synthesis, of idealism, and of intelligence,Externalisation, 53:intelligence, which are only other names for the rays of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom and ofExternalisation, 71:Psychology Vol. II, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Pages 268-283, 701-751.) The power andExternalisation, 76:in the last few pages of A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I, Esoteric Psychology), are theExternalisation, 88:this present world cycle. The emphasis of the rays changes in connection with the last two types ofExternalisation, 94:of understanding, we might state that the seven rays, expressing themselves in the human familyExternalisation, 100:led to the formation along the line of the seven rays throughout the world of small groups (withinExternalisation, 133:Pages 401-433. and A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I [Esoteric Psychology], Pages 170-189.) Externalisation, 139:suggested to you (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II, Esoteric Psychology, Page 647) that itExternalisation, 387:the Great Approaches (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II (Esoteric Psychology), Pages 701-751)Externalisation, 508:who are in incarnation at any given time. Four rays dominate at any period, with one of the fourExternalisation, 513:types of men have their need met, three major rays are expressed, and the three paths to the MasterExternalisation, 526:all aspirants, all disciples (of all rays and degrees) and of all initiates; the Hierarchy also canExternalisation, 527:represent in their totality the seven rays with their subrays, and are the custodians, transmittersExternalisation, 528:Center - Shamballa - working through The seven Rays or the seven Spirits before the Throne. CertainExternalisation, 531:relationship with Their disciples on all rays, so that there can be a free interplay of thought andExternalisation, 564:the Hierarchy, the qualities of all the seven Rays, through the medium of the seven major AshramsExternalisation, 581:and initiates on the first, second and fifth rays or to the fundamental changes which the newExternalisation, 590:in which many sons of God, on different rays, of differing nationalities and with varying missions,Externalisation, 632:The fifth volume of A Treatise on the Seven Rays remains to be finished, as does the second volumeExternalisation, 657:through Conflict. (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.V.) The use of this second fundamental energyExternalisation, 661:wisdom is active within all the Ashrams (on all rays and under all the Masters); the energy of loveExternalisation, 669:Ashrams of the third, the fifth and the seventh rays. Though He is the Head of the third Ray ofExternalisation, 669:Aspect and is in control, therefore, of the two Rays of Attribute mentioned above, He does notExternalisation, 669:one ray. He works through the Ashrams of these rays, but He Himself works primarily in cooperationExternalisation, 677:five Ashrams, and representing the three major rays and two minor rays. To start with, they will beExternalisation, 677:representing the three major rays and two minor rays. To start with, they will be founded throughExternalisation, 679:but will be composed of disciples upon many rays; the attempt to form coherent and integratedExternalisation, 691:for it differs for disciples upon the various rays and the theme is too large at this point for ourExternalisation, 693:ray because it is now in manifestation. The rays which are active and in manifestation at this timeExternalisation, 693:and the reappearance of the Christ. These rays are particularly involved, and therefore theExternalisation, 700:Fire, Pages 747-760. A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.V: (The Rays and the Initiations.) and aExternalisation, 700:A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.V: (The Rays and the Initiations.) and a more detailedFire, VII:series [VII] entitled A Treatise on the Seven Rays or of any other of the books. During the longFire, 5:The seven Spirits before the Throne. The seven Rays. The seven Heavenly Men. The Seven Logoi embodyFire, 5:are known under the names of Lords of the Rays. The names of the Rays are Ray I - Ray of Will orFire, 5:the names of Lords of the Rays. The names of the Rays are Ray I - Ray of Will or Power - 1st AspectFire, 5:Intelligence - 3rd Aspect (These are the major Rays.) Ray IV - Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art. RayFire, 38:ray of will. They might be described as the rays of intelligent will and are the manifestation ofFire, 38:Mahadeva aspect.5 Therefore we have three cosmic rays manifesting: 4 "That whereinto all enter,Fire, 52:in terms of physical plane electricity, of light rays, and of etheric energy. This is active fire.Fire, 57:of prana. Its function is to store up the rays of radiatory light and heat which are secured fromFire, 57:brightly and when the fuel of the body (pranic rays) is adequately assimilated, the human frameFire, 59:by means of a triple channel, or through its "Rays of Approach" which in their totality express toFire, 59:of the cosmic Lord Whose energy it is. Light Rays of pranic aspect, some of which are being nowFire, 59:this matter of fire is as complex as that of the rays. The internal fires of the solar systemFire, 63:Spirit, all three are Soul, and all three are Rays emanating from one cosmic center. All three areFire, 63:To take a familiar example, the seven colored rays in the solar ray are evolved out of three
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