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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RAYS

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Meditation, 358:The seven Rays can be divided into the three Rays of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute, asMeditation, 358:into the three Rays of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute, as follows: Rays of Aspect: The RayMeditation, 358:and the four Rays of Attribute, as follows: Rays of Aspect: The Ray of Will, or Power. The Ray ofMeditation, 359:The Ray of Activity or Adaptability. [359] Rays of Attribute: The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, orPatanjali, 80:here in the region of the mouth) to the five rays forming the synthesis governed by the MahachohanPatanjali, 80:to work out the analogy between these five rays and the five senses and the mouth as the organ ofPatanjali, 87:called, cover the seven methods of the seven rays in connection with the control of the psychicPatanjali, 87:peace in relation to one or other of the seven rays, assigning the way to the ray wherever it seemsPatanjali, 267:stage of development of the seven Lords of the Rays is not equal. The unfoldment of the life of thePatanjali, 268:be studied under the following names: The seven Rays, The seven Spirits before the Throne, ThePatanjali, 283:that if there is a healthy eye in line with the rays of light reflected from an object - such as aPatanjali, 299:of Gods (the six groups of egos and their six rays, the six subrays of the one synthetic ray, whichPsychology1, xxii:to write a book on the subject of the Seven Rays. This topic has always been of real interest forPsychology1, xxii:of real interest for students, but about these rays little is known. We know, from The SecretPsychology1, xxiv:Each student, as he takes up the study of the rays, must steadily bear in mind that he himself - asPsychology1, xxiv:unit - finds his place on one or other of these rays. The problem thus produced is a very real one.Psychology1, xxv:If, for instance, there are indeed seven rays, embodying seven types of divine energy, then a manPsychology1, xxv:Remarks 1. The Three Objectives in Studying the Rays The study of the rays, and a true and deepPsychology1, xxv:Objectives in Studying the Rays The study of the rays, and a true and deep comprehension of thePsychology1, xxv:to the esoteric structure of truth. These rays are in constant movement and circulation, andPsychology1, 4:giving out this relatively new teaching upon the rays I may, in my endeavor to shed fresh light,Psychology1, 4:the clear enunciation of the truth anent the rays, and seek to tabulate, outline and indicate theirPsychology1, 4:their nature, purpose and effects. The seven rays, being cyclic in appearance, have continuouslyPsychology1, 4:be made. B. A second result of the study of the rays will be to clarify our knowledge as to thePsychology1, 8:[8] C. The third effect of the study of these rays should be twofold. Not only shall we understandPsychology1, 8:it, but if it is realized that each of the seven rays emits its own sound, and in so doing sets inPsychology1, 11:which underlies the entire subject of the rays which we shall seek to investigate. Every group inPsychology1, 12:who are interested in this Treatise on the Seven Rays can attune themselves to think clearly, andPsychology1, 12:reveal something anent the nature of the seven rays, I feel it necessary to remind all of you whoPsychology1, 12:speculation as to the emanating source of the rays must remain profitless until there is developedPsychology1, 13:energy found on one or other of the three major rays) can be roughly divided into three parts,Psychology1, 14:Life - Quality - Appearance In our study of the rays it must therefore be remembered that we arePsychology1, 16:therefore in this Treatise on the Seven Rays will necessarily be held within the realm of thoughtPsychology1, 17:a form of conscious expression. The seven rays are the first differentiation of the divinePsychology1, 19:of the second Ray of Love-wisdom. The seven rays are therefore embodiments of seven types of forcePsychology1, 20:reactions in these three directions. These seven rays are the seven streams of force issuing from aPsychology1, 21:the qualified appearance of any one of the seven rays. God, Ray, Life, and Man are allPsychology1, 21:found upon one or other of the seven qualifying rays and his appearance in a phenomenal form isPsychology1, 22:of its psychic unfoldment. No study of the rays is possible apart from this fourfold recognition.Psychology1, 22:One - I. Introductory Remarks 3. The Seven Rays Enumerated As part of the initial Plan, the onePsychology1, 23:Lord of Love is the most potent of the seven rays, because He is on the same cosmic ray as thePsychology1, 24:body of manifestation of one of the basic seven rays), They have purposes and activities in whichPsychology1, 25:are the bodies of expression of the Lords of the rays. There are ten "planets of expression" (toPsychology1, 26:as to the activity, or non-activity, of the rays, begging you to bear in mind that this statementPsychology1, 26:of the sign Pisces. You will see that four rays are in manifestation at this time, - the second,Psychology1, 26:that we find people in incarnation on all the rays at practically the same time? The reason isPsychology1, 26:the sixth is passing out, which puts six of the rays in the position of having their egos inPsychology1, 27:and appearances, - the synthesis of the seven rays or emanations of the Deity. They produce in thePsychology1, 34:o The One Life. Unity. o o o The Major three Rays (Making seven). [3+4] o o o o The Minor four RaysPsychology1, 3+4:(Making seven). [3+4] o o o o The Minor four Rays (Making seven). [3+4] o The Unity of Appearance.Psychology1, 37:between the seven basic energies or rays; and from that he proceeds to a realization of the triplePsychology1, 40:all students of this Treatise on the Seven Rays is the fusion of quality and appearance, andPsychology1, 44:the first differentiation into the major rays, and their mutual interplay produced the minor fourPsychology1, 44:their mutual interplay produced the minor four rays. Thus the seven emanations, the seven potenciesPsychology1, 44:emanations, the seven potencies and the seven rays came into manifestation. They are the sevenPsychology1, 46:the desire of spirit. Thus in the two major rays of Will and Love we have the two mainPsychology1, 47:in terms of constructive brevity. Thus the three rays of Will, Love and Intelligence producePsychology1, 48:Questions and their Answers Each of these rays is dual in time and space, though only the secondPsychology1, 48:The result of the interplay of these three major rays can be seen in the activity of the four minorPsychology1, 48:can be seen in the activity of the four minor rays. The Secret Doctrine speaks of the Lords ofPsychology1, 48:creative Intelligence aspects of the two major rays. These three are the sum total of all forms orPsychology1, 49:system. One of the foundational septenate of rays embodies in itself the principle of harmony, andPsychology1, 49:of causes, which is the world of the three major rays. The ray of beauty, of art and harmony is thePsychology1, 49:many seem to think. The artist is found on all rays, just as is the engineer or the physician, thePsychology1, 49:on this matter. Each of the great rays has a form of teaching truth to humanity which is its uniquePsychology1, 59:Goal, Purpose and Plan of the Soul? The seven rays are the sum total of the divine Consciousness,Psychology1, 60:easier to understand the relation of the seven rays to Deity if we remember that man himself (beingPsychology1, 60:man is the lowest point for Them. These seven Rays, Breaths and Heavenly Men have the task ofPsychology1, 60:be the grade of consciousness. Through the seven rays, the life or spirit aspect flows, cyclingPsychology1, 61:synthetic purpose towards which all the seven rays are working; but as this treatise is written forPsychology1, 62:incapable of proof. [62] All the Lords of the rays create a body of expression, and thus the sevenPsychology1, 62:another of the initial septenate, for the seven rays establish that process which assigns thePsychology1, 62:Certain Questions and their Answers A. The Three Rays of Aspect We shall now express the rayPsychology1, 63:Behind the central sacred sun, hidden within its rays, a form is found. Within that form therePsychology1, 63:yet but shines as light electric. Fierce are its rays. It burns all forms, yet touches not the lifePsychology1, 69:or synthetic characteristic of each of the rays is denoted by the ray name and is not specificallyPsychology1, 70:are one. Quality - balance. Thus the three major rays sum up in themselves the process of creation,Psychology1, 70:the divine will; and the work of the four minor rays (as they are called, though with no idea ofPsychology1, 70:Certain Questions and their Answers B. The Four Rays of Attribute The Fourth Purpose of Deity RayPsychology1, 72:and their Answers This instruction on the rays is of deeper significance than can as yet bePsychology1, 73:da Vinci was an analogous expression. The rays concern energy and consciousness, and determinePsychology1, 73:great Lives Who will embody the energy of rays two, three, five and seven. They will thusPsychology1, 75:we shall now proceed to an analysis of the three rays which still remain to be considered. Psychology1, 76:concerned, a thing which none of His six brother rays have done. This statement means little toPsychology1, 79:us the most familiar and the best known of the rays. The mantram which defines its purpose isPsychology1, 86:work appear. He is the most active of all the rays in this world period, and is never out ofPsychology1, 86:is to His Brethren of the second and fifth rays in this world period. He builds (using second rayPsychology1, 87:we have studied a little the work of the seven rays. The teaching has had to be conveyedPsychology1, 88:The fact should be remembered that only five rays dominate at any one time. All manifest, but onlyPsychology1, 88:A distinction should be made between the rays dominating in a solar system and those dominating inPsychology1, 88:been made in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Three rays out of the seven synthesize. One ray out of thePsychology1, 88:first ray will perform a similar function. Two rays are largely the goal of human endeavor, thePsychology1, 88:angel evolution, the third ray. All these three rays contact the two poles, and the attainment ofPsychology1, 88:3. 7. There is a close also between rays 2. 4. 6., with the fifth ray in a peculiarPsychology1, 89:color and sound. It is the law. These three rays together embrace and embody all. They are Power,Psychology1, 89:impelled thereto by love. These two groups of rays might be related to each other as follows: RaysPsychology1, 89:rays might be related to each other as follows: Rays 1. 3. 7 are the great rays connected with thePsychology1, 89:other as follows: Rays 1. 3. 7 are the great rays connected with the form, with the evolutionaryPsychology1, 89:life in all forms in all the kingdoms in nature. Rays 2. 4. 6 are the rays connected with the innerPsychology1, 89:all the kingdoms in nature. Rays 2. 4. 6 are the rays connected with the inner life, expanding
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