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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACH

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Discipleship1, 706:minded pour out upon them. As to attempting to reach and influence the leaders of the forces ofDiscipleship1, 742:instantaneously to his center of work and to reach at any desired moment the "Master of his life."Discipleship1, 745:the disciple must meet before he is taught to reach the Master at will and when an emergencyDiscipleship1, 783:men and women of goodwill. I made an effort to reach these people in 1936 when there was a faintDiscipleship2, 10:of the effort which I have to make in order to reach your minds and teach you? When, for instance,Discipleship2, 30:of all love; the more you love the more love can reach out through you to others. The chains ofDiscipleship2, 43:and through you the thousands you can as a group reach, to the [44] urgency of the times, butDiscipleship2, 45:inspiration from me, when you - as individuals - reach me, and under the inspiration of your ownDiscipleship2, 59:instances. The struggle now being waged is to reach a point of stabilization in human thinking andDiscipleship2, 62:peoples. An effort should therefore be made to reach the Japanese along the lines of the TriangleDiscipleship2, 63:first time in human history - strong enough to reach Shamballa. This is a new and very interestingDiscipleship2, 76:is ended for this incarnation. You can still reach me individually, if you fulfil the requirementsDiscipleship2, 77:volume of Discipleship in the New Age should reach the public. This new teaching (or rather thisDiscipleship2, 80:anent Christ's reappearance, so as to reach a larger public than just this handful of disciples.Discipleship2, 80:to the effort which the Hierarchy is making to reach and arouse men everywhere to the imminence andDiscipleship2, 90:has enabled him in thought and consciousness to reach the periphery of the Ashram; sometimes theDiscipleship2, 91:closer be granted; they are not yet ready to reach a "more enlightened ashramic position," as it isDiscipleship2, 124:leaving its due quota of energy, and finally reach the head center. 6. Then focus yourself in theDiscipleship2, 141:link, and that there are those whom he also must reach and relate to the world of realities andDiscipleship2, 145:monthly word-theme that you have been able to reach. You then relate that theme to the presentDiscipleship2, 159:it transmits love. Love is an energy which must reach the hearts of men and which must fecundateDiscipleship2, 161:the energies and the fructifying forces can reach mankind. This they bring about by: [162] TheDiscipleship2, 195:into the world of the Hierarchy, and to reach eventually the door to the Way of the higherDiscipleship2, 196:to penetrate into the world of the Hierarchy and reach eventually the door to the Way of the higherDiscipleship2, 207:can so [207] meditate that his voice can reach the New Group of World Servers, that group can thenDiscipleship2, 234:masses and thus the hierarchical Plan can reach from the Masters of the Hierarchy, through theDiscipleship2, 237:followed up by an aspirant, will enable him to reach an understanding of spiritual law and of theDiscipleship2, 245:aid them. May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them." Of the twoDiscipleship2, 252:is forever there, but that which can perceive, reach out and include has developed with the ages.Discipleship2, 326:they are [326] tested, and together they reach the "point of triumph" which supersedes the "pointDiscipleship2, 359:of the ancient formula. These formulas, which reach the candidate for initiation as hints, areDiscipleship2, 368:Perception and Recognition of the revelation reach their heights for the initiate. After this, theDiscipleship2, 382:- energies from the Heart of the Sun can reach him. He indicates a growing sensitivity to all thatDiscipleship2, 426:make it possible for the seventh ray energies to reach a high point of fused activity and ofDiscipleship2, 464:(greater than perhaps you realize) enables me to reach you more easily at this time than can anyDiscipleship2, 464:other member of the Hierarchy. I can find and reach you with a minimum expenditure of force. YourDiscipleship2, 497:and know may indicate a mental interplay. You reach their "forms of thought." Discriminate. ThereDiscipleship2, 501:and those inner urges which will enable you to reach outward and further into the life of theDiscipleship2, 508:undertakings. Above all else, endeavor to reach and interest the young people. They are the hope ofDiscipleship2, 508:terms. Count, therefore, on this and try to reach them. I am going to give you a somewhat briefDiscipleship2, 521:but is not so at all. It has not been easy to reach you either, because you have taken refuge fromDiscipleship2, 524:Oft a Master cannot at some particular time reach a disciple because he is surrounded with too muchDiscipleship2, 532:mental activity and your dedicated idealism. Reach beyond them to the soul whose nature is love andDiscipleship2, 555:can now become even more intimate. I can reach you more easily than in the past. I am telling youDiscipleship2, 562:a focal point of power. His influence can then reach out to points unexpected and oft unknown toDiscipleship2, 586:that it will take you at least seven days to reach me. Ask A.A.B. to tell you why. But reach me youDiscipleship2, 586:to reach me. Ask A.A.B. to tell you why. But reach me you can. Discipleship2, 588:it is called) and can now make this attempt to reach within the individual aura of the Christ;Discipleship2, 645:of the world of souls and of the Hierarchy can reach you. Your group brothers in this new seedDiscipleship2, 652:in a place of complete security where naught can reach or hurt them. Neither pain nor anxiety canDiscipleship2, 655:Disciples are apt to forget that when they reach a point of complete dependability (because theDiscipleship2, 688:whom you must carry in your heart and seek to reach. C.D.P. is one; the other is more easilyDiscipleship2, 741:a focal point of spiritual attraction. He can reach many, yet ever remain polarized at his ownDiscipleship2, 742:You are magnetic and attractive and can reach people through the expression of your potent loveDiscipleship2, 756:a point which it is necessary that all disciples reach, where a supreme effort, based on clearEducation, 58:to bring the resources of education within the reach of every man upon the planet. This eventuallyEducation, 85:knowledge could, in this way, become alive and reach a new level of constructive usefulness. ThereEducation, 114:and no less than the power, innate in man, to reach out and to grasp that which is greater andExternalisation, 62:not learnt to give with sacrifice. If you can reach some of the financial abundance and deflect itExternalisation, 91:skyward aspiration)...No further do they reach. Upon the lot of each, nine points of light appear,Externalisation, 94:kingdom. The "seven men, each on his own lot," reach a moment of tension and of creative powerExternalisation, 157:then through the medium of the Great Invocation reach forth to Shamballa whereas the initiates andExternalisation, 161:divine aspects - intelligence and love - will reach fruition upon the physical plane, making itExternalisation, 166:is known to Deity alone, and thus eventually reach high places of spiritual expression. AchievementExternalisation, 174:would ask you to call as many people as you can reach through the medium of every available channelExternalisation, 207:nations, to begin to educate those whom they can reach, in right attitudes and in that foresightedExternalisation, 230:1940. The majority of those whom I sought to reach and with whom I have communicated for many yearsExternalisation, 231:of Evil. It is not possible for us as yet to reach the soul of the German people within thatExternalisation, 233:potent action. Your prayers and petitions may reach the throne of God, symbolically speaking, butExternalisation, 270:some kind. Those who work more emotionally will reach the Rider from the secret place and may bringExternalisation, 270:focused minds and intense attentive hearts to reach the two centers where wait Those Who can aid atExternalisation, 272:incontrovertible fact. That His radiation will reach forth and surround His disciples, strugglingExternalisation, 280:secret place. The stupendous inner Potencies can reach certain levels of human activity andExternalisation, 300:I deal with Them here simply in an effort to reach a wider public with the teaching on the doctrineExternalisation, 301:is heir transmitting agency; They occasionally reach those thinking people, focused on the mentalExternalisation, 306:the methods whereby the Avatar can come and so reach humanity. These are the same methods, whetherExternalisation, 306:the physical plane. The methods whereby Avatars reach and influence Their agents or those whoExternalisation, 311:in an attempt to call forth the Avatar, to reach Him by focused intensive thought and to evoke HisExternalisation, 342:I summon you today and all whom you can reach. I should like to incorporate at this point part ofExternalisation, 349:for them the channel whereby that demand can reach straight through to Shamballa. This is the pointExternalisation, 349:to focus their "massed intent" and thus reach symbolically "the ear and the heart" of the Avatar,Externalisation, 350:people permits. At that time He will attempt to reach the Lords of Liberation and evoke TheirExternalisation, 380:rebuilding process which lies ahead of us is to reach the individual, show him his importance,Externalisation, 383:of communication are again open, you can seek to reach these people, attempt to locate them throughExternalisation, 383:its living Creator, its God. Seek by prayer to reach that central Will and point of Life, thusExternalisation, 385:men. I would therefore appeal to all whom I can reach through this article to concentrate theirExternalisation, 387:and the awakening of all whom we can reach. It will demand the intelligent study and considerationExternalisation, 392:spiritual invocation or the distress of humanity reach the pitch of evocation. The problem is howExternalisation, 419:an outgoing stream of energy. This will reach [420] telepathically those spiritual Beings Who areExternalisation, 420:sent out as spiritual energy, will in turn reach humanity, after having been stepped down intoExternalisation, 429:and affected by this universal war. The effects reach into the most isolated village, the mostExternalisation, 449:and over-powerful in the decisions which they reach and which they then proclaim to the world -Externalisation, 451:evil forces have used psychology in order to reach the ends they had in view, and have used it withExternalisation, 455:It is the task of the Hierarchy to find and reach the enlightened men and women in all theExternalisation, 469:His love and compassion apparently do not reach, and His heart remains untouched. It appears thatExternalisation, 472:outlines, but that He is ever within our reach. They proclaim also the fact that His interest, HisExternalisation, 479:when their invocative appeal is potent enough to reach Him. He uses all possible channels wherebyExternalisation, 496:the point of tension which the Hierarchy could reach when it was reinforced through the action ofExternalisation, 511:preserving the outer appearance in order to reach the many who are accustomed to church usages.Externalisation, 512:work of the world, the Great Lord seeks to reach those of the intelligent public who cannot be
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