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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACH

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Externalisation, 515:vibration (made possible by His Presence) to reach the portal of the Path itself. And now what isExternalisation, 524:to aid in hierarchical endeavor, because you can reach the general public more easily than They canExternalisation, 536:[536] Shamballa, as I have told you, can now reach Humanity, the third major center, directly, andExternalisation, 539:through them and their goodwill activities, will reach and impress men everywhere. The adjustmentExternalisation, 547:the sequence outlined below: 1. I attempted to reach certain people in order to see how far anExternalisation, 558:has need of financial resources in order to reach the needy sons of men. I ask your aid and I awaitExternalisation, 566:agency through which the Hierarchy can reach the mass of men with the new concepts, the techniquesExternalisation, 569:practically all the means which They employ to reach Their working agents. Therefore, the recoveryExternalisation, 598:has been directed into those channels which reach from Earth to that High Place where dwells theExternalisation, 631:you and to energize you and those whom you can reach, there is nothing that I can say which will beExternalisation, 633:the range of contacts, and the teaching began to reach thinkers on continents other than theExternalisation, 635:human beings as the followers of the Christ can reach. Here you have a brief account of the workExternalisation, 644:energy is the first and greatest need. It can reach mankind because the Founders of all the worldExternalisation, 651:His disciples will come. This balance has to reach a point upon mental levels; it has to be reachedExternalisation, 670:would ask all workers for goodwill to attempt to reach labor in all countries with these ideas,Externalisation, 682:elsewhere - widespread in the world of men; I reach this vast number of human beings through theExternalisation, 688:weaken and the Forces of Evil will be unable to reach the planet with their present easy effort. ItFire, xv:do its work, carry its message, and thus reach the hearts and minds of searchers everywhere. If itFire, xviii:conditioned Being. It is beyond the range and reach of any human thought or expression. TheFire, 91:devas take the radiatory rays of the sun which reach from its center to the periphery along one ofFire, 127:self, and in spite of the warnings that may reach him from Those who watch, and if this is carriedFire, 205:that the Sons of Mind are FLAMES. These centers reach this condition of perfection as the Spirit orFire, 244:the Heavenly Men likewise achieve; when They reach Their full growth and knowledge, [245] and areFire, 292:of His centers, and therefore, five schemes, reach a stage of accurate response to contact andFire, 346:into such activity that it was enabled to reach up to heights where its opposite pole could beFire, 399:steps until it includes the planes he seeks to reach, and thereby demonstrating the truth of theFire, 407:apportion karma within the ring-pass-not will reach its culminating point during the fourth round.Fire, 422:in the sixth and seventh rounds, and will not reach its full vibration in this solar system at all.Fire, 434:His Brother, the fourth Logos of Harmony, will reach its zenith for this round. During the fifthFire, 460:taken, the numbers of human beings killed would reach a stupendous figure. Now, in this age, theFire, 483:force aspect, upon the centers of energy. They reach the whole through the agency of the fewFire, 537:of Energy a. Centers of Force We shall again reach the clarity of vision desirable if we study theFire, 572:the fifth principle of mind, or manas, will reach fruition. Fire, 592:One group then (containing those who will reach the goal), will pass gradually out from under theFire, 633:seven world periods. 7 The Lunar Angels have to reach the plane of the Solar Angels. - S. D., I,Fire, 677:substance the Heads of the three departments reach men. It is one of Their [678] channels for work.Fire, 686:(Who constitute the logoic Quaternary), have to reach a certain stage of vibratory capacity, and ofFire, 718:and for a very brief period, a fresh cycle will reach its zenith, and will again open the door ofFire, 778:has been imparted anent the many egos who reach a certain high stage of evolution in our scheme andFire, 791:is one of the means whereby they will eventually reach the stage at which the solar Pitris are.Fire, 818:vibrations pursue a diagonal path until they reach the periphery of the egoic sphere of influence.Fire, 838:non-luminous or so distant as to be beyond the reach of telescopic vision. His tasimeter, he says,Fire, 862:lack of alignment, this egoic force does not reach the physical brain as fully as it later will,Fire, 862:brain as fully as it later will, but it does reach the astral centers, and is frequently the causeFire, 863:that which is imprisoned in others, for he will reach - through his own powerful vibrations - theFire, 876:- Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals When we reach the mystery of Fire, we are concerned withFire, 969:in the consciousness of the Guides of the race, reach full manifestation only through the medium ofFire, 976:of such a low order that the thought forms never reach the point of independent action, exceptFire, 981:therefore, the speech of average man cannot reach Them. Therefore, those who seek to learn theFire, 984:the historical development of this root until we reach the Zend where we find it doing duty as theFire, 1003:and do manage to send forth thought forms which reach their objective. In two ways this can beFire, 1023:of the confining web of his own etheric web, can reach out to that which is consciously recognizedFire, 1052:Logos, the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID reach the monadic lives and produce stimulation orFire, 1056:are termed the zodiacal constellations which reach the planetary scheme via the great center, theFire, 1065:of old occupied themselves, but seldom did they reach the stage wherein it was possible for them toFire, 1090:aspect of the Divine Life is not intended to reach its full unfoldment at any time in this solarFire, 1103:in a similar way of the buddhic impulses, which reach the emotional body via certain petals in theFire, 1122:of energy from the egoic body which [1122] can reach him. The egoic lotus is unfolded, and theFire, 1124:the Brothers of the Shadow can, and do, reach high levels along one aspect of consciousness, andFire, 1125:the principle of Universal Mind. They can reach, in their later stages, expansions of consciousnessFire, 1261:only a percentage which may not be revealed reach final adeptship, though all pass upon the Path.Fire, 1270:spices sweet and faint aroma of incandescent... reach to the utmost confines of the starry vault.Fire, 1277:which cause the scale again to drop within His reach. Another door is seen; it opens wide and thusGlamour, 53:the events of an earlier development, they again reach a point in their realization which theyGlamour, 104:of individuals. This means that when individuals reach the point in evolution where they canGlamour, 134:the man or the race, at any particular time, to reach. The idea before the race today is theGlamour, 180:see the vision of the soul and in that light to reach union with the soul, even if onlyGlamour, 186:the emerging truths in such a way that they reach the ears of the world thinkers, relativelyGlamour, 193:only use the mind for two activities: [193] To reach the minds of Their disciples and attractGlamour, 195:must be carefully considered. Disciples will reach a point in their development where they willGlamour, 232:of meaning and the subtle world of glamor. "We reach into the Light and bring it down to meet theGlamour, 232:the Light and bring it down to meet the need. We reach into the silent Place and bring from thenceGlamour, 238:of meaning and the subtle world of glamor. We reach into the light and bring it down to meet theGlamour, 238:the light and bring it down to meet the need. We reach into the silent Place and bring from thenceGlamour, 253:"triangles of vision and direction" in the head reach a stage of organization and become Active andGlamour, 256:employ this form of life direction and reach effective results. This is fundamentally true.Healing, 116:The Hierarchy, the energy of which can reach him through the medium of all the three above factors.Healing, 155:in the early stages of evolution, and its petals reach out towards the shoulders and include theHealing, 155:it slowly reverses itself, and its petals then reach out towards the two ears and include theHealing, 161:the heart center of the Ashram and He can now reach His disciple, via the soul, because thatHealing, 183:Then the Monad, the Father, the will aspect, can reach the personality in a direct manner, and canHealing, 368:every book they write, and every conclusion they reach is not known to us. They must carry theirHealing, 372:field of contact where you find yourself, and reach not out over the entire planet. Is there anyHealing, 401:egoistic tendency. It posits that only those who reach a particular stage of spiritual awareness,Healing, 423:which will convince you that all is well... Reach up to the heights of the soul, and having soughtHealing, 427:according to the stage of evolution, to reach a higher point of perfection through the impact uponHealing, 521:nature and its constructive purpose. We now reach the section in which the Laws of Healing and theHealing, 557:will be brought about. Great enlightenment will reach the race of man. It is for this that we mustHealing, 580:of its emanating rays of active energy which can reach the patient and energize the needed center.Healing, 648:the agency through which the directed energy can reach that area in the patient's body where theHercules, 148:his thought at a level too rarefied for fear to reach. Hatred. Hate is rooted in negation. It isHercules, 195:object would enable him to cross the seas to reach the land of Erytheia. And so it was. Within theHercules, 213:from the angle of soul, "I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another". [214]Initiation, 4:of some wonderful whole, utterly beyond the reach of our consciousness, - a whole that the highestInitiation, 35:the balancing of the pairs of opposites, to reach his goal, and to find his way back to the sourceInitiation, 77:may be elaborated tranquility. It is possible to reach a point where naught that occurs can ruffleInitiation, 97:material aspect, which leads to an endeavor to reach out and enfold within his consciousness theInitiation, 111:a far-off possibility. Yet when a man strives to reach that ideal, to make it a demonstrating factInitiation, 111:sufficiently. The first initiation is within the reach of many, but the necessary one-pointednessInitiation, 132:or in a vacuum, wherein naught seemingly can reach him; he stands betwixt earth and heaven for a
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