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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACHED

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Discipleship1, X:hitherto withheld. He is regarded as having reached a stage in his unfoldment at which he can makeDiscipleship1, 55:What you do is your own affair. You have reached maturity and should be ready for the next step.Discipleship1, 67:active and ready for service. When this stage is reached, you can then - as a group - proceed withDiscipleship1, 70:subhuman. Again, the fourth plane (which must be reached by the bridge of light, the antahkarana)Discipleship1, 108:I can now use it, because you yourself have reached a point - long desired in your experience -Discipleship1, 127:makes the following comment about him: "He has reached his high water mark for this life. FurtherDiscipleship1, 138:upon your sympathies. By the time you have reached the age of fifty years you should have achievedDiscipleship1, 143:but from the angle of the status which you have reached upon the Path of Discipleship. Your auraDiscipleship1, 149:the plane of the mind, you cannot so easily be reached by the majority who contact you and who atDiscipleship1, 300:yourself behind a wall of silence, and cannot be reached. The karmic opportunity was offered you,Discipleship1, 323:you if your full usefulness in my work is to be reached. Follow instructions, brother of mine. YouDiscipleship1, 368:with questioning as to whether or not you had reached your highest point of attainment for thisDiscipleship1, 373:the only contacts possible for you are those reached via the soul. If that were truly so, myDiscipleship1, 387:truly as it is? First, in each life there is reached what I might call a definite high water markDiscipleship1, 387:of achievement, and the age at which this is reached varies almost infinitely. When it is reached,Discipleship1, 387:is reached varies almost infinitely. When it is reached, there is then a settled tendency towardsDiscipleship1, 387:further progress. When the high water mark is reached after the age of 55-70, the difficulty isDiscipleship1, 387:of a full life. This high water mark has been reached for you in the ordinary sense and under theDiscipleship1, 387:(in the broader and wider sense) will not be reached yet for many lives and, therefore, there needDiscipleship1, 394:must be expected by all aspirants who have reached the point in their evolution when they can findDiscipleship1, 503:you are. This is a very useful point to have reached, provided that you do not stay there. TheDiscipleship1, 509:not yet over but by May, 1936, you should have reached a point where the sense of inner freedomDiscipleship1, 524:had on you for three lives in sequence. You have reached the age of sixty (or is it a little more,Discipleship1, 524:for your children and never have had since they reached maturity and the right to live their ownDiscipleship1, 560:oft wondered of what use it is to you. You have reached middle life and more without havingDiscipleship1, 582:mind, developed to the point which yours has reached, is a valuable asset, making you bothDiscipleship1, 582:years ahead of you at the age which you have now reached, and you have a frail body. Let yourDiscipleship1, 584:can hold steadily to the point which you have reached during the past few months, if you can beginDiscipleship1, 597:life of the soul is rare after that time. When reached prior to the age of fifty-six, thenDiscipleship1, 620:pull. Some day a point of balance will be reached, bringing - needless to say - its own dangers butDiscipleship1, 650:the temper has been a great relief. You have now reached the stage of the pledged worker and of theDiscipleship1, 664:(and learning with rapidity). You have now reached a point where you can learn them in a group - aDiscipleship1, 683:before the stage of accepted discipleship is reached. The contest with the lower nature and theDiscipleship1, 684:may receive from a Master or because they have reached a certain [685] stage of advanced evolution.Discipleship1, 688:up to a certain stage. After that stage has been reached, it is no longer the vision which is theDiscipleship1, 708:to date) and with the conviction that they have reached a point where they have registered certainDiscipleship1, 711:so great, particularly at this time. Many have reached the point where they may become sensitive ifDiscipleship1, 713:far behind. The first indication that a man has reached that stage (from the angle of the Master)Discipleship1, 716:intervals; it is only when the aspirant has reached the point where he "can enter into the light ofDiscipleship1, 717:unity describes the stage which the Master has reached; isolated individuality is that of theDiscipleship1, 725:fact. This means that a criticizing disciple has reached the point where his judgment is so basedDiscipleship1, 727:coincide in time, then the third stage is reached. Discipleship1, 730:Stages of Discipleship - Part V Each Master has reached the point where the vision is clear to him;Discipleship1, 741:by the fact that lower psychics are not easily reached and warned as they are ever determined thatDiscipleship1, 744:for their fellowmen. The chela on the thread has reached a point where the higher correspondence toDiscipleship1, 750:[750] The Master knows that in the chela who has reached this stage he has a dependable instrumentDiscipleship1, 751:Triad increases slowly and regularly. He has reached a point where, upon the outer plane, he isDiscipleship1, 758:have seen that the true pledged disciple who has reached the stage of being an accepted discipleDiscipleship1, 783:campaign and its relative success. Millions were reached by means of the spoken and written wordDiscipleship1, 789:and which F. B. is carrying out voluntarily, has reached literally millions of people by pamphletDiscipleship2, 22:for what could be given out when humanity reached its present stage. Now the preparatory work hasDiscipleship2, 32:rest of this life it can be assumed that he has reached his high water mark and is passing throughDiscipleship2, 33:He is a definite asset in the group work and has reached a point in his unfoldment where it willDiscipleship2, 46:this loneliness; few of you have, for instance, reached the point where you feel yourselves to be aDiscipleship2, 64:people along many and varied lines are being reached. The mode, methods and techniques of trainingDiscipleship2, 93:vehicles could not carry the stimulation which reached her via the group. This sensitivity to undueDiscipleship2, 108:on the point in evolution which humanity has reached. There are many millions today - and this mayDiscipleship2, 117:focusing there. When this stage has been reached, and the conscious recognition of place andDiscipleship2, 136:will of the Lord of the World. Humanity has now reached a point of development where there is aDiscipleship2, 154:and as it gives livingness to life purpose) is reached through the Ashram. The Master imparts theDiscipleship2, 156:for use, owing to the point in evolution reached by mankind. The wonder of these mantric stanzas isDiscipleship2, 207:the individual; through him humanity can be reached. It can also impress the Hierarchy; then theDiscipleship2, 218:of the intended civilization will have reached a definite and a most important point ofDiscipleship2, 274:words exist, is suddenly contacted. St. Paul had reached such a point when he referred to "theDiscipleship2, 288:he came to save, until such time as they have reached the stage of flowering forth as perfect menDiscipleship2, 296:mentally focused humanity of today cannot be reached by emotional workers alone. The mentalDiscipleship2, 303:know finally no termination; when that point is reached, the idea of direction will take on divineDiscipleship2, 316:and since then has sensibly lightened until we reached the year 1925. It became possible for theDiscipleship2, 316:Note well what I say here. Humanity had reached a stage where it could do the "abstracting" itself,Discipleship2, 362:or with antagonism. The planning, having reached this final stage, then proceeds under its ownDiscipleship2, 362:responsible, because it is when the Plan has reached the stage of human implementation that errorDiscipleship2, 362:analysis, an entirely human affair, once it has reached the stage of precipitation. It is dependentDiscipleship2, 376:he is at this time associated. He has not yet reached the stage wherein direct contact isDiscipleship2, 391:lies between the recognition of the stage reached by average humanity and the immediate aspects ofDiscipleship2, 400:vision for the particular point in evolution reached. All this embodies an activity which (exceptDiscipleship2, 406:Master Jesus, and also by the point of evolution reached by the humanity of that time. We willDiscipleship2, 409:invocative appeal and their magnetic radiation reached a potency which could not be denied; theDiscipleship2, 412:the principle or aspect of intelligence and has reached its present relatively high stage of mentalDiscipleship2, 413:searchlight of revelation? Or has the point been reached where the light of the soul, which is theDiscipleship2, 414:Ashram? Or has a still higher point been reached, and the light of the Spiritual Triad can begin toDiscipleship2, 414:in evolution. A high point in evolution can be reached unconsciously and the disciple is frequentlyDiscipleship2, 424:that "the eye directs that energy." Mankind has reached the stage where comprehension of this firstDiscipleship2, 425:place when a transitory point of synthesis is reached and the seven energies are blended into oneDiscipleship2, 428:the penetration of energies which have already reached a point of Polarization upon the mentalDiscipleship2, 436:and informing. When this takes place, a point is reached wherein the intelligence [437] and itsDiscipleship2, 445:turns towards you when you need it. I can be reached. Discipleship2, 450:this point of attainment. Is the high water mark reached a temporary one, preliminary to a stillDiscipleship2, 468:- that of Love. Only those Masters, however, who reached adeptship in Atlantean times are doweredDiscipleship2, 471:no one (except the Master, when the disciple has reached the point of unfoldment which you have nowDiscipleship2, 471:the point of unfoldment which you have now reached), and yet which bring about a life of innerDiscipleship2, 476:People of pledged devotion are those who have reached a point where that devotion is in no way aDiscipleship2, 491:it then will be. Then sound the OM twice. Having reached as high a point of contact as you can, atDiscipleship2, 498:path of ceaseless, constant service. You have reached and have helped many. I would have you knowDiscipleship2, 502:of the man who reaches the age which you have reached. Shall he rest back upon his laurels (and youDiscipleship2, 504:be well and truly laid. The quality of those reached by you in the future is of more importanceDiscipleship2, 524:many thought-forms that temporarily he cannot be reached; [525] or again, he is absorbed in someDiscipleship2, 530:and true development. Have you, my brother, reached your high water mark for this life? Can you goDiscipleship2, 533:another at the age of forty-two. It was when you reached that age that I intensified my observationDiscipleship2, 539:the reasons why you think so. You have reached a point in your present incarnation where it is alsoDiscipleship2, 554:That is definitely the point that you have now reached. The results of this definite assumption,
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