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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACHED

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Discipleship2, 568:any way as a member of your race, once you had reached due years of understanding; you have beenDiscipleship2, 575:and the investigator advanced enough to have reached the stage of a detached observer. ThisDiscipleship2, 581:and with little or no editing. They immediately reached thousands of minds and were received withDiscipleship2, 606:post within the Ashram of K.H. This decision was reached for certain definite reasons which it isDiscipleship2, 628:something of importance. It means that you have reached that point upon the Path of DiscipleshipDiscipleship2, 635:name "the right of entry." When this stage is reached, the disciple can come and go as his soul andDiscipleship2, 636:of your Master can be left behind; you will have reached the point where you can enter the "room ofDiscipleship2, 638:spiritual adventure. A recognition that one has reached one's high water mark for this life andDiscipleship2, 649:feet of the Lord of your Life," you would have reached what might have been regarded as the valleyDiscipleship2, 653:for all of you in this group should now have reached the point at which you can formulate your ownDiscipleship2, 756:made steady progress in all directions but have reached a point which it is necessary that allDiscipleship2, 768:the sons of men, the Sons of God: Those who have reached the Portal of the Final Way must proveEducation, 7:to point until the top of the ladder has been reached. It might be noted here that this entireEducation, 27:has already (through the evolutionary process) reached a point of development wherein some humanEducation, 28:relatively complete. When this stage has been reached, the sensitive feeling-out into theEducation, 61:when a certain definite point in evolution is reached. To recognize the conditioning energies inEducation, 101:has been so to equip the child that when he reached years of maturity he could take care of himselfEducation, 102:little this disastrous state of affairs (which reached its climax in the early years of thisEducation, 106:and trade returns. Today this interest has reached down to the depths of the social order and allEducation, 106:is becoming a factor in world affairs. He is reached on all sides by the press and the radio, andEducation, 116:in the future intelligently. First, the point reached by humanity itself is one of the major andEducation, 132:into two basic groups: Those souls who have reached perfection and achieved the status of divineExternalisation, 48:animal-man (found active among those who had not reached the stage of any conscious aspiration) wasExternalisation, 70:to certain evolutionary developments: The point reached by humanity itself The emergence of the newExternalisation, 95:and waiting to bestow that which is desired, reached for and claimed. [96] The New Group of WorldExternalisation, 111:center of force, the Human Kingdom, has now reached a point of such potency and of such a highExternalisation, 118:price-paying will this salutary stage be reached. Today, all that is taking place is due, first ofExternalisation, 125:and the personalities of human beings have reached a high stage of integration and achievement -Externalisation, 136:within a human being's consciousness when he has reached the stage of discipleship and is facedExternalisation, 151:the Master of all Masters, the Christ, has now reached a point of true and real effectiveness. ItExternalisation, 151:that highest form of spiritual energy has only reached humanity (as I have before told you) via theExternalisation, 169:the consciousness of a human being who - having reached the stage of discipleship - is at the pointExternalisation, 174:that you know, for through them millions can be reached and swung into the desired activity. ToExternalisation, 176:exhausted, and thus a stalemate will be reached and a situation will arise which will bring to anExternalisation, 193:- will need careful handling and a compromise reached between those nations which possess unlimitedExternalisation, 210:work and some way in which these people can be reached and swept into cooperative activity. WithExternalisation, 219:[219] and the end of the conflict more rapidly reached when there are only two parties and notExternalisation, 231:The day will come when again they will be reached, and this responsibility rests upon those GermansExternalisation, 248:be undertaken anew. In all lands they must be reached, if possible, and rehabilitated with wisdom,Externalisation, 257:illimitable powers to help, and Who can be reached by prayer and invocation. It is the potency andExternalisation, 259:apart from the fact that humanity has now reached the point in evolution where the expression ofExternalisation, 261:natural and everlasting abode. They cannot be reached by prayer or even by well formulated desire -Externalisation, 261:dwell ever in that high place which can only be reached by intentionally directed, selflessExternalisation, 267:than are the other two, and it is He Who can be reached by those who comprehend the nature ofExternalisation, 268:Lives are embodiments of service and can be reached by true servers with the appeal of service.Externalisation, 268:identification. The Lords of Liberation can be reached, therefore, by the call of the worldExternalisation, 269:to man. The Rider is one of our humanity Who has reached a predestined goal and Who - for very loveExternalisation, 270:and receptivity. Though They can [270] be reached relatively easily, it must be through the massedExternalisation, 270:minds. The Rider on the white horse can be reached by the individual aspirant if he can raise hisExternalisation, 274:You have, therefore: The Lords of Liberation, reached by the advanced spiritual thinkers of theExternalisation, 274:on the white horse or from the secret place, reached by those whose hearts are rightly touched. TheExternalisation, 274:The Lord of Civilization, the Master R., reached by all who, with the first two groups, can standExternalisation, 280:and of the power of the aggressors has been reached if the disciples and the men of goodwillExternalisation, 295:tension in the life of humanity has been reached. The Angel of the Presence and the Dweller on theExternalisation, 299:far greater and more important. They had reached the point where They could act as Transmitters ofExternalisation, 301:through the Lord of the World; They can only be reached by the united voices of the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 310:was the desired goal and that goal has now been reached. The right attitude is now present in manyExternalisation, 347:of the Wesak Festival May 1942 We have now reached the most important moment of the year. This yearExternalisation, 348:The first objective has been definitely reached. Today, at the Full Moon of May, many millionsExternalisation, 356:of Discipleship, and the Path of Initiation have reached the point where materialism andExternalisation, 359:(John 12:32). From the point they then will have reached, the world of spiritual perception, ofExternalisation, 360:Light." This means that when the personality has reached a point of purification, of dedication andExternalisation, 361:humanity as a whole, and today humanity (having reached maturity) can "enter into realization" andExternalisation, 361:during the past two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensive usefulness as the channelExternalisation, 363:and maya because the whole world problem has reached a crisis today and because its clarificationExternalisation, 368:the resources of Germany and of her allies have reached their peak, bringing enormous presentExternalisation, 384:Divine Will. This central Will-to-Good can be reached by the man whose own will-to-good is aExternalisation, 385:along these indicated lines and who could be reached simultaneously. They will form a body ofExternalisation, 389:of the new group of world servers who can be reached (there are countless numbers of whom you haveExternalisation, 389:the point of acutest suffering has been reached. It has, however, been the year in which theExternalisation, 432:the evolutionary process itself. A point can be reached in human development where acceptance ofExternalisation, 441:has gone into retreat for a month and cannot be reached even by the Masters until May 5th. He is inExternalisation, 448:to meet that need. Today a balance must be reached, and this will take place through the medium ofExternalisation, 463:the Christ gave us an example of One Who has reached the same goal; the Buddha left the world afterExternalisation, 473:plight of the unthinking but helpless masses has reached an inconceivable height of misery. TheExternalisation, 474:minded people of the world; Their appeal reached millions and culminated in May, 1936, in aExternalisation, 496:mobilizing of the human spirit against slavery, reached such a pitch of demanding energy that aExternalisation, 507:flow of the tide of its civilization been reached. History holds much glory for England and AmericaExternalisation, 512:those of the intelligent public who cannot be reached by means of ceremonial and symbolism, as inExternalisation, 513:gathering out of all the churches those who have reached the point in evolution where they canExternalisation, 515:some few will take the second. The race has now reached a point where many souls are on theExternalisation, 527:as the third planetary center, Humanity, has now reached a point of intelligent [528] developmentExternalisation, 547:in the Externalization 3. The world war then reached a final stage; the first stage was fromExternalisation, 559:Because the senior disciples and initiates have reached a goal which has seemed for long quiteExternalisation, 565:has evoked response. This invocative [565] work reached a high point of potency as a result of theExternalisation, 585:From the standpoint of the Master, they can be reached, impressed and directed, and most definitelyExternalisation, 585:and directed, and most definitely they are so reached; from their own standpoint they are simplyExternalisation, 601:work which is indicative of His coming has now reached a stage where nothing can arrest itsExternalisation, 608:for the intellects of men must now be reached and not just their hearts (as in the earlier days),Externalisation, 620:is particularly the case with people who have reached their fiftieth year or over; the trouble thenExternalisation, 648:of humanity, and its selfishness, had reached such vast proportions, and its effects were soExternalisation, 648:wrongly motivated, became such a clamor that it reached to spheres usually impervious to the soundsExternalisation, 649:the Hierarchy hopes. Humanity is deemed to have reached a point in evolution where much can beExternalisation, 651:matter. The moment that a point of balance is reached, the moment that those who stand forExternalisation, 651:reach a point upon mental levels; it has to be reached by those who can think, who can influence,Externalisation, 657:impress he becomes, and the human race has now reached a point of sensitivity never beforeExternalisation, 677:of which many earnest and willing aspirants reached the grade of accepted disciple; it producedExternalisation, 682:far more people than I could possibly have reached had I walked daily in the midst of the noise andFire, 16:eternal Lhas looked down, and the Sons of God reached forth. Down to the inmost point of death TheyFire, 17:fifth of the great Wheel the period set was reached. The lesser wheel, that responded to that fifth
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