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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACHED

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Rays, 325:concept as regards man's education when he has reached a relatively very advanced stage ofRays, 335:the inflow of an aspect of energy which never reached humanity at all and was not intended forRays, 346:will find that it has in it those who have not reached his particular point of wisdom and thoseRays, 348:on the Path. They are indicative of the point reached upon the Path of Evolution, as a result ofRays, 348:and should be common to all aspirants who have reached the point of facing discipleship; they areRays, 365:and joint registration of a unity not hitherto reached; the growth of the spirit ofRays, 367:centers are concerned with evolutions which are reached, controlled and related from one or otherRays, 369:the work of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom has reached its next cyclic crisis point. The crisisRays, 381:aeons when a certain percentage of human beings reached, through their own efforts, the stage (atRays, 382:the needed training. The process of creation had reached the evolutionary stage where the centersRays, 384:into being as the invocation of primitive man reached such a point of intensity of expression thatRays, 388:Ages must pass before this Will aspect will have reached the stage of unfoldment and expression onRays, 401:I also said that many Masters Who have reached liberation upon the fifth ray find Their way to thisRays, 401:the past crisis of the world war (1914-1945) it reached most serious proportions. The hierarchicalRays, 433:world of Triadal experience, until the point is reached where a straight continuity ofRays, 434:here because of the stage of development now reached by the human mind, because of theirRays, 462:It is interesting here to note that, having reached the developed human stage (integrated,Rays, 475:and soul is in process, but when it has reached a certain point it becomes apparent that aRays, 479:visual concept of the method whereby man has reached the stage of conscious life, of fullRays, 488:But now the right point of tension has been reached; the reservoir or pool of needed energy hasRays, 490:mounting potency, until the third stage is reached and the work passes out of the phase ofRays, 490:3. Projection. The task of the disciple has now reached a most critical point. Many aspirants reachRays, 500:of Christ. Humanity in the mass has therefore reached a point of emergence from darkness; it hasRays, 501:Thus you can see how the entire human family has reached a central and most important point uponRays, 501:the rays, but when the stage of Projection is reached, then the ray techniques begin to differ, andRays, 501:Process Until the stage of projection is reached, the methods employed by all disciples on all raysRays, 507:Will nature, when this point of attainment is reached, and is no longer in the love nature.Rays, 508:disciple building the antahkarana, and who has reached the stage of projection, should know hisRays, 520:after the stage of personality integration is reached, reacts with increasing consciousness of theRays, 521:hitherto its most potent activity has only reached the Hierarchy. Religion, the science ofRays, 524:took the sixth initiation. The Master Jesus reached the culminating experience of the Lighted Way,Rays, 526:the point in that development which had been reached. These Representatives of Deity have been ofRays, 529:the state of being which the initiate has now reached, as a result of the six stages of consciousRays, 529:goal of all the evolutionary processes has been reached, as far as humanity is concerned. TheseRays, 591:the three Buddhas of Activity. These great Lives reached Their present state of development in theRays, 607:distant future; this "point of emergence" is reached by right decision and as a result of a rightRays, 618:love of God into the hearts of men." We have now reached a point where the inevitability ofRays, 623:all men, that a "point of tension" has now been reached (of which the United Nations is a symbol)Rays, 634:come and a "point of emergence for mankind" be reached. The issue of aggression can be more clearlyRays, 637:- been many; a point of tension has now been reached of an extreme nature; how rapidly can thisRays, 657:sources on our planet; these have hitherto reached us via the Hierarchy. To these civilizationsRays, 716:direct impact upon humanity; heretofore, it reached mankind in the three worlds after being steppedRays, 736:- Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity - has reached a high stage of receptive efficiency, aRays, 761:blending of pain with pleasure, that the goal is reached, that goal that lies ahead, like a pointRays, 762:- power gained through work accomplished, power reached through conscious will. Through the cup ofRays, 766:of that inner door, the step unseen that must be reached, will meet the feet within the fringe ofReappearance, 8:Their lives, as are most of us. When They have reached that stage of spiritual decentralization,Reappearance, 29:possible only to those Sons of God Who have reached His rare point in evolution; it had no realReappearance, 29:"the end of the first period has not yet been reached." Here He was speaking as the Head of theReappearance, 47:work which is indicative of His coming has now reached a stage where nothing can arrest itsReappearance, 56:for the intellects of men must now be reached and not just their hearts (as in the earlier days) ifReappearance, 69:as it is called in all hierarchical circles, was reached during the period between the Full Moon ofReappearance, 73:its consequent decision, a point of tension was reached and it is in this state of spiritualReappearance, 100:form, the legend runs that when the Buddha reached enlightenment, and experience on Earth couldReappearance, 104:the concept of a great objective, only to be reached as the result of struggle and difficulty. HeReappearance, 108:and secure future. Wrong human relations have reached such a stage of difficulty that every phaseReappearance, 134:9.) This means that when the personality has reached a point of purification, of dedication and ofReappearance, 134:of humanity as a whole; today humanity (having reached maturity) can "enter into realization" andReappearance, 135:during the past two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensive usefulness as the channelReappearance, 158:hitherto its most potent activity has only reached the Hierarchy. Religion, the science ofReappearance, 168:is particularly the case with people who have reached their fiftieth year or over. It is an alibiSoul, 11:holding no brief for the tentative conclusions reached by the author of the book. The particularSoul, 42:years old and very mature, and apparently had reached the age of adolescence. He was abnormallySoul, 135:the control of the animal nature, and has reached a point where he is no longer swayed by moods andSoul, 141:by students of the Ageless Wisdom. When man has reached a fairly high state of evolution the throatSoul, 141:as organized, and he can be deemed to have reached his maturity. The psychologists tell us that theTelepathy, 31:with its divine underlying idea. When you have reached this final stage, hold your consciousnessTelepathy, 60:the fourth kingdom in nature, the human, has now reached the stage where it can begin to pass outTelepathy, 67:from Shamballa, and Humanity which is reached by the Hierarchy via the method of invocation andTelepathy, 106:factors: the educational background, the point reached in evolution, the mystical or the occultTelepathy, 113:Today, owing to the curious evolutionary stage reached in the human kingdom, an intermediate aspectTelepathy, 123:Eventually, a point of fusion is reached. [124] Telepathy, 141:owing to the advanced point in evolution reached by this disciple. Realizing that the etheric bodyTelepathy, 154:point in evolution which the man concerned has reached. This always means that several energies areTelepathy, 196:much to encourage the server. Humanity has now reached a point in development where there is a
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