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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACHES

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Astrology, 15:the constellations of the zodiac and whose force reaches us through these constellations and notAstrology, 22:whose [22] radiation - dynamic and magnetic - reaches our Earth, this effect is incidental andAstrology, 22:have is upon our planetary Logos and this effect reaches us through Him, pouring through that greatAstrology, 60:- through many turnings of the wheel of life - reaches the point of reversal and reorientation. TheAstrology, 61:and then upon the flight of the arrow, the man reaches Capricorn." Then comes the Crisis ofAstrology, 70:of Vulcan and Pluto. The influence of Vulcan reaches to the very depths of his nature, whilst PlutoAstrology, 91:through which the first Ray of Will or Power reaches our planetary life. Such pure types are rareAstrology, 93:the soul incarnates for the first time in form, reaches a point of equilibrium in Libra, in whichAstrology, 93:visioned goal is reached. In Capricorn, the man reaches either the height of personal ambition orAstrology, 148:and planetary service. This achievement reaches its goal at the third initiation and from that timeAstrology, 171:of the whole. In Capricorn, therefore, Jupiter reaches its lowest point of expression in theAstrology, 171:In Capricorn we have the triumph of matter; it reaches its densest and most concrete expression;Astrology, 269:the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict reaches us both through the Moon and through Mercury,Astrology, 269:Mercury, whilst the first Ray of Will or Power reaches us through Vulcan and through Pluto. TheAstrology, 281:the bridge or the antahkarana. In Virgo, Mercury reaches his full power, for Virgo is intelligenceAstrology, 348:an esoteric truth. This underlying love of Deity reaches our solar system primarily through Gemini,Astrology, 352:factors in our solar life, and this conditioning reaches us through Gemini. It is the effect of aAstrology, 362:between desire and spiritual will; in Libra this reaches a point of balance wherein the one whoAstrology, 382:and [382] the one in which the human being reaches the depths or attains the heights. Taurus is theAstrology, 391:There is therefore to the true Taurian who reaches illumination one link with the body and soulAstrology, 473:in the life of the self-conscious individual who reaches self-awareness in Leo; in the culturingAstrology, 530:and because the government of the peoples reaches down into the depths of each nation and isAstrology, 556:revealed to the Pilgrims the Endless Path which reaches to the Heart of the Universe. Man, then noAstrology, 559:longings. These gradually take shape until he reaches the stage of acquiescence and aspiration.Astrology, 559:is willing to be crucified upon that Cross. He reaches the stage of responsibility, self-awarenessAstrology, 591:dedicated to selfishness and blind to the higher reaches of divine expression. Mankind's so-calledAstrology, 614:the love nature. This begins to take place and reaches a relatively high stage of unfoldment uponAstrology, 648:two types of force, spiritual or logoic, which reaches Him... from the seven Rishis of the GreatAstrology, 668:must win the day before the present era reaches... Saturn's triple septenary of the western cycleAtom, 89:but that he is something still greater. Man then reaches the recognition which will lead him toAtom, 154:you can further predicate that the solar Logos reaches out to a consciousness beyond His ownAutobiography, 48:static; it is but a door opening on to vaster reaches of wisdom, achievement and understanding. ItAutobiography, 48:peak is seen emerging, hiding still vaster reaches of territory. Autobiography, 260:an inspiring experience, illuminating unknown reaches of consciousness and impelling the later moreAutobiography, 273:trusted to learn - usually by his mistakes. He reaches a much smaller public than the first, noisyBethlehem, 30:revealed to the Pilgrims the Endless Path, which reaches to the heart of the universe. Man, then noBethlehem, 141:human nature - physical, emotional and mental - reaches a point of possible synthesis. He thenBethlehem, 145:goal of the human race. That the future holds reaches of consciousness and standards of achievementBethlehem, 162:us to gather from these words that when a man reaches the point of recognizing and believing in theBethlehem, 217:joy, being more especially of the soul, reaches its consummation at the Transfiguration. ThoughBethlehem, 250:revealed to the Pilgrims the Endless Path, which reaches to the Heart of the Universe. Man, then noBethlehem, 275:can share in the "joy of the Lord" as the wider reaches of consciousness become his; he can knowDestiny, 105:and because the government of the peoples reaches down into the depths of each nation and isDiscipleship1, 52:- Part V There is an occult process which reaches its culmination in one of the higher initiationsDiscipleship1, 73:depend upon two things: 1. When the group reaches a certain stage of synthesis, then it will becomeDiscipleship1, 181:you to endeavor to express is that light which reaches others upon the wings of joy. I would remindDiscipleship1, 194:and towards what you do and say and think. This reaches; likewise, to your life on the astralDiscipleship1, 218:soul grows and expands its flower of life as it reaches towards the sun. It sends its beauty andDiscipleship1, 502:you and that, at this time, my protecting aura reaches out to you. It enfolds you. The aura ofDiscipleship1, 694:and connected with the lower nature, never reaches the Ashram at all. In the early stages,Discipleship1, 748:plane angle) which (vibrating along the thread) reaches the Master. These techniques are, however,Discipleship1, 756:which this vibratory activity of the Master reaches the disciple and draws him finally within theDiscipleship1, 758:of a Master's sphere of influence until he reaches a period wherein he consciously "knows" hisDiscipleship1, 764:one which is consciously registered when a man reaches the stages of discipleship and initiation.Discipleship1, 767:thing, brother of mine, when the disciple reaches this stage he is no longer what you understand byDiscipleship2, 141:Kumara downwards until the chain of Hierarchy reaches the individual disciple, leading him to aDiscipleship2, 193:must pour and from which spiritual energy reaches out on all sides. Also, if you will study andDiscipleship2, 203:ever before. When the work of the Invocation reaches a high stage of development and the climaxingDiscipleship2, The fu:great channel for the inflow of spiritual energy reaches from Shamballa to humanity and then,Discipleship2, 281:Plan in a wide and general sense, and finally reaches the point where he comes under the influenceDiscipleship2, 288:as the life which the "seeds" have manifested reaches the higher layers or brackets in the humanDiscipleship2, 393:sides by the world of souls and of men; its apex reaches to the highest levels of the Hierarchy;Discipleship2, 406:initiate - at and after the third initiation - reaches the point wherein he "undergoes initiation"Discipleship2, 428:The preceding [428] penetration of the energies reaches a point of focus upon the mental plane andDiscipleship2, 449:which appears just as the life within reaches the point of "breaking forth" into the light. It isDiscipleship2, 450:1944 BROTHER OF MINE: I believe that when this reaches you and you scan the interval between theseDiscipleship2, 456:individual may be demonstrating; only the good reaches us, except in the case of an entire groupDiscipleship2, 458:of a worldwide spiritual movement which (when it reaches momentum) results in unity for all. ADiscipleship2, 502:the choice with which the disciple is faced who reaches close to the three score years and ten ofDiscipleship2, 502:disciple, upon the problem of the man who reaches the age which you have reached. Shall he restDiscipleship2, 626:We identify ourselves with the form as its sound reaches us during the process of involution. WeDiscipleship2, 653:spiritual attitudes. The Cross, erected high, reaches from the pinnacle [654] upon which I standDiscipleship2, 708:coming from my Ashram you can count, but it reaches you through your soul, and therefore a closerDiscipleship2, 717:self. 11th month - The chain of Hierarchy reaches from heaven to earth and in that chain I am aDiscipleship2, 742:your forty-seventh year. By the time a disciple reaches the age of forty-nine his pathway of lifeDiscipleship2, 752:spiritual life - so much so that your vibration reaches upward so intensively at times as to soundEducation, 27:forms. It is, therefore, the path of life, which reaches from the monad to the personality, via theEducation, 28:the thread the spider weaves so amazingly. He reaches out still further into his possible [29]Externalisation, 22:fade out on the mental plane, or - if it reaches the world of emotion and of strong desire - theExternalisation, 54:that if ever the work of this fifth group reaches a stage where it is indeed a germ of a new ageExternalisation, 212:the moving screen of time with a vision which reaches into the future and is inclusive of the pastExternalisation, 215:working through a pronounced cruelty which reaches out and grasps what it wants, irrespective ofExternalisation, 266:note They strike and the quality They emanate reaches out and makes an impact upon the mostExternalisation, 273:or fosters the light in the head and the man reaches the stage of illumination. The reference inExternalisation, 295:there is a growing recognition that when mankind reaches the psychological point where, having doneExternalisation, 405:part of the world, and throughout the endless reaches of time itself, back into the limitless past,Externalisation, 606:Thus the direct line or thread of God's will reaches now from the highest place to the lowest pointExternalisation, 645:In the case of certain potent men, this energy reaches them directly, and is not stepped down forFire, 58:or nucleus of heat, and this central nucleus reaches the bounds of its sphere of influence, itsFire, 72:great interest attached to this subject and wide reaches of thought and vast fields forFire, 73:our closest attention, and open up before us reaches of ideas, which should eventuate in a wiserFire, 97:again up the side on our right hand until it reaches the lower mental level. It will be noted thatFire, 101:prana becomes colored by solar quality and reaches the furthest confines of the system. Its missionFire, 123:In the second stage this vitalizing blended fire reaches a center between the lower part of theFire, 125:the fire of mind burns more brightly and thus reaches a point where it begins to burn through theFire, 275:form holds hid a Life. Every life constantly reaches out after the similar life latent in otherFire, 287:and environment. As time progresses and man reaches a fair state of evolution, mind is more rapidlyFire, 310:certain sound of the logoic Word, when it [310] reaches the mental plane, causes a vibration in theFire, 329:of wisdom, and opens the door to those infinite reaches and to those cosmic expanses, where standFire, 371:a Heavenly Man at the end of the seventh round reaches full maturity, but requires the final
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