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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACHING

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Fire, 987:for the second aspect is only in process of reaching its vibratory consummation, whereas the thirdFire, 1092:on this earth, will not succeed in reaching their goal upon this planet. There is here aFire, 1112:on the Plane of Mind e. There is the energy reaching directly to the knowledge petals from theFire, 1114:(lunar and solar). a. The lowest form of energy, reaching this circle, emanates from the lowerGlamour, 2:possible when the soul, on its own level, is reaching in two directions: towards [3] the Monad, andGlamour, 59:the Noble Eightfold Path. It involves the reaching of a right mental altitude. Yes, I saidGlamour, 78:rich glamor is created which prevents Them ever reaching the disciple or his reaching Them. It isGlamour, 78:prevents Them ever reaching the disciple or his reaching Them. It is not possible to penetrate theGlamour, 155:the final stage is reached (and many are now reaching it today) the disciple strives with more orGlamour, 167:that revelation is that some potent and far-reaching results will be achieved by the merging ofGlamour, 246:of the solar system. Incidentally, in this far-reaching factual relationship, you have the basis ofGlamour, 249:of the potencies of the forces and energies reaching him astrologically, you will see what a sternHealing, 35:path) [35] we find the above three streams reaching a point of equilibrium, and thus producing anHealing, 81:body. It is a clearing house for all the forces reaching the physical body, provided the point inHealing, 81:the two small doors are open wide. Radiant and reaching forth with vibrant note to all relatedHealing, 146:stem of the lotus (the antahkarana, in reality) reaching up into "the seventh Heaven," thus linkingHealing, 151:center is to be found at the back of the neck, reaching up into the medulla oblongata, thusHealing, 161:days, has been reversed, and its petals are now reaching upwards towards the next center up theHealing, 174:seen, the petals of the solar plexus center are reaching upwards towards the heart center. This, inHealing, 177:When it is thus understood, then we shall be reaching the point where a great transference can takeHealing, 199:blood stream is responsible for this condition reaching every part of the body. Healing, 224:daily and will materially bring about far-reaching changes. These interracial and mixedHealing, 264:done in the past. They are demonstrating the far-reaching effects of the Law. Factually andHealing, 293:these are far too abstruse, elaborate and far-reaching in their theme, and can be studied andHealing, 340:years old and is an occult effect with far reaching results. I mention these three things becauseHealing, 465:those centers which are responsive to energies reaching them via the major centers; these then comeHealing, 571:appear. In the average human being, and before reaching perfection, the right eye transmits theHealing, 607:of this great natural law veils the far-reaching significances of its normal working. It says theHealing, 669:vast evil of war, with all its results and far-reaching effects, upon humanity. The Black Lodge isHealing, 672:is only possible after the fifth initiation, reaching a high point of expression at the sixthHealing, 713:the discovery have the faintest idea of the far-reaching effects of this momentous happening. FromHercules, 190:whereby the Masters would employ a new mode of reaching humanity, but he prepared the way for hisInitiation, 44:him flows the energy of the second aspect, reaching him direct from the heart center of theInitiation, 122:the working off of planetary karma, and the far reaching plans of that great Life who includes allInitiation, 154:it is immediately apparent that the A sound is reaching even the dense physical. 7. Within our ownInitiation, 157:sound and thus produce more united and far reaching results. Finally the three are blended into oneInitiation, 159:plane, and subsequently [159] the physical. Far reaching results are thus achieved, and the work ofInitiation, 162:Such is the great program and the opportunity reaching out before the sons of man, aye, and beforeIntellect, 44:for solution. A wide general system of education reaching down among the illiterate masses of theIntellect, 51:according to the eastern philosophy, and only on reaching a relatively high state of unfoldmentIntellect, 231:entirety the whole human nature to the game of reaching and turning that Key. I realize that thisMagic, 66:life prevents the teachers on egoic levels from reaching you. Endeavor therefore to remainMagic, 412:about effects upon the earth which are most far reaching. Now that centuries have elapsed since theMagic, 428:utter self-sacrifice which is so rare and so far-reaching in its effects. The casting of all thatMagic, 526:which awakens responsiveness to an outer and far-reaching field of contacts. It is that whichMagic, 533:the line of the greatest resistance and thereby reaching the summit of the mountain; pain is theMagic, 533:pain is the smashing of the form and the reaching of the inner fire; pain is the cold of isolationMagic, 633:these three groups doing much needed work and reaching through their united undertakings the massMeditation, 2:to the mental body, the threefold lower man is reaching his apotheosis, and has rung most of theMeditation, 2:the Higher Self, the channel of communication reaching in line direct, - via an unimpeded funnel,Meditation, 17:and the superlative musicians are in many cases reaching their goal that way. When the fifth ray,Meditation, 28:the fire itself. It is by meditation, or the reaching from the concrete to the abstract, that theMeditation, 65:When this is done, the vibratory effect is far reaching and certain reactions will occur. WhatMeditation, 163:known on our planet and their effects are far-reaching. As you know, each plane vibration respondsMeditation, 275:the extent of the work accomplished, and the far-reaching effect of the spoken word as enunciatedPatanjali, 353:carried forward to perfection and we are now reaching a climax. The seer has achieved thePatanjali, 363:in leaving the position in space it occupies and reaching the next point. The succession of momentsPatanjali, 402:The point ascends, lifting the two behind and reaching out the three and four towards that whichProblems, 66:The changes which are imminent are so far-reaching that it is apparent that the old economic valuesProblems, 88:this sense of separateness (with its many far-reaching effects) falls into two major categories;Problems, 93:battle of the minorities is going on; Russia is reaching out after influence in many directions;Problems, 130:for its many institutions and schools. A far-reaching and farsighted political program in whichProblems, 149:recognizing God immanent, and God in man reaching out to God in the Whole and greater than theProblems, 164:simultaneously and with understanding of the far-reaching implications, a great spiritual unityPsychology1, 103:aspect, that is the light from the soul realm, reaching us via the universal "chitta" or mindPsychology1, 103:I refer to a natural process with far-reaching effects. There are certain other fields of activityPsychology1, 149:of lives, manifesting in greater expression and reaching all the way from the tiny life called thePsychology1, 167:that each successive ray should have a great far-reaching religion as its outcome. We have heardPsychology1, 259:itself, and are the result of growth, of a reaching out and of an expansion. But the method usuallyPsychology1, 287:Today we have a world of men which is rapidly reaching a high stage of development. We havePsychology2, 26:is developing the "Aryan consciousness" and is reaching maturity. In the more advanced people ofPsychology2, 337:aspiration, his sense of [337] duality, and his reaching out after God, plus an intense devotion toPsychology2, 372:the truth must always be. Desire and aspiration, reaching out for that which is material or soaringPsychology2, 474:thinkers in the past and which have succeeded in reaching the astral plane; the ancient formsPsychology2, 572:methods which the Mind of God has devised for reaching the masses. The refusal to accept anyPsychology2, 629:new influences, who can grasp the nature and far reaching potentialities of this momentousPsychology2, 705:people will then bring about changes of such far-reaching importance that the culture of the futurePsychology2, 731:prevailing and seething misery, which is rapidly reaching boiling point. Let us not forget, if thisPsychology2, 750:today calling. It is your activity and skill in reaching those you can reach for which we makeRays, 54:in expressing the M and then the m, he will be reaching out after the Sound. Earlier I pointed outRays, 156:then no fear of his permanently turning back and reaching the left-hand path and so perhaps, inRays, 194:the two earlier rents in the veil. Whilst thus reaching out to the light, he wrote that epistleRays, 205:for the influence is wider and more far-reaching than that of a disciple, yet not as potent orRays, 237:reactionary forces), and the seething turmoil reaching throughout all levels of the humanRays, 240:worked with men very frequently through others, reaching humanity through the medium of His twelveRays, 240:or of enlightened enthusiastic will, is reaching humanity direct, via the New Group of WorldRays, 362:becomes responsive to the principle of buddhi, reaching him via the love petals of the egoic lotus;Rays, 362:all it is) of the possibility of an impression reaching him from the cosmic astral plane, viaRays, 424:humanity that has forced these events of so far-reaching a nature; mankind has also forcedRays, 475:of the Father. This is the final and far-reaching result of the building of the bridge which is, inRays, 479:There remains then only the vertical line "reaching from Heaven to Hell." The goal of the initiateRays, 579:astral body; this aspiration is occupied with reaching out towards contact with and expression ofReappearance, 75:the beginning of the 19th century, and which is reaching a new high at this time. A proportionateReappearance, 83:this is easily made but its implications are far-reaching and stupendous. At that time also, theReappearance, 119:requested - a stage of Christ-like perfection reaching unto the "Measure of the stature of theReappearance, 133:that revelation is that some potent and far-reaching results will be achieved by the merging ofReappearance, 181:worked with men very frequently through others, reaching humanity through the medium of His twelveSoul, 20:as the truth about [20] himself. It is a far-reaching induction, but a valid induction, supportedSoul, 68:the organisms created by it, it has succeeded in reaching. Different types of beings best serve itsTelepathy, 29:emitted thought-form, it can be prevented from reaching the mind. However, a transmitter with more
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