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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACTION

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Astrology, 29:- his response apparatus and his mechanism of reaction remain what is called "occultlyAstrology, 33:the kingdoms upon our planet. [33] Unconscious reaction will of course exist, but it will be on aAstrology, 142:know them to be the interplay and the action and reaction which are necessary for growth andAstrology, 142:and comprehension. The law of such action and reaction is the law with which he works. In Leo, aAstrology, 144:Experience. This is the place of action and of reaction, of karmic control and of response toAstrology, 146:particular sign and ray endowment and with the reaction of the man and his consequent enrichmentAstrology, 149:use them. Only the future will make clear man's reaction. According to other astrologers, the threeAstrology, 195:evidence (and as yet it is no more) of a reaction or a response to the spiritual will of deity asAstrology, 234:From these attitudes, there has been a violent reaction which is today at its height and this, inAstrology, 258:or in other words that God immanent evokes reaction from the form side and is thereby served. [259]Astrology, 270:sensitive and are, therefore, capable of a truer reaction and a more rapid response to the manyAstrology, 275:ocean of life. The world of astral glamor and reaction. The astral plane as a whole. The desire andAstrology, 278:vehicle of the soul. It accounts also for the reaction of the personality against this control. ItAstrology, 314:and to which He testified His understanding reaction in the triumphant utterance recorded in TheAstrology, 322:and eventually the watery life of emotional reaction is superseded by the life of true and ofAstrology, 323:time and not until the life of the form and the reaction to sensitive emotion-feeling has played anAstrology, 328:so from the angle of the mass mind and the mass reaction and not from that of the individual. ThisAstrology, 328:still unindividualised. It is the stage of mass reaction to the incoming of the Sons of Light. TheAstrology, 333:Recognition and work with the Plan Instinctual reaction Desire Will 2. Taurus, Keynote: TaurusAstrology, 355:its force, the third kingdom and produce that reaction which resulted in the individualizing or theAstrology, 357:our planet. This produces strain, action and reaction, and that condition of potent struggle and ofAstrology, 364:ritual was omitted. This is due to the fact of reaction, producing opposition and thereforeAstrology, 367:the immortal self or soul. Sensitivity and quick reaction are characteristic of people born withAstrology, 377:also the secret of right human relations. One reaction produces the onward rush of theAstrology, 379:the concrete form, producing in Taurus that reaction to desire and that onward rush and powerfulAstrology, 425:through still greater centers of vibratory reaction, or still greater Lives, functioning through anAstrology, 449:of the present conflict, for the reason that the reaction of that country (under the influence ofAstrology, 451:must at this time seek to find their dominant reaction in a planned response to the influence ofAstrology, 452:and intuitive understanding and not on emotional reaction. Where the above conditions are fulfiled,Astrology, 478:I have sought to awaken in your minds a reaction to the abstract truth lying behind the twoAstrology, 480:intent, and will not concern his negative reaction to the conditioning energies. Astrology, 496:of the developed man in Leo. Instinctual reaction gives place to conscious, intellectual activity.Astrology, 497:astrological theme. This, however, was the first reaction which I hoped to get from you. AstrologyAstrology, 527:which receives its impact so will be the reaction and activity and so will be the type ofAstrology, 623:toward that which is not material, we, in reaction to the differentiating mind, call Love. ButAtom, 99:a little and concern [99] ourselves with the reaction of the life within the form. If I can thusAtom, 102:even minerals show symptoms of awareness, of reaction to stimuli; that they manifest signs ofAtom, 102:to the mineral. In the animal kingdom a third reaction appears; not only is the animal showingAtom, 109:and yet we must remember that through [109] this reaction of the self to the not-self we inevitablyAtom, 126:or Gospel lines, and meet with a rapid reaction. Here the question of right or wrong does not enterAutobiography, 20:at [20] Torquay, Devonshire, because my major reaction to that event was summed up in my words toAutobiography, 22:I was [22] preoccupied all the time with my reaction to people and circumstances. I was theAutobiography, 30:I made a full confession, you will note. That reaction of hers gave me a new sense of values. ItAutobiography, 36:terms of personality success and importance. A reaction of over-stimulation. This reaction wasAutobiography, 36:importance. A reaction of over-stimulation. This reaction was succeeded by one in which theAutobiography, 64:for Theo's return. With my usual smug, religious reaction, I said, "If God means me to go He willAutobiography, 96:to the young, and how over emphasis is a natural reaction of youth. Autobiography, 101:that exacted the last atom of emotional reaction of which I am capable and, physically, life becameAutobiography, 199:wives to me - a perfect stranger. I suppose my reaction against this was based upon my BritishAutobiography, 200:and mother. Today we are suffering from the reaction to this. It is almost possible that youngAutobiography, 284:common sense. Occult obedience is a spontaneous reaction of the mind to the imposition of theBethlehem, 56:had sufficient confidence in men and in their reaction to world conditions so that He gave His SonBethlehem, 79:responsibility, they find no [79] understanding reaction to their demand for time to meditate. ItBethlehem, 90:the point in its development where a right reaction was possible. Zarathustra, to mention one suchBethlehem, 113:16.) tempted of the devil yet free from wrong reaction to the devil's suggestions. Thus He was aBethlehem, 138:self" is emerging through a study of the reaction of the outer active self to the activities ofBethlehem, 141:with its petty problems and its small reaction to events and persons, could no longer influence HimBethlehem, 151:and of humility is ever an outstanding [151] reaction of the mystics of all time to the revelationBethlehem, 155:focus of attention is in sensitive and sensuous reaction, that which is not true rapidly appears,Bethlehem, 165:might be regarded as a great, sad, spiritual reaction, inevitable and terrible, expressed by ChristBethlehem, 175:veiled in silence. All that is recorded is the reaction of those who knew and loved the Lord, andBethlehem, 193:has been a revolt; and in this really wholesome reaction there is the normal tendency to go tooBethlehem, 203:and helpful. This sense of evil and this reaction to good is again latent in the relationshipBethlehem, 263:the planned work of a vital evolving spirit. A reaction to the appearance of the kingdom mayDestiny, 14:and their point in evolution will be their reaction to this force and their consequent usefulnessDestiny, 22:and yet a definite and determined, sensitive reaction - to the energies playing upon humanity fromDestiny, 25:freedom or vaunted control is but the temporary reaction of a humanity which is swept by ideas,Destiny, 52:that as with individuals, so with nations - the reaction to an increasing influence of the soul rayDestiny, 54:in other parts of the world, but the Russian reaction and attitude to enforced rule and order hasDestiny, 102:which receives its impact so will be the reaction and activity, and so will be the type ofDestiny, 113:wherein it has been expressing itself, the reaction of the average human being is one of an intenseDestiny, 115:the instincts and transmuting instinctual reaction, translating it into intelligent perception. InDiscipleship1, 48:have the light which he has kindled draw forth a reaction from others; he wants to be known as aDiscipleship1, 49:had you? I refer not here to a solar plexus reaction but to heart knowledge. Ponder on thisDiscipleship1, 57:attitude which involves a certain "don't care" reaction and a form of indifference is one of theDiscipleship1, 57:that not one single thing which produces any reaction of pain or distress in the emotional bodyDiscipleship1, 69:astral plane. This level is [69] susceptible to reaction or response to that type of energy whichDiscipleship1, 79:same individual and am in no wise different. Any reaction upon your part will be a personalityDiscipleship1, 79:reaction upon your part will be a personality reaction and, therefore, to be recognized, dealt withDiscipleship1, 83:to the immediate need and not a sensitive reaction to a distant goal. Has accepted the Plan, asDiscipleship1, 101:agony. They understand the depths of the reaction of humanity; they comprehend and understand, forDiscipleship1, 118:naturally and normally an astral or an emotional reaction. In considering my group, I am impressedDiscipleship1, 119:you (as evidence from them of status) no [119] reaction practically, except a sense of well-beingDiscipleship1, 121:an effort to galvanize you to a greater oriented reaction to the urge of your soul and thus drawDiscipleship1, 125:to feel any personal satisfaction or prideful reaction but as a justified and right reward ofDiscipleship1, 164:is the attaining of a keener and more sensitive reaction to subtle and spiritual impression and toDiscipleship1, 170:the world personality and the glamor of your own reaction to this. Learn to register with equalDiscipleship1, 185:auric contact" is recognized and evokes reaction upon the objective plane in your immediateDiscipleship1, 201:not be found in any particular mental or astral reaction but in the response your entireDiscipleship1, 222:other people's lives. You know also the powerful reaction you can evoke from them. This is theDiscipleship1, 229:of experience they occur. Note, too, your reaction to them and their after-effect in your personalDiscipleship1, 256:hours (I speak not in terms of emotional reaction but of the alternates to the moments of altitude)Discipleship1, 260:for others, dispel the - loom and produce right reaction, based upon a clear seeing of the issuesDiscipleship1, 264:danger will be avoided. Rapidity of spiritual reaction in all the cells of the body is the word forDiscipleship1, 264:increase of capacity and later their individual reaction to you yourself. By this you will arriveDiscipleship1, 270:momentum in service and a more rapid spiritual reaction at all times should constitute the majorDiscipleship1, 278:that you find in yourself an antagonistic reaction. There is in you, and rightly so, aDiscipleship1, 331:development working out in a high emotional reaction, your personality polarization is emotional,Discipleship1, 334:and not by any phenomenal vision, response or reaction. An increase of love and understanding, aDiscipleship1, 335:nature and every glamorous, personality reaction and watch the light which will stream in from
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