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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACTION

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Discipleship1, 335:Is this line of thought or inner emotional reaction an essential or is it of no importance in theDiscipleship1, 342:is there not, my brother, that your constant reaction against receiving any outer help may at timesDiscipleship1, 353:just as the animal instinctual nature or the reaction of the mind to the array of facts, presentedDiscipleship1, 360:to it constantly; so great and so rapid is your reaction to the truth and to the inner realitiesDiscipleship1, 382:but are not interested in personality modes of reaction. A loving radiation and an intelligentDiscipleship1, 384:ever be the demonstration of skill in emotional reaction, and not so much the expression ofDiscipleship1, 395:with me. This has brought about an inevitable reaction to the rhythm and tendency of the mentalDiscipleship1, 398:joy? Can I see myself mentally, unbiased by any reaction from the emotional, personal self? Am IDiscipleship1, 400:different point of view and a totally different reaction to life affairs could ever be possible. IDiscipleship1, 403:body (working under second ray influence) with a reaction upon your third ray physical body. ADiscipleship1, 419:submerged by these forces and by the [419] reaction produced in his own environment. Frequently heDiscipleship1, 426:if you accept what I say and let not any reaction to spiritual pride negate the import of my words.Discipleship1, 428:this incarnation, of sufficient power to evoke a reaction in all the three vehicles of theDiscipleship1, 430:any event? Can I see mentally, unbiased by any reaction from the emotional personal self? Do I everDiscipleship1, 444:Can I observe myself mentally, unbiased by any reaction from the emotional personal self? If I useDiscipleship1, 448:in spite of any interludes of aridness and of reaction which might come your way. All life isDiscipleship1, 449:which may serve to illustrate my point was your reaction to the ---. For several days I watchedDiscipleship1, 451:applied being evoked under the law of action and reaction, and then utilized by those who see theDiscipleship1, 468:Your ray combinations lead to a quick reaction to the existent forms instead of leading to a longDiscipleship1, 492:you feel, physically and emotionally, with your reaction to people and environment and with theDiscipleship1, 493:let me at the same time remind you that any reaction of depression as the result of my words willDiscipleship1, 504:you, for you see them ever in relation to their reaction to you and not from the angle of what youDiscipleship1, 506:retreat into the secret garden an instantaneous reaction when distressed and stay not there for aDiscipleship1, 511:in ratio to the testing applied and his reaction to it. This is not one of your failings. Your saneDiscipleship1, 512:failure in a divine expression? Is your reaction to people in general kindly or critical? Are youDiscipleship1, 514:plane of soul experience, there is an inevitable reaction on the plane of daily life. For this youDiscipleship1, 526:in a state of glamor and is purely a personality reaction. As a soul, you are strong in knowledge;Discipleship1, 541:a fuller life of service and a less satisfied reaction to your personality environment andDiscipleship1, 556:as yet the most inhibited, is that of emotional reaction. Be not afraid of emotional devastation,Discipleship1, 557:personality desire and its most desired sentient reaction. Joy is the quality of soul life and thatDiscipleship1, 587:there is no sense of being apart, no critical reaction and no superior observation. Your first rayDiscipleship1, 589:you to clarify your own mind and upon your reaction to what I shall say and upon your replies toDiscipleship1, 616:more consciously the danger and a more swift reaction to it when it appears. Late last summer [617]Discipleship1, 622:if to all that, you add the capacity of reaction to the emotional needs of others, you willDiscipleship1, 626:type errs in not giving enough thought to the reaction of others to what he says and does; heDiscipleship1, 647:It also evokes in you at times a violent reaction to that which seems incorrect, inharmonious andDiscipleship1, 659:a "hard saying," brother of mine? If I have, the reaction to hardness is on your side and not mine,Discipleship1, 663:held dear. Each of them produced a subsequent reaction wherein it seemed that all was dark, andDiscipleship1, 708:with himself, with his service, with his reaction to the Master or the promise of future contactDiscipleship1, 709:difficult task of all because of the habitual reaction to the familiar and the need to do twoDiscipleship1, 729:to work unimpeded. This covers the individual reaction to the Ashram personnel. But where all theDiscipleship1, 731:as "agents for experiment." According to their reaction to the imparted truths and Plan, accordingDiscipleship1, 737:to evoke the direct response and the conscious reaction of the disciple. Along with theseDiscipleship1, 738:to protect the larger Ashram as a whole from the reaction of those who are learning to work inDiscipleship1, 767:between Master and disciple. The normal reaction is that at last the disciple has merited the rightDiscipleship2, 4:go forward. [4] The sense of criticism and wrong reaction to each other's knowledge is rapidlyDiscipleship2, 13:to the Observer within. This however is but the reaction of the [14] personality to undue pressureDiscipleship2, 45:and the inner world of meaning. His first reaction then is that he is alone; he has broken with theDiscipleship2, 61:of the Hierarchy as a whole, and the consequent reaction upon humanity, again as a whole, is not aDiscipleship2, 63:and relationship are based upon vibratory reaction, and the potency of the united vibration of theDiscipleship2, 63:into its ranks of disciples and aspirants. The reaction, later to be sensed by them, of the massedDiscipleship2, 67:D.E.I. to this fact because it accounts for his reaction during the past two years and has led himDiscipleship2, 68:whatsoever. What is referred to is the reaction of the disciple to world evil. This producesDiscipleship2, 69:types of ability that he looks, and not at the reaction of the personality. This is hard, if notDiscipleship2, 78:of the Plan, and not by the disciple's reaction to his aspiration. The attentive world has also toDiscipleship2, 135:Ashram (which is the Hierarchy itself) this reaction to impression from Shamballa is arrived at asDiscipleship2, 156:significance. I am anxious to ascertain your reaction to these words, and am asking you for oneDiscipleship2, 157:idea in this Invocation. It is there. From your reaction to this Invocation, and your ability toDiscipleship2, 165:and so all-inclusive that their normal reaction should be patience and a willingness to refrainDiscipleship2, 172:seeks to over-shadow his disciples, a different reaction will be looked for. It is because of thisDiscipleship2, 180:as a whole began to "share in the heart's reaction." This happened so generally and so acutely thatDiscipleship2, 180:endeavor to realize not only your individual reaction, but to [181] recognize also the symbolicDiscipleship2, 212:inspiration of the Hierarchy; your instinctual reaction to hierarchical impression as a member ofDiscipleship2, 238:It is in the nature of a spontaneous mutual reaction - a reaction which is evoked by the immediateDiscipleship2, 238:the nature of a spontaneous mutual reaction - a reaction which is evoked by the immediate responseDiscipleship2, 250:and of still greater value. The first reaction is called the "Formula of Revelation" and is relatedDiscipleship2, 250:and form the astral body of the group. When this reaction has been established (and a spirit ofDiscipleship2, 257:and in the true group within the Ashram: The reaction which is called the "formula of revelation."Discipleship2, 257:One of these I have already given to you. The reaction called the "discovery of the point withinDiscipleship2, 263:- automatic and inevitable; I used this word "reaction" in my last instruction. These reactions areDiscipleship2, 307:What, therefore, will be the quality of their reaction to what their developed understanding willDiscipleship2, 310:divine blueprints and in response to a sensitive reaction to spiritual impression. I have also toldDiscipleship2, 351:of the incoming disciples. Group work, group reaction and group possibilities are carried to theirDiscipleship2, 358:immediate results of world affairs; from their reaction, from the quality of their recognition ofDiscipleship2, 389:next revelation that the excitement and the reaction are forgotten. He then discovers to hisDiscipleship2, 401:a steady fusion of these three, an increasing reaction to the Light of the World, and an ability toDiscipleship2, 446:them as a result of the war and your personality reaction to that war, and a few of them as aDiscipleship2, 447:and in your established habits have offset much reaction. This is, perhaps, just as well. Then,Discipleship2, 462:before you yourself will recognize difference of reaction and lessened emotional activities. ThisDiscipleship2, 464:the fate of your country and in your sensitive reaction to racial strain, the import of hisDiscipleship2, 472:personality simultaneously. There is a reaction in his etheric body, in his emotional vehicle andDiscipleship2, 473:times fail to grasp or understand the Occidental reaction. But the [474] remark above is not simplyDiscipleship2, 485:group itself would probably show that the major reaction is a blend of two reactions: first of all,Discipleship2, 497:met the advances of your soul. This personality reaction you are learning rapidly, as a consciousDiscipleship2, 502:or less are of no import in the eternity of soul reaction. Therefore, a decision to relax, to holdDiscipleship2, 515:aptly your sensitive reactions to us. This reaction will be felt in your soul as a completeDiscipleship2, 519:for you, and I shall be interested to note your reaction to this word and practice and the changesDiscipleship2, 522:problem, and your entire emotional and mental reaction to war and its happenings has well-nighDiscipleship2, 524:(at least for those three days) every kind of reaction to human happenings. Aim at a point ofDiscipleship2, 530:and a search for meaning begins to parallel your reaction to love and fearlessness. YourDiscipleship2, 533:test in your life. In consequence of the reaction of the personality, of the soul test thusDiscipleship2, 549:the Ashram always conveys, and new in his joyous reaction to the recognition given him by those toDiscipleship2, 570:understanding and also to criticism. Your first reaction is one of intense pain of beingDiscipleship2, 570:as well as to your spiritual life. Your second reaction is a silent acceptance of the criticism orDiscipleship2, 570:this time you will waste no time in any futile reaction or self-defense and for the good of yourDiscipleship2, 582:to the seventh, for there is a close creative reaction or impulsive interplay between the two, andDiscipleship2, 586:for the disciple, is a quick spiritual reaction to the Plan as it emanates from the Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 603:to the fact that sensitivity and a conscious reaction to the impress of all the vehicles in theDiscipleship2, 613:Shrink not from the results, but see to it that reaction to contact with you and with your band ofDiscipleship2, 614:clearly), into two parts: the problem of your reaction to the minorities question, and the problem
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