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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACTION

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Discipleship2, 614:likely. What really lies at the root of your reaction? Let me tell you. It is a latent, unsuspectedDiscipleship2, 620:sense of insincerity and thus evokes from them a reaction that leaves you alone. This in its turnDiscipleship2, 620:to be and that they are not right in their reaction to you. Having pointed this out to you, isDiscipleship2, 621:detected as are the cruder forms of personality reaction. I would suggest, therefore, that youDiscipleship2, 623:of sensory perception. There can be much feeling reaction without emotion. There can be no emotion,Discipleship2, 624:Astral energy - the energy of sensitive feeling reaction - has for millions of ages been thrownDiscipleship2, 624:If it is not pleasurable, but painful, then the reaction is desire for the cessation of theDiscipleship2, 624:of glamor and of illusion which reveals man's reaction [625] to it all, and this we call emotion.Discipleship2, 625:thought-forms thus created (embodying the mind's reaction to the world of feeling) can be soDiscipleship2, 628:you may err in understanding or in prompt reaction to spiritual opportunity. That is inevitable,Discipleship2, 632:light." In these phrases is embodied the first reaction of the new disciple to the dual life toDiscipleship2, 639:order to clarify the mind; quiet all emotional reaction and endeavor to make your brain receptiveDiscipleship2, 640:the other attitude sets the note for the mental reaction. This I think you know and are workingDiscipleship2, 657:it. If you have not developed an instinctual reaction to it at this time, then there is little thatDiscipleship2, 666:lines of approach. To you, the dream is the reaction of a high grade imparted knowledge and worldDiscipleship2, 671:your life expression. Wisdom, blended with love. Reaction to the consciousness of the Hierarchy.Discipleship2, 672:my brother, are several of this group). Your reaction to this was normal - as far as your humanDiscipleship2, 678:no importance except as they indicate a strong reaction on your part of almost violentDiscipleship2, 682:that the basis of your feeling lies in your reaction to the short instruction I gave you earlier inDiscipleship2, 682:as a criticism. Your sensitivity and your reaction to glamor tunes you in very frequently on aDiscipleship2, 683:comfortable superficially. If I induced that reaction in you, I would not merit your confidence andDiscipleship2, 691:framework of Experience. 2nd month... Fluidity. Reaction to new Impression. 3rd month... TheDiscipleship2, 696:thing you are very apt to do, and it is a normal reaction. Why not welcome Transition? Learn toDiscipleship2, 707:Can your imagination picture to you your reaction when - because you are the leader - you have toDiscipleship2, 732:the day's affairs will give you no time for any reaction to glamor; your mind and desire [733]Discipleship2, 738:responsibility of the individual to life. The reaction of the individual to karma, personal andDiscipleship2, 749:- the very existence of that which causes the reaction of fear. It is not the "little wills of men"Discipleship2, 752:from a sense of inferiority and its consequent reaction of a carefully considered defenseDiscipleship2, 752:is present but is rendered ineffective by your reaction to the outer details of physical planeEducation, 3:a child's caliber has been largely gauged by its reaction to accumulated information (whereEducation, 3:Geography has been based on a similar reaction to an idea of expansion, and through it the childEducation, 10:latent capacity for one or other of the arts, a reaction to color and form, or a response to musicEducation, 13:when seen in the young, are frequently the reaction of their very sensitive response apparatus toEducation, 19:soul activity in other lives, and the effect of reaction to environing conditions. The increasingEducation, 39:major agent in the world. Civilization is the reaction of humanity to the purpose of any particularEducation, 42:opposite is being imposed today, and in the reaction - normal, right and developing - man is layingEducation, 83:of youth from the angle of the instinctual reaction of the children, their intellectual capacityEducation, 105:in humanity and has produced an almost abnormal reaction to a freedom and a license which areExternalisation, 4:illumination, it will also bring about states of reaction and the letting loose of psychic forcesExternalisation, 29:of God which Christ enunciated and the emotional reaction of the masses to His life, His message,Externalisation, 29:potent, there is to be found a powerful human reaction to schools of thought and a lessenedExternalisation, 29:reaction to schools of thought and a lessened reaction to the methods of orthodox religion. This isExternalisation, 55:"deeper Being" evokes an immediate response and reaction. There is consequently much need forExternalisation, 59:will be the major theme. Soul sensitivity and reaction to the energy in any form will be theExternalisation, 86:of nations and of individuals, so will be their reaction to the five kinds of inflowing forces. TheExternalisation, 94:world. Will the response of humanity and the reaction of these groups be such that a network ofExternalisation, 110:necessitates head knowledge as well as heart reaction. The disciples of the world today mustExternalisation, 120:was material and a capacity for emotional [120] reaction began to develop. Hitherto, in LemurianExternalisation, Esoter:the second group of changing ideologies and of reaction to mass need, you will find France,Externalisation, 147:and unhappy world conditions and an emotional reaction at pain and horror and fear. In many ways,Externalisation, 147:and fear. In many ways, this has been a normal reaction to world tension and was to be expected.Externalisation, 165:which is basically an action, producing reaction. This demonstrates as the first great creative andExternalisation, 172:I refer not to happiness, which is a personality reaction, [173] but to that joyous confidence inExternalisation, 174:of Peace will be potent in evoking a desirable reaction, and will serve also to blend into closerExternalisation, 201:may be called) there is a general similarity of reaction. Forms of religion are so different, andExternalisation, 221:of steadfast love (not sentiment or emotional reaction) to men and women everywhere, without anyExternalisation, 272:divinity, basing it on right contact and right reaction to contact. Thus there will be developedExternalisation, 277:[277] who can walk in the light, and whose major reaction is love of humanity, will comprehend theExternalisation, 289:in these simple words the instinctive spiritual reaction of man and of the undying human spirit toExternalisation, 290:reward and result of revelation. Progress. The reaction of the individual man and of the masses ofExternalisation, 290:recognition of spiritual Being. It may be the reaction of man to some new teaching, some furtherExternalisation, 291:the desired effect upon humanity, evoking a reaction, producing a needed stimulation and, as it isExternalisation, 291:and the civilization of mankind. The response or reaction of humanity to the divine MessengerExternalisation, 292:made. History is but the record of man's cyclic reaction to some inflowing divine energy, to someExternalisation, 351:Their work is with the Hierarchy, and the reaction of humanity to Their activity will come onlyExternalisation, 360:by the merging of light and love, and by the reaction of "lighted substance to the attractive powerExternalisation, 381:era. Many people think that an emotional reaction and clamoring outcry of horror at what hasExternalisation, 391:is - under the Law of Balance and of Action and Reaction - a paralleling spiritual activity. TheExternalisation, 411:work, therefore, there is now possible a deeper reaction to, and a broader comprehension of theExternalisation, 412:reality the imposition of a new rhythm or habit reaction upon the cells of the brain which rendersExternalisation, 424:determinations - under the Law of Action and Reaction - have evoked a more rapid response from theExternalisation, 432:react to truth or to lies; the mystery of this reaction is hidden in the evolutionary processExternalisation, 443:or discard to your shame and eventual karmic reaction. Only this will I say: Get rid ofExternalisation, 492:on Their high plane, and it gradually causes a reaction in the various departments of theExternalisation, 524:on and beyond that level have transcended reaction along these lines, whilst those below the thirdExternalisation, 533:register no sense of disunion or the faintest reaction to separateness. At Shamballa, the GreatExternalisation, 533:but in terms of one great divine and spiritual reaction. This idea can perhaps be best understoodExternalisation, 545:even greater importance. The first one is the reaction of the Hierarchy itself to the newExternalisation, 552:Invocation will inevitably bring it to us. The Reaction of the Hierarchy to Shamballa. ReasonsExternalisation, 613:may be, it is most difficult to solve. Your reaction to what I have to say will depend upon theExternalisation, 635:upon a cross. Men must save themselves by their reaction and their response to the teaching givenExternalisation, 637:- one of them bad and the other good. The bad reaction is based on the same old triplicity of [638]Externalisation, 638:a major difficulty. Think this out. The good reaction is based on the frustration of the idea orExternalisation, 650:humanity and the Hierarchy. This is due to their reaction to spiritual hope, to the expectancy andExternalisation, 650:the responsiveness among men develop, and if the reaction is that which is hoped for, it will beFire, xiii:of all time. It should tend to bring about a reaction in favor of a system of philosophy which willFire, xiii:however, that under the Law of Action and Reaction, the long period of materialistic thought hasFire, 108:fire and water, which has its basis in the reaction of the fire latent in matter, to the fireFire, 145:law governing the interplay or the action and reaction. Between the Sun and its six brothers.Fire, 191:ears, the product of physical plane action and reaction. This would necessarily be so, owing to theFire, 240:produces heat and radiation and calls forth a reaction from its [241] opposite "electric fire" orFire, 286:that which we call instinct, or the habitual reaction of some type of consciousness to a given setFire, 292:adjusted and controlled by the Law of Action and Reaction. It brings within His control not onlyFire, 488:method need to be carefully considered and their reaction visualized in connection with differentFire, 491:stage of the procedure) through the subsequent reaction within the atom itself, which produces anFire, 499:causal body on cosmic levels, with a consequent reaction, repolarization and alignment of His bodyFire, 656:also, through the study of the Law of Action and Reaction, which of the incarnating Egos were onFire, 718:which our Logos represents. It also produces a reaction or "occult recognition" in the prototype ofFire, 718:in the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and this reaction in cosmic circles will persist until theFire, 755:of the nearing of this event will be seen in the reaction which will be set up during the next
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