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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REACTION

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Psychology1, 356:to the love of God, and registered an innate reaction to the heart of God. Today, under the fifthPsychology1, 385:that as with individuals, so with nations, - the reaction to an increasing influence of the egoicPsychology1, 386:than elsewhere in the world, but the Russian reaction and attitude to [387] enforced rule and orderPsychology1, 389:interest shown in psychism and psychology is a reaction to that ray of influence, and though it isPsychology1, 425:until it has produced in the animal world that reaction to life and to environment which can bestPsychology2, 5:what might be regarded symbolically as the brain reaction and [6] response to cosmic purpose, - thePsychology2, 6:and [6] response to cosmic purpose, - the brain reaction of God Himself. Psychology2, 35:to the ray type or quality, so will be the reaction of the life to the great stages ofPsychology2, 36:and the Seven Ray Types We will express the reaction of these seven ray types to the process ofPsychology2, 42:one's own, Suspicion of people's motives, Rapid reaction to glamor and illusion, Emotional devotionPsychology2, 43:through the expansion of consciousness; Reaction to, and sympathy with, the point of view ofPsychology2, 57:the occult angle. Consciousness is literally the reaction of active intelligence to the pattern.Psychology2, 63:the set of qualities, the type of mental reaction, and the character with which any given subjectPsychology2, 143:within which changes can eventuate, nor the reaction of humanity to any given point of revelation. Psychology2, 145:response to an idea upon his fellow men and the reaction of a group to an idea, producing groupPsychology2, 151:is not produced by the conscious or unconscious reaction of man, to these basic influences - thePsychology2, 178:light." The major indication is, however, their reaction to the Law of Group Progress. It is thisPsychology2, 196:Servers, and was the cause of the very good reaction in the world to their particular impulse. ThisPsychology2, 198:been dealing: Law Effect General Physical Effect Reaction Quality Physical Plane Unity - ThePsychology2, 200:serenity is not an astral condition but a soul reaction. These qualities are not achieved as thePsychology2, 200:nature, but demonstrate as a natural, automatic reaction of the soul. This is the reward of aPsychology2, 212:a new form, that of infant humanity. It was the reaction of that kingdom, as expressed through itsPsychology2, 213:and a waste of time. What really occurred was a reaction throughout the entire animal kingdom toPsychology2, 261:to a recognition of its essential freedom, the reaction against the dogmatism of the Church, thePsychology2, 301:upon instinctual behavior (which is largely a reaction of the physical body) and upon all thePsychology2, 355:with wonder the significance of that familiar reaction of finding no satisfaction in the familiarPsychology2, 382:of soul control in response to a living reaction to its sensed pull or call. [383] The motive ofPsychology2, 395:a soul and as a mind, involving also the brain reaction, then he will understand the purpose ofPsychology2, 428:perhaps but none the less there. They are the reaction of the integrated aspects to that aspectPsychology2, 433:of the soul values, have brought about a bad reaction to the whole subject in the minds ofPsychology2, 441:with an inferiority complex. This is the reaction of the lower, integrated aspects to the higherPsychology2, 453:here that all stimulation is based upon the reaction (or the power to receive and register) of thePsychology2, 453:relation to the higher. It is not based upon the reaction of the higher to the lower. Upon thisPsychology2, 474:evokes the renewed and the reawakened active reaction from the lower powers. It is as [475]Psychology2, 480:Plan. This inherent, instinctual, spiritual reaction is being exploited today by many well meaningPsychology2, 483:and leaves no scope for free will. This is a reaction on a large scale, from the one dealt withPsychology2, 485:plan is dependent upon the sensitive reaction which can be developed and made permanent between aPsychology2, 511:but seek for the reason of the undesirable reaction against them in the latent inertia of thePsychology2, 558:has not yet developed the higher ones. Hence the reaction to be seen on every hand today to suchPsychology2, 579:are frequently normal and there is no mental reaction of any kind and, therefore, no undue strainPsychology2, 591:possible and producing that action and reaction which converts the mechanism of man into anPsychology2, 619:forms of difficulty, misunderstanding and group reaction - it is along the line of love and not ofPsychology2, 620:subjective link and not so much by the emotional reaction induced by outer contact. I would ask youPsychology2, 625:greater their sensitivity the more complex their reaction and the more complicated and disastrousPsychology2, 674:World Servers must be discovered through their reaction to these ideals; they must be trained inPsychology2, 703:to experience a sense of disappointment, a reaction which was almost equivalent, in some cases, toPsychology2, 712:the majority. If there is nothing deeper in your reaction than those I have mentioned, then thesePsychology2, 713:It is based on astral sensitivity and astral reaction to the many thought forms found upon thePsychology2, 721:first effects is the stabilizing of emotional reaction. Influential and potent forces pouring in atPsychology2, 742:which can have, at the same time, an immediate reaction. This success and this reaction arePsychology2, 742:an immediate reaction. This success and this reaction are dependent upon all of you who are awareRays, 12:indicate their basic wickedness and their prompt reaction to that which is counter to the good.Rays, 13:world situation is simply an embodiment of the reaction and the response by mankind to greatRays, 35:That is why Hitler, the exponent of the reversed reaction to Shamballa (and consequently the evilRays, 35:reaction to Shamballa (and consequently the evil reaction) had to gather around him a group ofRays, 37:meaning. But that still remains an individual reaction. The aspirant who is seeking to comprehendRays, 45:not associated with these aspects of personality reaction at all. The esoteric significance ofRays, 66:know, patterns of behavior, of conduct and of reaction. This establishes what might be calledRays, 66:at recollection. The habit of goodness, or right reaction and of instinctual understanding isRays, 75:of spiritual happenings and their inevitable reaction upon the whole body of humanity is in no wayRays, 110:it is based on realization of the plan and on reaction to the purpose as sensed by those who areRays, 127:from the slavery of ideas, from a fanatical reaction to any truth or spiritual leader, and from theRays, 143:who knows? Light can be regarded as a symptom, a reaction to the meeting and consequent fusion ofRays, 162:stands free from its control. Sensitivity and reaction to contact in the three worlds has beenRays, 168:no effort of his own but simply as a spontaneous reaction. I have emphasized the above because inRays, 173:Christ constitutes the first attempt to convey reaction to contact with Shamballa, and can beRays, 181:These characteristics are, however, only the reaction of humanity to the activities of the devaRays, 198:of "identical participation," which evokes no reaction from the Master or the [199] Master of theRays, 209:of sentiment - that curious, emotional reaction and relationship which links all the members of aRays, 209:is what we mean by sentiment, and this emotional reaction must disappear as a preliminary stage. IRays, 211:utterly rooted out and destroyed is that of all reaction towards recognition, whether thatRays, 212:think in terms of results and is unaware of the reaction of the world to his work as an individualRays, 226:and the establishing of a defined group reaction to the divine purpose or will; this resultsRays, 231:with wisdom and understanding. It is the reaction of modern man to the ancient forces whichRays, 235:degree of evolutionary response and of sensitive reaction to impact. The response and the reactionsRays, 237:All the postwar planning, the widespread reaction to ideals (in spite of all the efforts of theRays, 243:of humanity, is the outstanding conscious reaction to environment of the fourth kingdom in nature,Rays, 265:no differences and is aware of no separate reaction, and all this because the instinct toRays, 283:and only those who have dominated sentient reaction upon all levels of the cosmic physical planeRays, 305:the removal of all obstacles. Violent emotional reaction. Revenge, hate, acquisitiveness andRays, 306:worlds. This, in due time, may produce a form-reaction to which we may give the name of death. ButRays, 312:the heart; it is at the same time coupled with a reaction which emanates from the sacrifice petalsRays, 348:unavoidable developments and connote simply the reaction of the personality to time and experience.Rays, 379:supervision of daily activity, the instinctive reaction of all within the Ashram to the rayRays, 407:of conscious responsiveness and sensitive reaction to all the higher impressions. Second: TheseRays, 439:hope from this statement - all this agonizing reaction to the spiritual urge will be left behind.Rays, 468:aided by the soul; this in time evokes a reaction from the Triad. There is far too much inertiaRays, 473:which would produce in you an understanding reaction. I simply, make the esoteric assertion; laterRays, 477:awareness and - as a result - desire and reaction were the keynotes. Active sensitivity as aRays, 500:from darkness; it has itself evoked the reaction of the powers of evil, and hence their attempt toRays, 518:assumes, and demonstrate a kind of instinctual reaction to a new realization which is coming intoRays, 546:be permitted to reach the Master with his own reaction to the impression. Then comes the finalRays, 554:the human spirit. This evoked a prompt reaction from the Forces of Evil which had created and "heldRays, 554:Their appearance evoked an immediate reaction from the Spiritual Hierarchy, and experiencedRays, 579:devoted adherence to truth as sensed, profound reaction to the physical disciplines (imposed sinceRays, 579:in the world today) are created by a triple reaction to the two streams of energy mentioned above:Rays, 582:of all - to the crystallizing of thought, a reaction to imprisoning ideologies, and a fanaticalRays, 582:to the Plan of the Hierarchy; all emotional reaction to the Hierarchy of Masters fades out, and theRays, 597:the mind has acted as an organizer of astral reaction and as a [598] dispeller of glamor. TheRays, 606:according to their desire and their emotional reaction, which is present in the essential duality
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