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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - READ

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Psychology1, xx:for the aiding of his brethren. Could all who read this book see the results of such a unitedPsychology1, xx:and formulas for its control. How many who have read the teaching profited by the informationPsychology1, 9:from your intuitively aware Self. In any case, read slowly; apply the laws of analogy and ofPsychology1, 43:national, racial, human and psychological. As we read, ponder and study, the dim outlines of thePsychology1, 57:Thus we have three things to bear in mind as we read and study: The synthesis of life - spirit. ThePsychology1, 75:returning on itself. The great scroll can now be read. God's purpose and His plans are fixed, andPsychology1, 75:purpose and His plans are fixed, and man can read the form. The plan takes form. The plan is form.Psychology1, 79:this as I am exceedingly anxious that all who read this treatise should make application of thisPsychology1, 114:group member, but all of it is open and can be read, known and considered by every other member inPsychology1, 157:recognition. It is not the multitude of words read which is of moment, but the accuracy of thePsychology1, 190:to cooperate with the needed intelligence. Read therefore constructively and not critically,Psychology1, 241:itself in the astral plane. Those who seek to read the akashic records, or who endeavor to workPsychology1, 271:at any time by any student who has the time to read, the intelligence to see clearly and withoutPsychology1, 395:what happened in the following terms, and as you read the measured cadences of that ancient script,Psychology2We must, therefore, bear in mind that, as we read and consider this treatise on psychology, we arePsychology2, 21:This must never be forgotten by any who may [21] read this Treatise on the Seven Rays. An initiate,Psychology2, 73:of the whole. These words are easily written and read; they embody, however, the task of allPsychology2, 98:there is ever a risk, for men interpret all they read and hear and experience in terms ofPsychology2, I can:not found on the other planets. Those who have read The Secret Doctrine and A Treatise on CosmicPsychology2, 162:Many an earnest student (such as those who will read this Treatise) has found it of advantage toPsychology2, 166:Seek out your Bibles, and study this tale, and read for yourselves the pilgrim's way. The effect ofPsychology2, 228:life. Let us bear these thoughts in mind as we read and study. These rules express themselves withPsychology2, 242:as yet attuned to the higher values. For all who read this, could they but grasp it, this is thePsychology2, 283:who are coming into incarnation and who will read with a more accurate understanding than isPsychology2, 393:lies far ahead for the majority of students who read these words. This condition has been describedPsychology2, 520:Stimulation of the Centers Those of you who have read my other books and treatises will know howPsychology2, 521:information I have earlier given and it can be read and studied by those who are interested to doPsychology2, 557:word, Inclusiveness, govern your thinking as you read this instruction which I am giving you uponPsychology2, 591:for the general public and will be widely read during the next generation. Should I give them here,Psychology2, 634:in any nation, because of their capacity to read, to discuss, to think, to spend money, and to takePsychology2, 635:improving educational facilities, the ability to read, and the impact of the new methods ofPsychology2, 664:there is belief in immortality among those who read these pages - a belief in the perpetuation ofPsychology2, 703:of interest and of enlightenment to those who read these papers. Psychology2, 711:in the daily life. Upon all of you who read these words, as they come fresh from my heart, my mindPsychology2, 719:deal. It will be apparent, therefore, if we have read the above intelligently and have endeavoredPsychology2, 720:to them. Let me simply list them, and if we read with the eye of the inner vision open, and withPsychology2, 744:This you can see happening every day if you read the world news intelligently and separate thePsychology2, 750:the aspirants and disciples of the world who read my words. There is nothing that I, personally,Rays, 26:To sum up, therefore: these Rules are to be read with the aid of a developing esoteric sense; theyRays, 66:told you much, had you the awakened intuition to read the significance of some of my comments.Rays, 83:Christ Himself was attentive. Frequently we read in the New Testament that "the Father spoke toRays, 104:which means little as yet to those of you who read these words; it is for the realization of Being,Rays, 105:the mass can understand; even the disciples who read these words will fail truly to comprehend.Rays, 156:clearly what the initiate-consciousness would read into the Law of the Supplementary Seven.Rays, 192:influence was triumphant over death. Then we read [193] that the veil of the Temple was split inRays, 194:related to the Lord of the World, Melchizedek. Read that epistle in the light of these remarks, andRays, 203:nothing, and this because the goal of all who read these words is contact with the soul,Rays, 207:for the initiate who, in a few decades, will read and study these instructions. That your visionRays, 224:aspirant and to a group seeking initiation. Read what I have said with attention, but remember thatRays, 248:those which produced radiation. Students need to read with increasing care as they advance upon theRays, 250:the information was gained by those who have read the books put out by A.A.B. for me or who areRays, 253:[253] ignored by those astrologers who have read it and (with the exception of four astrologers whoRays, 287:to the initiated life. I would have you, as you read my words, retreat within yourselves and seekRays, 305:mode of destroying to students such as those who read this Treatise. This type of destruction isRays, 314:"I must go up to Jerusalem," after which we read that He steadfastly set His face to go there. ThisRays, 328:that have eyes to see and ears to hear will read between the lines and correctly interpret myRays, 329:whole. I suggest that you study and compare, read and search topically and extract all that I haveRays, 363:and the goal become apparent. Just as those who read and study these ideas are occupied withRays, 365:this out because it will become apparent as we read and study this section of the Treatise that theRays, 397:Many of these supreme Workers, as you have read in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, found Their way toRays, 402:by the general public, but some of you who read this will appreciate the opportunity to serve inRays, 409:intended for a much larger number than those who read (and claim, erroneously, to understand) ARays, 473:this will be evident, and should incite all who read to renewed effort and to fresh endeavor.Rays, 602:coming into incarnation at this time, and will read my words towards the end of this century withRays, 622:and politically - what they should do, read and wear; this, to a still greater extent, is the crimeRays, 649:the basic, predisposing cause to enable you who read to ponder upon the possible effect,Rays, 669:so that you can register it as a whole. Many who read these instructions and who study the books IRays, 673:forth." That this may be true of all of you who read these words is the prayer and the wish of yourRays, 675:or strictly astral. Remember therefore as you read these words that I am speaking symbolically. TheRays, 701:there labors for the furtherance of the Plan. We read in the Christian [702] teaching that "ChristRays, 722:is given to us in The New Testament, where we read of the experience of the Christ in the garden ofRays, 734:planet, Venus. You would find it useful to read with care The Secret Doctrine and A Treatise onRays, 749:be and is - has made it possible for all men to read, to write and to communicate with each other. Reappearance, 28:"I must go up to Jerusalem," after which we read that He "steadfastly set His face to go" to thatReappearance, 39:Himself was always attentive. Frequently we read in The New Testament that "the Father spoke toReappearance, 39:"this is my beloved Son." Several times, we read, the seal of affirmation (as it is spirituallyReappearance, 46:one of the major messages for all of us who read these words is this great truth and fact of theReappearance, 74:somewhat similar event when, at the Baptism, we read that "he saw the Spirit of God, descendingReappearance, 102:There is not the time to write or the time to read a complete analysis or statement as to theReappearance, 179:would be the case - and as we listen to or read of the flood of filth, crime, and sensual pleasureSoul, 68:178, 179. Will Durant, doubtless the most widely read and popular author on philosophical subjects,Soul, 111:nervous system. In Man and His Becoming we read: "As regards the nadis or arteries of the subtleTelepathy, 62:this point anent the Science of Impression, if read also in connection with the teaching on theTelepathy, 76:they are a mixture of what the recipients have read and gathered from the mystical writing or haveTelepathy, 120:a fruitful seed thought to the initiate who may read these words: The Purpose of Sanat Kumara isTelepathy, 174:can be to the individual who has the ability to read it with accuracy, and how thankful you should
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