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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - READINESS

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Astrology, 132:incident to proved discipleship and consequent readiness for initiation, the seeing of the visionAstrology, 164:will enable the initiate to demonstrate his readiness and capacity for initiation. They are calledAstrology, 203:three in nature as they concern intimately the readiness of the threefold personality: To reorientAstrology, 203:to the life of the soul and later. To evidence readiness for initiation. To demonstrate sensitivityAstrology, 267:preparation for the treading of the path. This readiness indicates that his response apparatus (theAstrology, 339:spiritually directed activity and a demonstrated readiness for initiation. There is the waning ofBethlehem, 10:unfoldment. Of this he is expectant, standing in readiness to take advantage of the opportunity.Bethlehem, 81:not yet taken place, but who feels in himself a readiness to go up to Bethlehem, from Galilee, viaDiscipleship1, 18:plan in the world and they hold themselves in readiness to go anywhere when requested, thus aidingDiscipleship1, 137:and the weaknesses must be recognized with equal readiness. Among those whom I have been trainingDiscipleship1, 160:and with expectancy as your keynote. Preserve a readiness to handle all that may eventuate. TheDiscipleship1, 475:work but increase your field of service by your readiness to recognize the need of others and thenDiscipleship1, 604:group stands by you in loving helpfulness and readiness to aid. So do I. This is no idle word but aDiscipleship1, 615:your willingness to serve with humility and readiness. I will communicate with you again when youDiscipleship1, 689:but in no way negates loving understanding and readiness to assist on any level where the needDiscipleship1, 742:but I do ask you to hold yourselves in guarded readiness to see and hear on all levels of service,Discipleship2, 40:receptivity, spiritual aspiration and a great readiness for that which is new. You will thereforeDiscipleship2, 42:values among aspirants everywhere and a greater readiness to relinquish hindrances to service; theDiscipleship2, 157:hitherto attained, I shall be able to judge your readiness, as individuals, for certain specificDiscipleship2, 267:the lowest aspect of the intuition, indicates readiness for the first initiation; an illumined mindDiscipleship2, 317:speeding up synchronizes with the increasing readiness of disciples everywhere for initiation -Discipleship2, 317:of mine, between the past and the present readiness lies in the fact that in the past thisDiscipleship2, 317:readiness lies in the fact that in the past this readiness was a purely individual matter; today itDiscipleship2, 343:and inclusive whole. One of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see thisDiscipleship2, 388:and revelation. Hint VII. - One of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see theDiscipleship2, 418:- Part X Hint Seven. "One of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see theDiscipleship2, 418:be taking (from the lowest to the highest) - his readiness to undergo the expansion ofDiscipleship2, 420:this hint again in full: "One of the marks of readiness for initiation is the ability to see thisDiscipleship2, 420:consider this statement in detail: The marks of readiness for initiation: What, my brother, areDiscipleship2, 760:the side of the Ashram, there has been a great readiness for such an approach and an eagerness toExternalisation, 351:and evocation, facilitated by the extreme readiness to act and to respond on the part of ThoseExternalisation, 392:Will or Purpose of God, holding Themselves in readiness at Shamballa and listening for the demandExternalisation, 399:spirit, based on a willingness to learn, a readiness to let old preconceptions go and fixed ideasExternalisation, 563:itself; above everything else, it is the readiness of mankind for that which is new, and humanity'sExternalisation, 566:of Humanity upon the Path at this time and the readiness of mankind for the new revelation - to beExternalisation, 567:stimulation of its own interior life, and the readiness of humanity for revelation and for certainExternalisation, 574:the earnest work of the two groups, the readiness and the willingness of mankind to learn, theFire, 123:the physical body so that it responds with more readiness to the higher note of the Ego, and causesFire, 721:of the mystery of evil is to be found in the readiness of certain of these cosmic entitiesFire, 994:may see him progressing towards it with greater readiness, until (almost unconsciously) he willFire, 1015:The discreet magician is one who sees to the readiness of his lowest vehicle to carry the fireHealing, 362:which will permit the devas to work. It is their readiness and their response to the near approachIntellect, 237:a brotherliness for one's co-disciple, a readiness to give and receive advice and instruction, ...aMeditation, 327:school. It is the great test and mark of readiness. The hours of the school will begin with sunriseMeditation, 347:shews itself in adaptability. This involves a readiness to retire when other or [348] morePsychology1, 176:and in bringing about a condition of spiritual readiness everywhere in the Occident, is largely duePsychology1, 183:upon that search with a willingness to learn, a readiness to accept and a desire to formulatePsychology1, 223:the occult centers of the world, and through a readiness to act on suggested hypothesis will manPsychology2, 115:the idea of the opportunity, and upon their readiness to work along the indicated lines. They havePsychology2, 700:each full moon period, and also upon their readiness to work along the indicated lines. As yet theyRays, 122:ready for exceedingly rapid development and this readiness will demonstrate increasingly in theRays, 239:hundreds are now ready "for absorption." This readiness and success present a difficulty and pose aRays, 256:get ready to reveal the hidden mystery. The readiness here referred to has nothing to do withRays, 539:"lights" upon the Lighted Way that signifies readiness for initiation. The initiate enters intoRays, 658:stimulation, whereby their vehicles evidence readiness; in connection with the planetary Logos, itRays, 734:body of Avatars Who hold Themselves in readiness to function as destroying or building Energies inTelepathy, 196:of emerging spiritual values and a greater readiness to relinquish hindrances to service. The plans
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