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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - READJUST

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Atom, 132:will mean that science will have definitely to readjust its point of view as to the subtler planes.Discipleship1, 401:you in the relinquishing process and help you to readjust your life to time and circumstance if youDiscipleship1, 410:others to deal with the telephone. You need to readjust your values. As regards your meditation, IDiscipleship1, 571:imparted instructions, a humble willingness to readjust your own preconceived ideal, will lead youDiscipleship1, 572:least one year. First, brother of mine, let me readjust your ideas as to yourself. You are a sixthDiscipleship2, 742:you fill your rightful place in my Ashram, to readjust your living conditions in order to serveExternalisation, 134:leading as it does to the constant necessity to readjust viewpoints, to change modes of living, toExternalisation, 566:to come to certain basic decisions and to readjust Itself to a much closer cooperation with theGlamour, 76:is called straightened circumstances, he can readjust his life and change his way of living, thusIntellect, 61:ascertain the fact of its existence? How can he readjust himself to the conditions of soul life,Psychology1, 306:past errors and give the lower nature time to readjust itself. But again it is no indication ofPsychology1, 395:and consider this statement for a moment, and so readjust your sense of values. The standard ofPsychology2, 288:This is often forgotten and people will have to readjust their ideas in this matter. It is by anPsychology2, 730:that the enlightened and responsible people will readjust world relations, world conditions and theRays, 574:Will or Purpose, goodwill is the reflection. To readjust negative and positive relationships, and -
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