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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - READJUSTMENT

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Astrology, 21:the signs of the zodiac will necessitate a readjustment of the method employed by astrologers whenAstrology, 86:to you how much correlating work and how much readjustment of ideas will be needed as the newAstrology, 109:or life upon the Mutable Cross, the interlude of readjustment or struggle for liberation whichAstrology, 110:more clearly in your minds. At present, the readjustment of your ideas leads to inevitableAstrology, 397:men are greatly needed in these serious days of readjustment and strain. Bethlehem, 20:to the newer influences, and in the processes of readjustment a period of temporary chaos isBethlehem, 204:methods are wholly personal, both depend upon a readjustment of relationships which begins atDestiny, 140:great center, that of Humanity. This release and readjustment leads to creative expression andDiscipleship1, 48:and your interpretation of a situation needs readjustment and that your motives and attitudes couldDiscipleship1, 117:of these two forces produces in you an inner readjustment, a realignment and an externalization ofDiscipleship1, 122:Your problem is, as you know, to effect this readjustment without producing the material sufferingDiscipleship1, 143:ray disciple. The other is that of a gradual readjustment accompanied by outer explanation, untilDiscipleship1, 208:have had much of strain, difficulty and mental readjustment during the past year, but then who hasDiscipleship1, 271:been done, only you yourself can gauge. A steady readjustment has gone forward in your life and inDiscipleship1, 314:from long habit, but it involves also a complete readjustment of the entire lower threefold man toDiscipleship1, 401:holds for you renewed opportunity, and later a readjustment of your time and interests which willDiscipleship1, 455:months have been for you a period of change, of readjustment and difficulty. The testing of theDiscipleship1, 534:to tell you that you have done good work in this readjustment process with yourself; you have madeDiscipleship1, 660:review and of renewed consecration. A physical readjustment is also needed but it may not be asExternalisation, 49:our educational systems and processes, and for a readjustment of our present concepts of education,Externalisation, 130:the altering of boundaries so that a complete readjustment of the map of the world in Asia, EuropeExternalisation, 175:relative physical safety and [175] time for the readjustment of views, and the opportunity also toExternalisation, 212:time, and that - when the immediate processes of readjustment in human values, spiritual objectivesExternalisation, 222:actively in the work of world redemption, readjustment and reconstruction. Their Presence is sensedExternalisation, 230:to do and who are finding, in their processes of readjustment, many bewildering problems. For theseExternalisation, 239:require careful consideration and consequent readjustment of the attitude of those who are doingExternalisation, 302:and this will are needed in the coming period of readjustment. How They will bring the present evilExternalisation, 320:invocation or unvoiced demand, is concerned with readjustment, with the right fusion of forces andExternalisation, 329:need, paralleling that of economic [329] readjustment. These two must receive prior attention byExternalisation, 365:expert in the fields of economic and political readjustment can approach this difficult problemExternalisation, 378:which must be regarded as imperative when world readjustment starts. Their demand is for a newExternalisation, 444:restoration of security. When there is security, readjustment, the obliteration of the aggressorExternalisation, 539:Its adjustment to Shamballa. This hierarchical readjustment to humanity is being carried out atFire, 176:or Initiates is transferred it causes a complete readjustment. When a Master likewise leaves theFire, 811:three changes in the thought of the age: (1) A readjustment of the medical knowledge of man,Glamour, 74:and words and lives can and will bring about a readjustment of values, and a new standard of livingHealing, 4:subtle response purposes will we see the gradual readjustment and health of the physical body. WithHealing, 138:above the diaphragm - again causing trouble and readjustment. B. Certain objectives presentHealing, 138:to it. This process of stimulation, of readjustment, and the attainment of established control goesHealing, 344:of the first initiation. The rearranging and the readjustment proceeds during the whole period ofInitiation, 83:injure the group, and thereby incur the karma of readjustment, having to expiate the injury throughIntellect, 60:blended with [60] love and devotion in an entire readjustment of the personality to a new realm ofIntellect, 156:themselves, there has followed a period of readjustment to the life of every day, and, frequently,Magic, 58:the spiritual man, so now it is possible for a readjustment to take place wherein the outstandingMeditation, 343:follows in such a case, all that is needed is readjustment. In failure where the beginning has beenProblems, 5:the necessary steps are taken, leading to the readjustment of human values and the inauguration ofProblems, 21:and cruel revolution and a subsequent period of readjustment. She is preparing for worldPsychology1, 266:are as yet childish and inaccurate. Much readjustment must be made, and much rearrangement of ideasPsychology1, 293:in the attitude of man towards sex, and in the readjustment of the marriage relationship. This newPsychology1, 365:who are sponsoring this realignment and readjustment are the experts whom the genius of each nationPsychology2, 218:and also of stability. It leads to a much-needed readjustment of values, indicating as it does,Psychology2, 274:comes as a result of the reorientation and the readjustment which takes place in the personalityPsychology2, 373:is severe, for it has to produce a complete readjustment of the Self to the self. His fanaticism,Psychology2, 487:or recognition is that during this process of readjustment to the finer values, periods of realPsychology2, 665:attitude of listening and of a subsequent prompt readjustment of the inner, received commands, isPsychology2, 729:period of intensive and seemingly destructive readjustment has been drastic and needed. This mustPsychology2, 747:to be done. This will necessarily involve the readjustment of our lives to the new impulses; itRays, 239:a reorganization of Their plans and a readjustment of Their techniques. 2. Not only has theTelepathy, 118:This sentence requires probably a quite serious readjustment in the thinking of most students. The
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