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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - READS

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Atom, 112:The person who is reading a difficult book, and reads with the full force and power of his brain,Bethlehem, 51:all [51] the myths and symbols of the world; he reads and knows the story of the world Saviors; atEducation, x:Part of the statement presenting this experiment reads as follows: "It has been proposed that a newEducation, 16:is the expression. From another angle, man reads his destiny in the heavens and writes out thatGlamour, 264:and easy of accomplishment as the aspirant reads these fairly simple elucidations of a difficultHealing, 20:Law of Retribution, as one would surmise as one reads the current books upon the subject; that isHealing, 396:and give to the enquirer only what the medium reads in his aura - his recollection of the personalHercules, 123:for and earned, it cannot be a gift. The climax reads: "All conflicts are absolved, all transitionsIntellect, 169:impaired and he works, and talks, and reads and writes with a tireless vigor which does,Magic, 57:knows how to read and ponder upon that which he reads. The brief exegesis of Rule I gives theMagic, 102:review. I would like to urge each one who reads these pages to make a fresh beginning in spiritualMagic, 549:awareness. Finally, as far as the aspirant who reads these instructions is concerned, he must haveMagic, 559:detachment and the work before every student who reads these Instructions must consist inRays, 264:The first major injunction in this Rule XIII reads as follows: Let the group understand the Law of
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