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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - READY

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Astrology, 6:been due to the fact that few have been as yet ready to function as souls; small allowance has beenAstrology, 40:to flame forth. They are the devas who are ready for service, which is to give to another HierarchyAstrology, 127:in their inferences and man appears, when ready for their influence, to be responsive in a fourfoldAstrology, 160:the point in their unfoldment wherein they are ready to [161] mount the Cardinal Cross and takeAstrology, 170:can kneel in spirit and in truth, he is then ready for the initiatory process upon the mountainAstrology, 241:he has done all this, [241] he discovers himself ready to enter into new and deeper experimentsAstrology, 241:he then becomes his own initiator and is thus ready to take initiation. Such are the paradoxes ofAstrology, 284:and of intellect into wisdom, then he is ready for initiation. He is rapidly achieving liberation.Astrology, 298:the case, it indicates that the disciple is now ready for the second initiation. This orientationAstrology, 306:planets, Uranus and Neptune; in the man who is ready for initiation you have, therefore, a dualAstrology, 374:of life for those in the human family who are ready (and their numbers are now very great). This isAstrology, 380:and the Christ life is exceedingly strong and ready to reveal itself through the death of theAstrology, 380:phase of research for which humanity is not yet ready. Astrology, 386:the caves and the depths of concretion and is ready now for an upward shift or move, this timeAstrology, 437:of Capricorn, Mercury and Humanity itself) are ready to come under hierarchical influence and to beAstrology, 447:of constant trial and testing. Finally he stands ready for the ordeal and the accolade of fire,Astrology, 480:the meaning behind this triplicity, he will be ready to grasp the significance of this abstruseAstrology, 509:Scorpio, the sign of discipleship, of the man ready for the fusion brought about through theAstrology, 540:in the case of those world disciples who are ready enough and strong enough to take them. [541] InAstrology, 571:them; the vision has been seen and they are now ready for something closer and more real. The lastAstrology, 587:divine will so that the general subject may be ready for presentation to the thinking public whenAstrology, 643:Vol. II, 569) 13. "There were seven tabernacles ready to be inhabited by Monads under sevenAtom, 6:of the fundamental points may help to a ready apprehension, and it is for this class of readersAtom, 6:to our problems, though no panacea lies ready to our hand whereby we can remedy the world's ills,Atom, 152:which holds a great truth hidden until we are ready to understand it), and if we study the ancientAutobiography, 7:and humorous person and almost painfully ready to see the funny side of things. Between you and me,Autobiography, 26:go to the bedroom where the nurse or maid got us ready to go down to the drawing room. WhiteAutobiography, 50:and (because of my complete ignorance) I was ready to discuss every conceivable subject, knowingAutobiography, 51:of those who thought as I did, but He was quite ready to send the rest of the unregenerate world toAutobiography, 55:matter of his soul. I, therefore, was quite ready to take the meeting. I found myself one SundayAutobiography, 55:the next night I went to the meeting room to get ready and proceeded to light the gas. I nearlyAutobiography, 118:it which he had sent up, in case I was short of ready money, and which he had added to the bill asAutobiography, 181:the children. I stayed behind to get things ready, make the curtains, stock the house withAutobiography, 184:know and believe that the general public is more ready for a sane knowledge of the Masters and moreAutobiography, 185:to me, - "That's all very well, and I'm quite ready to believe that the American boys are all thatAutobiography, 194:century at least have a large membership. Those ready to be trained in the spiritual laws whichAutobiography, 195:of the T.S. and I asked him why people who were ready for esoteric training should be kept waitingAutobiography, 214:the Tibetan, seeing that the girls were up and ready for school, breakfast, ordering the groceries,Autobiography, 247:two of which are already published, one is ready for publication and the final volume is in processAutobiography, 249:Rays is completed, a short book on glamor is ready for the press and a book on the discipleship inAutobiography, 263:the true esoteric schools. Humanity has not been ready. Today, however, there are enoughAutobiography, 265:will be truly esoteric for humanity will then be ready. The higher consciousness of the discipleAutobiography, 270:along the Path until the time comes when he is ready for those great unfoldments of consciousnessAutobiography, 274:been waiting for the new approach to God and are ready for a more spiritual appeal. These thenAutobiography, 274:the old schools and so releasing those who are ready for the newer teachings; creating new schoolsAutobiography, 291:and International The Arcane School stands ready to help any man or woman, no matter what theirBethlehem, 10:and of mental or thought reactions. He is now ready to have indicated to him his next transition,Bethlehem, 12:whereas they may indicate to those who are ready a special way and a more rapid following in theBethlehem, 12:peculiar way the drama of those souls who are ready, then we shall see the resurrection of theBethlehem, 23:process is completed, many will find themselves ready to make preparation for the first of theBethlehem, 35:of the long and weary [35] way of evolution, is ready to re-enact the same drama in his ownBethlehem, 36:and in a richer field of experience. Humanity is ready to step on to a higher rung of theBethlehem, 36:on the verge of another step forward; we are ready for another initiation; we are on the point ofBethlehem, 46:will emerge, and humanity as a whole will stand ready to make the great transition into the kingdomBethlehem, 46:The race is only today, for the first time ready to take the great step on to the path ofBethlehem, 47:in the ears of the crowd, because the crowd is ready to respond. Such is the situation now. TheBethlehem, 52:know, for it will not be heard until the race is ready. But there is a common Word of Power whichBethlehem, 67:of hidden divinity, beauty and reality, ready to bring them to the birth. Finally, matter as theBethlehem, 72:2.) This was the Sign given to the few who were ready, and who had made the necessary journey toBethlehem, 72:to those watching ones, two or three, who were ready to consecrate their all, who perceived theBethlehem, 72:of those disciples in the world today who are ready to prepare themselves for the first initiation,Bethlehem, 83:fused into one living whole. The Virgin Mary is ready to give birth to her Son. The long journeyBethlehem, 89:and matured; His mechanism was adjusted and ready for the task, and thus enabled to give proof ofBethlehem, 89:the subsequent temptations in the wilderness. Ready for His work, He possessed what Dr. SheldonBethlehem, 93:say that no more is possible to God, when we are ready to receive it? For this we are fastBethlehem, 99:than is the baptism of Jesus, for few are ready yet for the second initiation. It is preparatory toBethlehem, 100:life experience and inner consecration, He was ready for the next initiation. This was taken in theBethlehem, 101:the consecrated, pledged disciple or initiate, ready for that process which will be the seal of hisBethlehem, 165:to reality. The hatred of those who are not yet ready to recognize the world of spiritual values isBethlehem, 180:today beginning to see a world and a humanity ready for the new revelation - a revelation whichBethlehem, 186:its final phase - if we so choose, and if we are ready to do as He did - pay the price, and,Bethlehem, 189:of God, a living spirit. The sons of God are ready to be manifested. Today as never before: "TheBethlehem, 190:touch with divinity, and we should now stand ready to accept from the Eastern Christian what he hasBethlehem, 194:to the pledged and trained initiate when he was ready for the fourth initiation was given out byBethlehem, 216:at the same time is sensible of the kingdom, is ready to take advantage of the words, "To day, thouBethlehem, 232:friends; the cause for which they had been so ready to dedicate themselves, as they tramped withBethlehem, 232:full of confidence, enthusiasm and courage, ready to face persecution and death, eagerBethlehem, 237:placed on a sloping surface, facing the east, ready for the rising of the sun on the third day. AtBethlehem, 246:a man's life has gained significance, then he is ready to tread the path of purification andBethlehem, 246:God as worth while, he is then, and then only, ready to offer his life upon the altar of sacrificeBethlehem, 252:is the distinguishing feature of the man who is ready to take the necessary steps to demonstrateBethlehem, 266:Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom We are all so ready to take love. We are all so eager to beBethlehem, 270:which are characteristic of the man who is ready to tread the Way and be born in Bethlehem. Then weBethlehem, 279:to the consciousness of the true values is yet ready for the immortality which is the prerogativeBethlehem, 284:When this is seen clearly, and when we are ready to make the needed sacrifices and renunciations,Destiny, 69:who now compose the present nations) will be ready for initiation upon the mountain top ofDestiny, 113:idealistic aspirations for which they are ready, when needed, to make sacrifices. This is aDestiny, 113:Down the ages, great sons of God have ever been ready to die for an idea; today, whole masses ofDestiny, 113:an idea; today, whole masses of men are equally ready and have done so, whether it is the idea of aDestiny, 120:felt in the consciousness of the disciple who is ready for the third initiation. Once the secondDestiny, 148:of a Bearer of Light, because humanity was more ready for the light. Christ came in the sign ofDestiny, 149:of Bread. Humanity, the world disciple, is now ready for this. Indications of the accuracy of theDiscipleship1, XI:but good. We found also that He was quite ready for his instructions to be made public. A thirdDiscipleship1, XV:to thank those who helped me to get the text ready for publication, particularly Joseph Lovejoy whoDiscipleship1, 42:experimental effort to see how far humanity is ready for such an endeavor. IV. These groups areDiscipleship1, 55:affair. You have reached maturity and should be ready for the next step. That step will be takenDiscipleship1, 67:of the desired idea-vibrant, active and ready for service. When this stage is reached, you can thenDiscipleship1, 71:(if you like that term) of an inner and ready condition. The New Age is upon us and the integrationDiscipleship1, 77:you are willing to face up to facts and are ready for unexpected discoveries about yourselves. OneDiscipleship1, 79:and independent attitude, then you are not ready for that which I have to give and the sooner we
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