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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REAL

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Autobiography, 200:that "the mind is the slayer of the real." They are such realists that the beautiful, spiritual,Autobiography, 204:of sleep. The three girls never gave me any real anxiety and never gave me any cause to distrustAutobiography, 205:the magazine, The Beacon, and it was meeting a real need as it does today. I usually put on 6 or 8Autobiography, 210:him to do. This was the beginning of a very real friendship which lasted until the Grand Duke diedAutobiography, 223:Some day the place will be cleaned up and real spiritual work will go forward. One of the things weAutobiography, 225:year that we went to Ascona was one of very real interest. Grand Duke Alexander joined us there andAutobiography, 225:and her arrival marked the beginning of a very real friendship between her husband and herself andAutobiography, 236:to rotten economic conditions led to little real activity to put these conditions right. PeopleAutobiography, 247:one could do definitely psychic work and be of a real intelligence. She has, therefore, writtenAutobiography, 254:preserved my anonymity with great care and under real difficulty, owing to the fact that hundredsAutobiography, 256:polarization, a heart development and a sense of real values. The Masters brought before theAutobiography, 260:The Treatise is a very fine instance of the real telepathy. It will be apparent from a perusal ofAutobiography, 262:and mental unfoldment but frequently little real understanding. Esoteric schools are occupied withAutobiography, 263:one purpose - to testify to the existence of the real. It will be apparent, therefore, that no trueAutobiography, 275:to truth has done much harm to the cause of real occultism, and has properly disturbed the bestAutobiography, 292:human beings can pass from the unreal to the Real. It is true that during the war (1914-1945) theAutobiography, 300:needs in the esoteric field. First, there was a real need for an increased number of workingAutobiography, 301:was in the nature of an experiment. Another real need in the esoteric field was a type ofBethlehem, 3:Is it a mystical tale of great beauty and of real teaching value but nevertheless of no vitalBethlehem, 7:the many translations, while failing to see the real magnificence of Christ's accomplishment andBethlehem, 28:and all scientific achievement, as well as all real occult knowledge, are spiritual in nature, andBethlehem, 42:speak of the ego, or the higher self, the real man, or the spiritual entity, whilst in the OldBethlehem, 50:own divinity, he will enter into the realm of real values and arrive at a truer knowledge of God.Bethlehem, 50:common, resemblances which in themselves are of real significance. There are factors which areBethlehem, 74:and visions and aspirations of the multitude, so real and deep that the nations everywhere areBethlehem, 83:Christ in us, and they considered the latter as real and as integral a part of our redemption asBethlehem, 88:may be historically, who can say? It is of no real importance. Christ was, is, and ever shall be.Bethlehem, 107:of Jesus Christ we are given perhaps the first real insight into the processes of His innermostBethlehem, 109:tempted," says Dr. Selbie, "which shows the real greatness of human nature. Apart from it we shouldBethlehem, 113:and matter, the self and the not-self, the real and the unreal, truth and falsehood, right andBethlehem, 114:satisfaction we are desiring an increase of our real individuality, though a diminution of ourBethlehem, 125:perhaps that too is simply phenomenal, and not real; something that passes, with no immortal basis;Bethlehem, 125:persistence, no essential divinity, and nothing real - only a momentary flash of an awareness. LetBethlehem, 125:in the Presence of God and known it, that is real. If the Presence of God in the human heart has atBethlehem, 129:of power could not touch Him. That which was real had such a grip of His mind that the unreal andBethlehem, 154:the friendships of Jesus Christ. They are very real and very deep, and universal in theirBethlehem, 157:intuitively that which is holy, universal and real, and yet which is specific and true for all timeBethlehem, 161:in Him to go to Heaven. He came to show us the real nature of perfection and how, in human form,Bethlehem, 164:The familiar appeared to them again. It is of real interest to compare a somewhat similar storyBethlehem, 175:but much also that is divinely real has been expressed. God has been misrepresented many times, andBethlehem, 176:of the spiritual aspirant is often very real. It is surely evident, if one approaches the subjectBethlehem, 177:Christ. But in so doing, it is possible that the real elements of the story and their highestBethlehem, 181:heads. The long procession of them becomes a real piece of history - the history of the evolutionBethlehem, 201:terms. What do these words mean? The real meaning of the word sin is very obscure. It signifiesBethlehem, 202:it is sin." (St. James, IV, 17.) There we have a real definition of sin. It is to act against lightBethlehem, 205:to dawn upon the race today that the only real sin is to hurt another human being. Sin is theBethlehem, 208:made of the Crucifixion a tragedy, whereas the real tragedy was our failure to recognize its trueBethlehem, 211:- The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion The real issue was the issue between love and hate. OnlyBethlehem, 223:lips of those whose hearts have never known one real pang, nor whose lives one crushing blow. I wasBethlehem, 227:vision of the kingdom of God is so rare and real, points out this truth and its gradations ofBethlehem, 233:(and service as the expression of love) can the real message of Christ be understood and men passBethlehem, 244:that which is the Self, that which is the real man, from the angle of human life. There isBethlehem, 253:whole, faces towards life because its values are real, its integrity is being steadily assured, andBethlehem, 257:and illusory and that which is subjective and real. His coming marked the line of demarcationBethlehem, 267:are scarcely human beings, to understand the real significance of love. The understanding of loveBethlehem, 275:within ourselves which is of the nature of the real, which has true value and which deserves toBethlehem, 277:had been perfectly satisfied. There is surely no real basis for this belief. If God is not capableBethlehem, 278:the vital whole? Is the welfare of the race of real moment to us? Are we willing to sacrificeBethlehem, 278:ethical. "Only when we are able to attribute a real meaning to the world and to life shall we beBethlehem, 279:to such action as [279] will produce results of real value. As long as we look on our existence inBethlehem, 279:the limits of our own existence. "Nothing of real value in the world is ever accomplished withoutDestiny, 15:and constructive. I would here point out that real group love never demonstrates as hatred of theDestiny, 35:of the superficial objective reasons, then real progress will be made in the process of releasingDestiny, 66:me or from other sources - if there is to be real understanding of the situation and thereforeDestiny, 77:to terms and it is obvious, is it not, that the real solution lies in the hands of France, whichDestiny, 81:this, whilst Taurus frequently blinds her to the real issues. It is the Leo aspect also which linksDestiny, 84:is essentially that of love-wisdom when given real expression and not controlled and dominated byDestiny, 85:two ruling signs are Aquarius and Leo and her real function in the comity of nations lies far aheadDestiny, 91:personality of the States, thus presenting very real problems in a young people who are apt alwaysDestiny, 94:form is ever to be found the intangible, the real and the holy. I would like to enlarge somewhatDestiny, 126:The problems of the Hierarchy are, of course, no real concern of those who have not achievedDestiny, 126:in his work and thought, and seldom has any real understanding of the right relation between formDestiny, 137:the race and its active development will assume real proportions and this with much speed. TheDestiny, 144:teaching. Students need a greater sense of the real governing values and a sense of spiritualDiscipleship1, XII:their ordered sequence, year by year, so that a real picture of the person concerned, of hisDiscipleship1, 9:mind. As time goes on, however, and if real effort is made, the welding process will make muchDiscipleship1, 14:A spirit of agnosticism (not of atheism) is of real value to the beginner and preserves him fromDiscipleship1, 17:The experiment may fail. Whether it does or not, real profit will in any case eventuate.... ThatDiscipleship1, 21:willingness to follow instructions but their real difficulty consists in bringing the life intoDiscipleship1, 49:utilize the Full Moon contact. Quick response to real need. You had not regarded this as one of theDiscipleship1, 55:and expression. It is only in a spirit of real detachment that the best work of a disciple is done.Discipleship1, 67:it is a creative activity and is the first real stage in our work. I do not want you to endeavor toDiscipleship1, 76:great and your opportunity for rapid progress is real and definitely unusual. When together youDiscipleship1, 77:about the personality which is so detrimental to real progress. In these tendencies (which are soDiscipleship1, 77:these tendencies (which are so usual) there lies real danger for the would-be initiate. I warn youDiscipleship1, 81:initiation. This group initiation is itself of real import and is dependent upon the unit in theDiscipleship1, 83:is a suggestion to which I would have you pay real attention. I would like also at this point toDiscipleship1, 87:the disciple's consciousness, they are then of real value. Those three words - reality, synthesis,Discipleship1, 99:which permits right personality activity and real interest in personality affairs and yet at theDiscipleship1, 110:things which seem to you speculative and of no real moment. Discriminative recognition is for youDiscipleship1, 110:to you of your own development. You have made real progress, brother of mine, but have only,Discipleship1, 111:your psychic and emotional life. There is a real danger to the earnest student in the widespreadDiscipleship1, 114:work. Your growth in understanding has been real, though the ajna center has yet resisted effort.Discipleship1, 114:It is in hints such as the above that the real teaching is given. So, my brother, go forward alongDiscipleship1, 118:astral body is - in its time and place - of as real value, purpose and usefulness as the mind. ItDiscipleship1, 118:to learn to work, and which are productive of real benefit to others as they study them and watchDiscipleship1, 123:open to others and sensitive to them in a very real manner. Next, the realization that "both eyesDiscipleship1, 123:as of all personality goals) will be for you any real consummation, and that humanity is of farDiscipleship1, 124:Commentary says: "The focus now is true and real, for both the eyes, the left and the right, areDiscipleship1, 126:and mental control and it should give you real balance but, unfortunately, it does not, because the
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