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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REAL

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Discipleship2, 29:the facts, that is not the true dark night. The real "dark night" is that of the soul as itDiscipleship2, 40:when the Ashram of which you are a part is more real to you than it is at present. I would have youDiscipleship2, 58:the work next to be done. May I ask for your real interest, service and cooperation? Your personalDiscipleship2, 94:aspirant must realize that the ideas are of no real importance to him as an individual - to you,Discipleship2, 122:First, the throat center is brought into real activity by the direct action of the soul, via theDiscipleship2, 122:the fact that the solar plexus is brought into real constructive usefulness by the direct action ofDiscipleship2, 128:one unit because the activity of reporting is of real service in centralizing your thought andDiscipleship2, 141:the world of meaning becomes more vital and real. This world, in its turn, is the antechamber toDiscipleship2, 150:enlightenment and of reconstruction has made real headway. This period begins at the San FranciscoDiscipleship2, 186:action; it will give him the key to the real meaning of the Eternal Now - the synthesis of Past,Discipleship2, 193:tends badly to complicate the grasp of its real nature. May I remind you that, just as the soul isDiscipleship2, 194:give place to reality. The task - and it is a real one - of building the antahkarana and creatingDiscipleship2, 203:Servers who can and do meditate who are the real agents of the relation existing between theDiscipleship2, 209:link with all these planetary groups (and it is real and vital) can be grasped in the key statementDiscipleship2, 264:soul. Ponder on this. The distinction is very real and one that you should grasp. The man who knowsDiscipleship2, 269:unawakened attitude of the masses, a very real measure of monadic energy is present. Humanity willDiscipleship2, 270:by the Spiritual Triad. This distinction is very real, for one quality grows out of love, and theDiscipleship2, 275:the initiate-disciple from "the unreal to the Real." The first formula was basically concerned withDiscipleship2, 275:to the words "from the unreal to the Real," whilst the third we shall find expresses the true [276]Discipleship2, 292:it marked a stupendous unfoldment and his first real entrance upon the Path of Light. Ponder onDiscipleship2, 292:Hierarchy, become as patent to his vision and as real as is the world of the five physical senses.Discipleship2, 293:of phenomena; it therefore constitutes in a very real sense the world of causes and of initiation.Discipleship2, 305:Formula II - Lead us from the unreal to the Real. Formula III - Lead us from death to Immortality.Discipleship2, 323:- Part VII Part VII It would present a very real problem to would-be initiates if they had toDiscipleship2, 325:the consequence. This you should note as of very real importance; its true significance is that theDiscipleship2, 327:rare and sudden happening always when true and real) and which is an attendant demonstration of allDiscipleship2, 330:is present in a disciple's life, it places a real strain upon his co-disciples. They have to shareDiscipleship2, 331:efforts of a person are unavailing and make no real impact upon the conscious life of the Ashram.Discipleship2, 339:event. Behind this definition, however, lies a real or true time of which the initiate becomesDiscipleship2, 365:Formula 2. Transition from the unreal to the Real. The nature of reality. Creation in time andDiscipleship2, 368:life because it is not distant but is a real aspect of his divine equipment - I know not how elseDiscipleship2, 372:of revelation so as to gain from them some real understanding: Discipleship2, 412:presented to him by his Master; it proved no real challenge and became a point upon whichDiscipleship2, 414:of these stages and principles can be very real, but there is apt to be much confusion when theDiscipleship2, 415:will may be, but he knows that he has as yet no real experience of this highest divine aspect. HisDiscipleship2, 452:of them also (rightly used) you can arrive at a real understanding of the Law of Cycles - in yourDiscipleship2, 452:this phrase and make this objective a matter of real importance to you until the time comes whenDiscipleship2, 455:Seek to establish a contact - subjective and real - with F.C.D. who is so close to you in nature,Discipleship2, 457:the full quota of innate effectiveness are of real value. Should you find it possible, I would askDiscipleship2, 460:triangle. Your spiritual knowledge is so real that you will apprehend my meaning without furtherDiscipleship2, 461:help and I advise you to follow it with real care. I advise also that you endeavor in the differentDiscipleship2, 468:"I and the Father are One." This constituted the real achievement of the Christ, who was the firstDiscipleship2, 475:well managed that you do not permit it to be a real hindrance; it is one which nevertheless existsDiscipleship2, 494:when the student studies intelligently and has a real grasp of basic esoteric implications. ThroughDiscipleship2, 494:at this particular point in your evolution. Your real problem is to free the results of thisDiscipleship2, 496:you much food for thought, also the basis for real encouragement and an indication of your neededDiscipleship2, 497:on your Soul. Your field of service has been real, but older threads of service must later beDiscipleship2, 505:first ray disciples. This should be a point of real interest to you. What, my brother, shall be theDiscipleship2, 514:wise identification. I have for you, however, no real concern. I tell you that you need haste inDiscipleship2, 517:is no idle or temporary matter, but one of real import to all of you. This A.A.B. has recognized.Discipleship2, 530:Nevertheless, the past few years have seen real progress, pronounced liberation and trueDiscipleship2, 530:be relinquished when their place is taken by a real soul love for humanity - inclusive, [531] saneDiscipleship2, 531:the past and as he wants to think. There is no real understanding of an opposing idealism and oftenDiscipleship2, 531:of an opposing idealism and often no real attempt to comprehend its basis. His emphasis upon hisDiscipleship2, 538:as you can manage to achieve, and to make a real effort to study the Law of Consequence andDiscipleship2, 542:needed. The Arcane School stands at a point of real expansion; it is adequately staffed at its keyDiscipleship2, 543:several years, will produce a factual life of real value. Themes for Meditation The fact of theDiscipleship2, 546:I shall not give you what you would call a real meditation. That which will aid you the most atDiscipleship2, 548:or that they do not carry a meaning of very real import to the disciple for whom they are intended;Discipleship2, 555:which you have accumulated in this life is very real. Draw, however, what you need for yourDiscipleship2, 555:it is in no wise altered. Because of the very real progress you have made in freeing yourself fromDiscipleship2, 562:to make this duly effective and to get true and real benefit out of the opportunity, the discipleDiscipleship2, 568:consciously for many decades; you are giving real help to A.A.B. and she is, I know, going to askDiscipleship2, 568:of poor health which is not, in your case, a real handicap but a pronounced and definitely [569]Discipleship2, 587:are controlling them. This you are doing with real success and I have no question in my mind as toDiscipleship2, 609:are other types of consciousness of deep and real importance in the great chain of Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 619:because all the time you yourself are the most real factor in the situation and yet - as you wouldDiscipleship2, 620:a wrong impression on others for there is no real expression of truth in any of this. There is alsoDiscipleship2, 621:accepted on the statement of others are of no real service save as signposts on the way and are notDiscipleship2, 628:for you there will be no turning back nor any real tendency to do so - only moments of unutterableDiscipleship2, 650:any way approximate the true reasons or give any real insight into the problem. Men must wait forDiscipleship2, 656:and well integrated, the problem is then very real. This you realize, but in moments of service youDiscipleship2, 661:are, however, secondary meanings which are of real significance to the disciple though almostDiscipleship2, 675:communication to say something which will be of real service to you at this crisis in your life ofDiscipleship2, 681:from the glamor of prejudice. You have made real progress in this condition but there is much stillDiscipleship2, 682:Those are entirely your own affair and are of no real importance in the light of eternity, but I amDiscipleship2, 697:law; this ever determines the demise of the real man within the body, but if the physical body isDiscipleship2, 697:the recipient of undue care, it can hold that real man in prison in defiance of karmic law. That isDiscipleship2, 699:you [699] recognize, and which cause you so much real distress. It is time that this clashing ofDiscipleship2, 707:the world of meaning and the spiritual realities real and provocative to the neophyte? Can yourDiscipleship2, 714:work in some phase or another is unbreakable and real, but the surface effort is unstable, and fromDiscipleship2, 718:must definitely concentrate. You are making a real effort to cooperate and to carry out myDiscipleship2, 720:than you think, and a much larger measure of real health will be yours if your mind can be betterDiscipleship2, 728:in all [728] love and understanding, and with a real appreciation of your sincerity of devotion,Discipleship2, 728:your essential humility and your very real need for protection. Accept the fact that you needDiscipleship2, 730:and so oft proved your undoing, you have made real progress - more real progress than at anyDiscipleship2, 730:your undoing, you have made real progress - more real progress than at any previous time. This hasDiscipleship2, 731:achieve in this life and the next a measure of real illumination, all the difficulties nowDiscipleship2, 731:through a second ray astral body, for there is a real lack of second ray force in your mostDiscipleship2, 734:desire and material aims will have made a real step forward when he escapes into the glamor ofDiscipleship2, 734:of contacts, as it is called at times, has a real relationship to the growth of glamors) and [735]Discipleship2, 746:living, and are finding more time for real service. You are becoming - as an occult phrase puts itDiscipleship2, 748:1948 MY BROTHER: I start today with a word of real commendation to you. Since my last communicationDiscipleship2, 750:lines. And for this nausea, you will find no real understanding in your environment. For this alsoDiscipleship2, 751:things which a disciple has to learn is the real nature of that which is directing him andDiscipleship2, 752:soul expression. Your link with your soul is real and it was not achieved in this life. It isDiscipleship2, 754:personality hiding behind its rays). You, the real spiritual man, produce the veiling of the lowerDiscipleship2, 767:of darkness, toil and serve; bring forth the Real; unveil the hidden depths of light. RevealEducation, 9:existence, plus (and here lies a thought of real importance) their subjective cause and theirEducation, 34:a definite value if they can introduce and make real to you the fact of the indicated processes.
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