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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REAL

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Glamour, 178:self so that it is "fitted for contact with the real." The achieving of a state of fusion with theGlamour, 189:group is now so large and its focus is now so real and its demand so loud that it is succeeding inGlamour, 191:because the world of psychic meaning becomes real to him and he knows what should be done to dispelGlamour, 192:fails to remember that between them lie no real lines of demarcation but only a constantGlamour, 198:from darkness to light; from the unreal to the real; from death to immortality." "Lead us fromGlamour, 198:Great Illusion. "Lead us from the unreal to the Real" has specific relation to the astral plane andGlamour, 200:illusory and must not be permitted to hide the Real. That Reality will precipitate itself at theGlamour, 200:light pours in. They are indicative of the Real and are often mistaken for the Real; they are inGlamour, 200:of the Real and are often mistaken for the Real; they are in conflict with the old thoughts andGlamour, 201:give place to the factual presence of the [201] Real. They provide (in times of crisis) the greatGlamour, 203:foundation for the recognition - intelligent and real - of the part in relation to the whole. ThusGlamour, 203:recognition of deity to the recognition of the real in man himself, until finally we arrive at theGlamour, 204:of the glamor or glamors which hide the Real. These glamors are dependent in any particular lifeGlamour, 204:the glamor - a satisfying experience. See the Real - a terrifying experience, brother of mine. TheGlamour, 204:of mine. The stage of identification with the Real as it is contacted after the dissipation of theGlamour, 206:of the formless and of the conflict between the real and the unreal. The light of the intuitionGlamour, 208:life by the planetary Logos, and this is the real meaning of what I have earlier told you that theGlamour, 225:for a long time and usually without any very real conscious understanding. An illustration of thisGlamour, 240:Those thought-forms become then more real than the truth they veil, and consequently control man'sGlamour, 260:solar system - and this is a part, intrinsic and real, of the music of the spheres. Then, as theHealing, 7:space, so as to make each sentence convey some real idea and give some real light on the problemsHealing, 7:sentence convey some real idea and give some real light on the problems which confront a healingHealing, 10:and the formulation of their beliefs in the real freedom of humanity from ordinary ills of theHealing, 11:otherwise, when only the perfected man has any real idea of what constitutes divinity? It is surelyHealing, 11:is revealed on earth shall we enter into some real understanding of the general widespread diseaseHealing, 20:and taught by the Western theologian. The real truth bears little resemblance to our modernHealing, 21:the desire element, and with little in it of real thought. Men interpret these dimly sensed laws inHealing, 33:undertaken, and this for two reasons. First (the real nature of) the phrase "subtler bodies" isHealing, 54:of the patient can and will produce either real freedom from physical ills or an intensification ofHealing, 63:aspects of the sex life, are faced with a very real problem. It is a problem which is greatlyHealing, 64:is still negligible. But that they exist is of real interest to the medical profession and aHealing, 73:triangles referred to in this tabulation are of real importance. One is above and the other belowHealing, 75:activity, thus swinging all the centers into real and coordinated rhythm. Each patient or humanHealing, 75:therefore, how important it is - before real healing can take place - that the healer should knowHealing, 76:Causes of Disease A. Congestion Much real difficulty can be traced to congestion or to the lack ofHealing, 78:of many kinds, are considerations of real value and worth following. Much, however, remains to beHealing, 79:it will be immediately apparent to you that real difficulty is bound to supervene. This difficultyHealing, 83:The vastness of the subject is, however, so real that only little by little can humanity grasp theHealing, 86:another step onto the etheric plane before the real clue to disease and its cure can beHealing, 92:much to do, though where the aspiration is real and persistent, a great deal might be accomplishedHealing, 100:and the patient. There is consequently some real [101] danger in this work of occult healing, andHealing, 102:love is energy and that it is a substance as real as dense matter. That substance can be used toHealing, 103:were working in his group in tangible form. This real linking is brought about by imagining himselfHealing, 124:[124] then the difficulty can be very real and most disturbing. There is, however, little that canHealing, 136:and which are not, as yet, brought into any real or factual relationship to man and his body. TheHealing, 149:love of the heart. This center, having only two real petals, is not a true lotus in the same senseHealing, 157:thousand-petalled lotus, has reached a point of real activity. Thinking as a result of correctHealing, 273:can and frequently does produce a cure or a real prolongation of life. However, even in that fieldHealing, 280:in many cases, they constitute a definite and real danger to the public. It is largely their ownHealing, 280:proved. They are pioneering groups, and have a real contribution to make, but this will only beHealing, 283:nature will share in the stimulation and real difficulty will arise. They can stimulate a centerHealing, 316:forms of insanity. Those where there is no real physical difficulty, no lesions, or diseasedHealing, 319:is terrible suffering and absolutely no hope of real help or of recovery, and where the patient isHealing, 321:Ponder on this for I have given a hint here of real importance. When I used these words, "the focusHealing, 322:as they ask the further question which is the real basis of their interest, "Does it affect theHealing, 338:is yet academically accorded. There is yet no real understanding of the relation between the innerHealing, 346:nurse and watch know this well, but there is no real pain or true distress because the real man,Healing, 346:is no real pain or true distress because the real man, the spiritual soul, has been driven awayHealing, 351:In conclusion, however, and in apparent but no real negation of all that I have said above, let meHealing, 352:or with death and destiny. No request for real aid must ever be refused, however. A deaf ear mustHealing, 356:of the individual to be healed. It would serve a real group purpose if all of you would study whatHealing, 360:the Lord's Image Here we touch upon a point of real interest. The use of the Lord's image isHealing, 378:and all that we have is simply a prelude to the real discovery. The magic of the radio would beHealing, 380:truth (using this word "questionable" in its real sense; i.e., as promoting questions). For theHealing, 382:to the indigenous and inherited diseases and a real ability to resist infections; this willHealing, 387:These instructions must be simple, because where real illness is present it is not possible for theHealing, 387:It may be so if the service to be rendered is of real import, if obligations remain still to beHealing, 387:from the limitations of the physical body is of real beneficence. Patients must learn to recognizeHealing, 409:you to grasp, because desire and emotion are so real and so devastatingly important. But - speakingHealing, 409:Path of Discipleship, the astral plane is very real, with a vitality and a life all its own. AfterHealing, 409:of the physical body) it still remains equally real. But its potency slowly dies out; the mentalHealing, 457:This unconsciousness is apparent but not real. In nine hundred cases out of a thousand the brainHealing, 466:triangles referred to in this tabulation are of real importance. One is above and the other belowHealing, 500:or close relation between soul and form is so real that the soul is deeply and profoundlyHealing, 514:deliberation and in full consciousness, and with real knowledge relinquishes his various vehicles.Healing, 515:is beginning to react to a measure of real integration. An opportunity for initiation. That theHealing, 519:form is still left, but it persists without any real life of its own; this means that it can now beHealing, 539:to the etheric vehicle? By no means. In cases of real and serious illness, the condition of theHealing, 546:consciousness of the necessity, [546] and no real understanding of the techniques to be followed.Healing, 549:cause, and therefore to effects and not to real causes. The healing with which I am concerned isHealing, 551:is that his mind and his emotions present no real obstacles, and all available energies can beHealing, 561:the sense of being abused is present, there is a real possibility that the blood stream will beHealing, 568:express "the true" or to "be the Truth" is the real cause of death among men who are below theHealing, 569:lacking, produces friction. There will be no real expression of "the true" until the forces of theHealing, 597:two more energies which will then be present in real potency: the ray of the monad and the ray ofHealing, 600:between energies and forces. That if he seeks real success, he must learn to place the patient asHealing, 601:will often follow. Any man or woman - given real interest and prompted by the incentive to serve -Healing, 602:and his power of thought direction will be real and practically effective. Healing, 609:a cleaner, purer life that the soul can be of real assistance. This law carries also theHealing, 615:of His coming or of His work, but into the real meaning I need not enter here. I have dealt withHealing, 626:through treating the glands themselves; little real progress has been made along this line duringHealing, 632:much of their scientific knowledge is proven and real. It should be used, and confidence can beHealing, 633:to be considered will carry us into realms of real abstraction; it will not be easy for you toHealing, 653:patient is unconscious, even that provides no real hindrance, provided the healer can bring hisHealing, 666:of materialistic exploitation, to the lack of real freedom and to the rights, as yet unclaimed, ofHealing, 705:force and - in the wrong hands - could work real damage. May I remind you here that the Black LodgeHercules, 12:of Wisdom, from the realm of the unreal to the Real, and from the outer darkness of phenomenalHercules, 19:to say glibly, "The mind is the slayer of the real," and, through an unrecognized mental inertiaHercules, 48:and Sex An aspirant to discipleship has in sex a real problem with which to contend.Hercules, 52:to identify itself with the form? May not the real marriage relation, of which the physical plane
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