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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REAL

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Magic, 424:is far from being the [424] case. There is no real awareness of existence during the hours ofMagic, 458:a mediocre and feeble product, or a creation of real beauty and value? Magic, 464:solar system is a thought-form but one having real existence just as long as thought persists. AllMagic, 467:The words sound forth: "Enter upon the way of real desire." The life, that only knows itself asMagic, 475:as holding a challenge until such time as the real magical work of thought-form building becomesMagic, 476:of a humanity which is on the verge of real creative work, [477] the principles of which are notMagic, 478:Carrying the same concepts into the field of real esoteric work we have the worker inMagic, 485:to embody his mistaken apprehension of the real ideas; he is still apt to express his likes andMagic, 505:phenomena. These phenomena which are of no real moment, are all related to the vital body, toMagic, 505:This unconsciousness is apparent but not real. In nine hundred cases out of a thousand the brainMagic, 507:point that a white magician begins to do his real work, and it is just here that he encountersMagic, 520:of new World Servers must meet therefore a very real need. Their work must primarily be to keepMagic, 541:and he experienced in his work, can the real interpretation be given. There is much danger inMagic, 544:separateness and upheaval, do not constitute the real Armageddon. The war which is told to us inMagic, 546:body within the great Whole. This presupposes real spiritual attainment and the capacity,Magic, 552:and this is to produce thinkers. Given a real thinker, you have an incipient creator andMagic, 559:and that aspiration [559] is vital and real. He is learning the meaning of light. When he hasMagic, 571:before they really can apply themselves to the real training for discipleship. Grasping theMagic, 576:that the Science of the Hands is a very real one and the disciple has to learn the nature of theMagic, 577:the roots of the chela's being and separates the real and true from the false and impermanent. ItMagic, 594:a thought-form of the Master, and may get much real good and inspiration from contact with theMagic, 595:such an idea; subjectively they have a real liking for themselves and are frequently puzzled as toMagic, 604:the world of daily affairs and to understand the real significance of the words: to work withoutMagic, 612:but realize it, an illusory effect and has no real existence. Yet - in time and space and to theMagic, 612:of the witnessing consciousness - it is more real than that which it hides and conceals. I cannotMagic, 613:that mysterious and vague period when the real is hidden by the unreal; then we have that weird andMagic, 615:great illusion has come into being and is now so real a thing that it is - in a certain sense -Magic, 615:a thing that it is - in a certain sense - more real (to man) than the kingdom of light and theMagic, 618:recognized, if lost effort is to be avoided and real progress achieved. Many well-intentionedMagic, 620:or between human families, and there was no real means of communication, except that of personalMagic, 622:and sincere; the longing to serve and lift is real. Steps are taken which are intended by theMagic, 623:which he is in touch, and this carries with it real danger, for he hardly knows as yet how toMagic, 632:who are true Aquarians. These work under real difficulties, for their vision is beyond the grasp ofMagic, 633:- as yet - cannot trust themselves to employ the real Aquarian methods of work and message. ForMagic, 634:disciple sorrow over the failures, apparent or real, of his fellow disciples. The sense of timeMeditationthere by an effort of the will, that the real work of the Ego or Higher Self in any particularMeditation, 3:point not sufficiently recognized. Ponder on it. Real abstract thought becomes possible only whenMeditation, 4:down, to be followed in due time by flashes of real illumination or intuition from the SpiritualMeditation, 20:in past lives has demonstrated love and has made real progress in the method of the synthetic ray,Meditation, 22:of Meditation." It is our third point and of real moment in deciding wisely upon a method suitableMeditation, 22:a point not much emphasized hitherto that the real goal of meditation is the gradual fracturing,Meditation, 40:important. The periods in a cycle that are of real moment are the termini, and those whereMeditation, 84:that so little [84] can be safely said, that the real use of the Word is one of the secrets ofMeditation, 95:Triad. The dangers to the mental body are very real and must be guarded against. They areMeditation, 97:symmetrical development that will make a man of real use to the Great Ones. When a man realizesMeditation, 106:I but seek to point out that this danger is very real. The reason is that in the over-stimulationMeditation, 112:to give some instruction upon is one of very real importance to all earnest students at this time.Meditation, 113:service. You will see, therefore, that when the real occult work is begun, the method may differ -Meditation, 115:his own heart) [115] will produce much fruit of real value, and which the pupil can thenMeditation, 120:are overlooked. Today the subject involves real difficulty. We have to deal with the dangers thatMeditation, 124:vehicle, and prevent its occupation by the real Ego. This is the most common form of obsession, andMeditation, 126:lower vehicle dishonoring the fair name of its real owner and causing evil to be said of a lovedMeditation, 127:the hours of sleep. These mantrams will call the real owner back, will build a protective wallMeditation, 127:force the obsessing one to stay absent. When the real owner has returned, the work then will be toMeditation, 128:peril for the unwary. This danger is curiously real now, owing to the following reasons: The comingMeditation, 131:a man has developed his vehicles to a point of real achievement, then his vibrations set in motionMeditation, 131:or mental matter which suffices to hide the real, and to temporarily obscure that which is true.Meditation, 131:disciple always to discriminate between the real and the false, the true and the untrue. Glamor mayMeditation, 132:always to discriminate between the voice of his real Teacher and the false whispers of theMeditation, 150:use of Fire. This last sentence is of very real importance and I seek to emphasize it. [151] Meditation, 156:until he can distinguish somewhat between the real and the unreal, and until his sense ofMeditation, 185:them. This is not for long at this time as the real power of thought is little comprehended. In theMeditation, 195:use of the imagination in these matters is of real importance and develops a connection betweenMeditation, 199:of people in physical incarnation can work in real cooperation (an impossibility at present, forMeditation, 212:or fives, yet ever moving onwards. This is the real foundation to the diamond pattern upon the backMeditation, 222:as we know it, is only partial and not real, and that even perfection itself - as grasped by theMeditation, 231:1920 We have for discussion today, something of real spiritual application in a practical sense.Meditation, 254:close of this letter the Masters will be more real to you than ever before; the significance ofMeditation, 279:disciple the work done by the Master is of very real interest. The pupil is assigned to specialMeditation, 286:fifth principle have to be transcended before real progress can be made. These limitations areMeditation, 288:before been unknown. It is something that is so real yet so momentarily surprising that no amountMeditation, 289:on his figures till they become to him very real, and their building and forming becomes almost anMeditation, 299:Anglo-Saxon races, has been the cause of a very real (I might almost say an unexpected) problemMeditation, 311:Meditation The Location This is a matter of very real importance but differs according to the needMeditation, 349:and a growing love of the unseen and the real. All this will be consummated through steadyMeditation, 360:of occultism is the discrimination between the real and the unreal, between substance andPatanjalibeing. 9. Fancy rests upon images which have no real existence. 10. Passivity (sleep) is based uponPatanjali, 12:which form the sheaths or bodies, imprison the real man and limit his powers. These lives arePatanjali, 19:Union 9. Fancy rests upon images which have no real existence. This means that these images have noPatanjali, 19:existence. This means that these images have no real existence in so far as they are conjured up byPatanjali, 21:is dissipated by a supreme exertion. It has no real existence once there is nothing in the aspirantPatanjali, 23:the astral body, bringing in a condition of very real danger; Samadhi, or the sleep of the yogi,Patanjali, 23:of the conscious scientific withdrawal of the real man from his lower threefold sheath in order toPatanjali, 25:as the tangible outcome of the activity of the real principles. The organs, occultly speaking, arePatanjali, 26:difficult sutras to translate so as to give its real significance. The idea involved is that of thePatanjali, 38:transferred his consciousness into that of the real or spiritual man, he must begin working fromPatanjali, 38:sixth sense, the mind. The science of yoga is a real science and only as students approach it byPatanjali, 39:purified centers. They know how to achieve the real samadhi or state of occult abstraction throughPatanjali, 40:all those forms which have hitherto veiled the Real. These forms are either self-chosen orPatanjali, 41:this meditation that the soul-perceptions become real to the man upon the physical plane. ThisPatanjali, 47:is the second aspect, and therefore the [47] real meaning of this sutra is that through intensePatanjali, 65:lower perception and the identification of the real man with that illusory instrument, his mentalPatanjali, 84:sense contacts are continually negated by the real man (who no longer seeks to identify himselfPatanjali, 85:the deepest dream condition is that in which the real man is sunk when in physical incarnation.Patanjali, 100:nevertheless (from the stand point of the real or spiritual man) the fact of the not-self isPatanjali, 128:flourish and grow up to obstruct and hinder the real man. These seeds must be destroyed, and inPatanjali, 131:those who as yet do not discriminate between the real and unreal, between death and immortality,Patanjali, 150:and distress and parallel the awakening of the real man to a realization of his heritage.Patanjali, 156:with the great illusion of forms with which the Real Man identifies himself to his sorrow and painPatanjali, 157:in the phenomenal world are channels for the real thinking man; they demonstrate his active reality
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