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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALISTIC

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Atom, 14:the accuracy of [14] the facts of the realistic school, and of material science, yet at the sameAtom, 15:his own divinity. Like the point of view of the realistic school, it embodies only a partial truth,Discipleship2, XII:modern discipleship really is, and the practical realistic attitude that a Master has to his chela.Discipleship2, 196:understand far more clearly the projection - realistic and energizing - which the personalDiscipleship2, 230:cooperation with the Hierarchy. Be practical and realistic and know that if you do not give, youDiscipleship2, 542:you have prided yourself (and rightly) on being realistic and factual, but your realism must extendExternalisation, 319:believe that all the nations of the world, for realistic as well as spiritual reasons, must come toExternalisation, 368:uncompromising, fanatical attitude which is non-realistic and which will willingly sacrifice lives,Externalisation, 376:All this has to be wrought out in a practical, realistic manner, divorced from visionary, mysticalExternalisation, 479:disturbs all static conditions, come under the realistic activities of the department within theHercules, 133:root in his life, a sense of service based on a realistic appraisal of human nature. Actually, itProblems, 157:of it is spurious or imaginative, but some of it realistic and true) but from the angle of itsReappearance, 15:which the Christ will be precipitated. Let us be realistic in our approach to this theme and avoidReappearance, 18:disturbs static conditions will come under the realistic activities of the Hierarchy which HeReappearance, 120:our knowledge will become more true and realistic; we shall know that we are eternally related toSoul, 95:The motions of this substance give rise from the realistic point of view to the notion of 'matter.'
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