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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALITIES

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Glamour, 149:and for the possession of the more subtle realities, and the longing for emotional comfort, forGlamour, 169:who unconsciously aspire towards the spiritual realities, who seek for a new and better way of lifeHealing, 12:its expression, the subjective and the objective realities. Consequently, spirit and matter are notHealing, 22:again prevent a just appreciation of these realities. I have given enough here to indicate to youHealing, 297:The Law of Imperfection exists because the Great Realities (to be found in all the phenomenalHealing, 394:counter to all our teaching anent the spiritual realities. The hope of the future, and the hope ofHealing, 557:We have dealt with a number of fundamental realities which it is essential that all healers -Hercules, 3:organized religion, the urge towards spiritual realities has never been so keen as now. The day ofHercules, 50:not of the soul on its own plane, where group realities and universal truths constitute itsHercules, 94:of the things of spirit and of those spiritual realities which neither instinct nor intellect canHercules, 94:also sons of God, must recapture these spiritual realities, upon the endless Way.) [95] Hercules, 205:religion, the urge towards the spiritual realities has never been more keen than it is today. TheHercules, 205:deadness, this revival of interest in the higher realities inevitably appears, guaranteeing thatInitiation, 118:so that two aspects of the One life become realities to the emancipated Buddha. Thus by a gradedInitiation, 144:by the assembled Masters and initiates upon the realities concerned and upon the Self; through theIntellect, 8:the mind to register the world of subjective realities, of intuitive perception and of abstractIntellect, 17:of possessions. In the East, where the spiritual realities have been more uniformly held, mentalIntellect, 59:personality to the drive towards spiritual realities. All purely mental types and all trulyIntellect, 67:mystic, as we have earlier seen, senses divine realities, contacts (from the heights of hisIntellect, 85:will then demonstrate forth as known realities. The true mystic does not concern himself with theIntellect, 140:who can perceive equally the world of spiritual realities and the world of daily experience; he canIntellect, 155:have been outward-going into the world of divine realities. Now the focus of attention changes, andIntellect, 167:of exaltation and of joyous certainty as to felt realities. It carries its possessor forward on theIntellect, 178:First: They achieve direct experience of divine realities, of transcendental truths and of theIntellect, 187:analysis and ideation; that is to say, we cut up realities into elements in order to understandIntellect, 238:of the phenomenal world into the world of Divine Realities. As practice in concentration is gained,Magic, 136:make the intuitive realization demonstrate its realities. Compromise has been permitted and in theMagic, 193:and fail to grasp the value of the spiritual realities. Energy may pour into the force centers inMagic, 228:of pleasure, and heaven and hell become to him realities. Through the activity of the attractiveMagic, 239:of the torturing hours have been expended on realities and on tangible happenings, and how many onMagic, 427:the initiation of humanity into the spiritual realities will so engross their attention that theyMagic, 528:coming to it also from the world of spiritual realities. [529] III. The third type of activityMagic, 536:It is expanding into the world of spiritual realities and beginning to embrace the fifth orMagic, 612:in the realm of temporary duality, his two basic realities. The watery nature of his astralMagic, 612:kingdom works with the second of these two basic realities, and for it the life of the etheric bodyMagic, 613:of consciousness, has contact with both the realities and learns little by little to dissipate theMagic, 614:the door of entrance into the world of spiritual realities. It is the concretizing unprincipledMagic, 615:and to show that spirit and matter are the two realities which constitute the unity and that it isPatanjali, 65:to doubt the existence of the fundamental realities and to seek for the solution of his problems inPatanjali, 65:taught to formulate questions about the inner realities and then to find the answer for themselvesPatanjali, 95:of the higher knowledge and reflect the higher realities. The perceiver has to arrive at aPatanjali, 127:is lower and material, and to forget the divine realities. It is these misconceptions which make aPatanjali, 162:the illusory world of present ideas and those realities which constitute the world of spirit.Patanjali, 165:physical worlds no longer shut him away from the realities or from the true subjective world ofPatanjali, 190:the development of the sense of subjective realities. It is fostered by study as understood in thePatanjali, 347:their five forms and produce with them objective realities, and thus to create on the physicalPatanjali, 367:form. Time and space are for him the true realities. "I am That," says the aspirant and seeks toProblems, 16:keen scientific perception for the subjective realities. Has France learned from her collapse inProblems, 133:the churches; they know well that the spiritual realities have been forgotten in the materialProblems, 151:new conception as to the world of spiritual realities and perhaps of [152] the very nature of GodPsychology1, xxv:will greatly handicap our expression of the realities involved, and we must endeavor to penetratePsychology1, 55:kingdoms in nature and the higher spiritual realities. The first, the quality of mind in its lowerPsychology1, 200:training himself to recognize the subjective realities or the divine qualities as they seek toPsychology1, 279:for the universal turning to spiritual realities which all true workers at this time recognize, andPsychology1, 294:where these are present a knowledge of spiritual realities will be automatically acquired and thePsychology1, 299:by its means grasp the scope of the spiritual realities. The Law of Sex is the law of thosePsychology1, 339:world and the intangible mental and spiritual realities are more potent than the factors which havePsychology1, 341:of man's consciousness, and that the intangible realities, and the world of ideas and causes mustPsychology2, 68:through which knowledge can be gained of those realities which constitute the kingdom of God.Psychology2, 74:man in the direction of the world of spiritual realities, and certain dynamic movements of plannedPsychology2, 112:and are "in touch" with the world of spiritual realities. Just as the individual disciplePsychology2, 114:world. It will open men's eyes to the basic realities, which are, as yet, only dimly sensed by thePsychology2, 247:oneself sensitive to the world of significant realities and to produce, therefore, those forms onPsychology2, 333:transmuted into aspiration for the spiritual realities and the focused, vital approach to thePsychology2, 338:selfish living into that of true spiritual realities. Little by little, the consciousness of thePsychology2, 449:humanity to approach the world of spiritual realities in such a way that the results will bePsychology2, 464:they should awaken him to the higher issues and realities; they should pour light into the darkPsychology2, 474:the ages in the attempt to materialize certain realities; the tentative and experimental forms ofPsychology2, 477:orientation is towards the world of spiritual realities and his life is one of discipline andPsychology2, 509:reality and basically phenomenal occurrence. The realities of the kingdom of God may for a timePsychology2, 586:of an intense aspiration towards the spiritual realities. This provides the new interest whichPsychology2, 697:and are "in touch" with the world of spiritual realities. Just as the individual disciplePsychology2, 698:world. It will open men's eyes to the basic realities, which are as yet only dimly sensed by thePsychology2, 745:in thought upon the subjective level of the true realities - which are synthetic and eternal - andPsychology2, 745:objective world, and that the world of spiritual realities is now recognized on such a large scaleRays, 17:It is these changes in the "moving, shifting realities" of the soul consciousness and spiritualRays, 312:concerns what I might call certain essential realities connected with the purpose of Shamballa andRays, 447:man in the direction of the world of spiritual realities, plus certain movements of planned andRays, 474:as it would be concerned with subjective realities which - though existent and occult facts in aRays, 751:however, they will stand for certain substantial realities, but that day is not immediate. TheReappearance, 41:must come forth from the world of spiritual realities, because of human need and human demand.Reappearance, 57:lesser disciples, aspirants and students of the realities stand unitedly behind the Christ and canReappearance, 139:finally, with our presentation of the spiritual realities and the truths of the ages? Many answersReappearance, 149:a new conception as to the world of spiritual realities? May not the Coming One bring us a newReappearance, 168:how ready people are for the discussion of realities, for the comfort and hope which the thought ofReappearance, 173:is channeled) any true vision of the spiritual realities, of the [174] one humanity and the oneSoul, 130:really so? Have not many factors now accepted as realities emerged from the speculations and vagueSoul, 151:Pupin further tells us: "Yes, God's spiritual realities are invisible, but they are illustrated andSoul, 151:and made intelligible by the physical realities revealed in the physical things which are made.Soul, 151:Apostle's words the physical and the spiritual realities supplement each other. They are the twoSoul, 151:other. They are the two terminals of the same realities, one terminal residing in the human soul,
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